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Chrysocolla Crystals

Chrysocolla Crystals

The Chrysocolla crystal is one of the most healing stones you can own. Its name comes from the Greek words Chrysos meaning gold, and Kola meaning glue. This interesting name stems from the fact that Chrysocolla was among the first materials to be used for welding precious metals together.

Also known as Eilat stone, Chrysocolla captivated everyone who came into contact with it, from goldsmiths and painters to emperors and kings. Legend has it that this blue-green stone was extracted in King Solomon’s mines in Africa, leading it to become the national stone of Israel.

Today, the Chrysocolla crystal is still mined in Africa, primarily in the Democratic Republic of Congo. But it can also be found in the mystical landscapes of Mexico, Chile, and the U.S.

Despite its long history with kings and emperors, Chrysocolla is now associated with wise women, thanