White Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits


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White Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits

woman in white dress wearing white stone bracelets 

The Importance of Healing Stones 

Sparkly gems and colorful crystals are beautiful to own and so much more than just a pretty face. Not only will these stones bring a splash of calm and pleasure to your space but they also bring their high vibrations and healing powers too. Healing crystals can rinse the negativity right out. They are chakra cleansers, aura healers, and can work in a myriad of ways including protecting you from negative vibes, pulling positivity towards you, helping you to manifest all that you desire. Whichever stone you work with will have its own delirious dose of magic. From unbridled wild joy to nourishing self-love and nurturing, or helping you to feel safe and stable, from colors to zodiac signs, there are many ways in which you can be drawn to the gem of your dreams.

White Gemstone Benefits

 snow on flower


Clarity, purity, and ascension are echoed in the icy brightness or warm glow of white gemstones. Pale and pretty, these soothing stones seem even more closely connected to the spiritual world. The color of clouds, the flutter of angel wings, the fall of fresh snow or spring blossom – white gemstones are a wonder in every single way. Often celebrated as being master healers, these stones are awesome at amplifying dreams and visions, connecting us with our spirit guides, and encouraging us to be open and receptive. White gems are connected to feminine energy, the swirl of cosmic stars, and the idea of purifying your body, mind, and soul. They help us to crystallize our purpose and to take steps to transform piece by piece so that we can step into our highest sense of self. Take a look at how white crystals can brighten up your world…


Physical Healing

One of the key words when working with white gemstones is purity. Glowing with gorgeous energy, white crystals are all about the detox. White crystals help your body when it comes to purging toxicity keeping you clean as can be from tip to toe. They also reduce stress, anxiety, and long periods of darkness. White crystals can help you to sink down into sweet restorative slumber and boosts the immune system too. 


Crown Chakra Healing

Leap higher with the crown chakra healing of white crystals. The crown chakra is the gateway to higher consciousness and helps us to connect our earthly energy with the universe. When we have a clear path of energy radiating out and communicating with the cosmos we can expand our consciousness, unite with the divine, and surrender to balance, trust, and bigger picture thinking.



Bring light and love together as you carry a white crystal close to your heart. These gems are known for encouraging clear-headed thinking, emotional balance, and a sense of innocence rather than cynicism. These are all amazing traits to bring into any relationship – romantic or otherwise. The high vibrations of white crystals stop you from getting bogged down in the details that don’t really matter and keep you connected to themes of spiritual bliss, universal love, and gentle acceptance.



Calm the mind and call in abundance with white crystals. As stones that are all about healing energy, these gems want you to sparkle in a thousand different ways. White crystals will clear the path and encourage you to put down any baggage of fear so that your hands are open for receiving all that the universe has to give. Thanks to their clear-headed energy these stones also make sure that you say yes to the right opportunities and go into risks with your eyes and your heart wide open.


12 Crystals You Should Use

Get ready to sparkle as we delve into some of the best pale crystals that can lighten your load. These shimmering white stones bring the energy of universal love, light, and a lullaby of sweet healing. Whether you want a stone soaked in feminine grace or if you are looking for gems that bring balance to the chakras and keep you moving through the world with a connected purpose, you can be sure that one of our essential gemstones is exactly what you are looking for. Picking the right crystal for you is all about working with your own intuition and listening to that inner voice that leads the way. Whichever stone strikes a chord in your heart is the right gem to welcome into your world. Take a look at some of our favorite healing stones below…


White Agate

white agate


Call your spiritual self into balance and release those stories from the past that are no longer serving you with White Agate. With its white energy and pure vibes, this stone is set to clear the path so you can access your spirit guides with ease. For those who feel like they are ready for ethereal connections but who understand the importance of staying grounded and full of human grace, White Agate can sort you out. Clearing away frustrations and worries, White Agate sparks your crown chakra and makes it so you can glow from the inside out. Find out more about the meaning of Agate.  


White Selenite Crystal

selenite stone


Sweet Selenite is spilling over with angel energy. This gem is a guiding light when it comes to accessing your higher self and finding your spiritual path. Forever ready to open the door, Selenite makes sure that your heart and mind are in sync so that your crown chakra can shine. This gem is exceptional at easing you out of negative spaces and ensuring that you are n longer being tied down by anxious thinking. It illuminates our sense of being, balances emotions, and grants you the gift of insight so you can tap into your own well of intricate knowledge and live in authenticity. Find out more about the meaning of Selenite. 


Clear Quartz Crystal

clear quartz


The master healer, Clear Quartz is one of the most luminous icy bright stones that turns your crown chakra beacon right on. One of the strongest powers of the Clear Quartz stone is its ability to amplify even a smidge of positive thinking. This is a gem that wants you to vibrate at the top of your game. It weaves together themes of manifestation, clear-headed decision making, and helping you to channel reason and logic when needed without shutting out your dreams. Along with doing all this big work, Clear Quartz keeps you calm and stable throughout. Find out more about the meaning of Clear Quartz.  





Full to the brim with beautiful feminine energy and forever celebrating the shifting sands of time, the Moonstone gem is your ultimate spirit guide. This stone is awesome at helping carry you through times of transformation and change. It reminds us that all things come to pass and to enjoy the freshness of new cycles rather than get stuck in stagnant thinking. Moonstone is also great for helping heal PMS and fertility issues. It keeps you calm, luminous, and magnifies emotions without knocking you off your feet. Feel your feels and bloom into your own spiritual being with this healing white crystal. Find out more about the meaning of Moonstone.


White Calcite

white calcite


Like a beautiful piece of Mother Earth’s bone, White Calcite brings its chalky richness to etch a story upon your soul. This stone is cool and pure and has all the energy of amplifying your dreams and making sure that you move through the world with magic. It’s a stone that brings energetic purification, a gentle flow, and encourages you to let go and welcome in themes of forgiveness, softness, and understanding for yourself and those you love. As it breaks down boundaries it also ignites the crown chakra and the third eye chakra too. White Calcite brings you to a place where you can trust your own wisdom and expand upon it. Find out more about the meaning of Calcite. 


White Opal

white opal


Shimmering with light, the White Opal holds similar qualities to the precious pearl. Splashed with iridescence, shaded with milk and silver gold, this gem is eye-catching and illuminating. Not only does it turn the eye but White Opal is luminous in nature too. A gem that whispers peace and healing and also reminds us of the importance of multifaceted angles too. Whenever you look at White Opal you see something different flashing back at you, this reminds us not to get stuck in black and white thinking and to give our imagination space and time to shine. Opal is a light bringer, so even on the darkest days, this gem will light up your life.


White Beryl

beryl stone


Shake off stress and anxiety as you bring the beauty of White Beryl into your inner sanctuary. This stone is an awesome sidekick for when you are trying to deal with the ups and downs of modern living. An anchor that doesn’t drag you down but keeps you drifting in the right direction, White Beryl is all about strength, courage, and capacity. With its bright white energy, it becomes a filter for bad energy and helps you to separate distractions and side notes from the focus you really want to take.


White Chalcedony

white chalcedony


Like a feather plucked from an angel wing, Chalcedony is soft with loving energy and ever ready to surround your aura with a gentle light. White Chalcedony is an awesome cheerleader for encouraging deeper dreamier and truly heartfelt relationships. It organically grows your capacity for love, turns up the dial on self-confidence, and makes sure that you don’t wallow in cynicism and despair. In short, for all those broken hearts out there, White Chalcedony can doctor you back to a peaceful state where trust and honesty become the twin pillars that hold you up. 





Boost your vibrations, deepen your sleep, and rise to meet your higher self with the healing stone of Scolecite. This gem is all about communication and not just when it comes to talking space. For those looking to communicate on other levels, Scolecite brings you into ethereal conversations and connects you to your spirit guides. It’s also a stone that encourages the gentle grace of good sleep, dream messages, and gentle spiritual transformation that doesn’t feel overwhelming or trip you up. This gentle gem works with the crown chakra and the third eye chakra too. Say yes to sublime spiritual love with Scolecite.


White Howlite

white howlite


Get in sync with your true self as you let White Howlite convince you to take off the mask and dig out your blocks. This stone is the epitome of purity. It works perfectly for those who are tired of toeing the line and want to live a deeper more enriched life without the need to hide. White Howlite is all about finding spirituality through acknowledging who you are. Not only will this cool headed stone temper your emotions but it also reminds you to move out of your head and reconnect with the body. For those who tend to shy away from their virtues, White Howlite reminds you to embrace it all and celebrate the things that make you uniquely you. Find out more about the meaning of Howlite.


White Topaz

tumbled white topaz


Take a deep breath as you welcome in the peace and tranquility that comes with White Topaz. This level-headed stone shimmers with the hope and promise you would expect to find in a Topaz stone, but also brings an extra dose of spiritual development and strengthens your sense of individuality. Like a blank canvas waiting to capture every charm and corner of your divine personality, White Topaz is awesome for igniting dreams, stirring up creativity, seeing your vision clearly, and calling on your own ideas when it comes to walking your one true path.



citrine stone


While we often think of Citrine as being splashed in sunshine yellow, this gem holds plenty of piercing white light in its aura. Spiraling in warmth and wonder, the Citrine stone is all about welcoming success and supercharging yourself with cleansed energy. It’s a gem that radiates positivity, personal power, and the belief that good things are going to come your way because you deserve it. For those who carry the emotional weight of winter blues, Citrine gets under your skin bringing warmth, white light, and pleasure to every corner so you can sparkle with playful energy. Find out more about the meaning of Citrine.


How to use white crystals 

clear quartz sphere


Whether you have a wealth of white crystals or just a singular stone that speaks to your soul, keeping them close is a must. One of the best ways to connect with white crystals is to wear them against the skin. Gemstone jewelry invites the healing vibrations of the crystal to connect and sync up with your own vibrations which can shake loose chakra blockages and keep your aura cleansed.

Another way of welcoming these healing gems into your world is to use them in reiki healing, crystal grids, or by building altars for mindful meditation and chanting affirmations. Even just holding a crystal in hand during meditation can open you up for deeper spiritual messages to sink right in.

As these stones have close connections to the spirit world, you may want to use them or have them in your company when practicing tarot, scrying, or any other practice that helps you call in your spirit guides and energy from other plains.


What other crystals should you combine white crystals with?

As white crystals are natural amplifiers they work wonders with the endless rainbow crystals out there. Whatever energy can be found in other crystals, a white crystal will always compliment by bringing its calm, clarity, and focus to the mix.

If you want to stay protected when working with white crystals and spirituality, you can bring in gems that keep you safe from negative energy and psychic attacks. Stones like Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Onyx, and Hematite will all work wonders alongside a white crystal stone. 

If you want to amplify even stronger, you can blend your white crystals with fluorite crystals to raise those psychic abilities and welcome in the wonder of new beginnings. Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, and any heart chakra gem will also be a beautiful match for White Quartz type stones as the marriage of love and light can serve as the very foundations for growing in your spiritual awareness. 


Wrap up

White crystals are a wonder. They are cleansing, calming, and connecting in so many deep and beautiful ways. For those who are ready to move their healing to the next level or even for those who just want relief from overactive thinking, these gems are the soft soul tonic you need.

What are your favorite white crystals or which will you be adding to your must-have list? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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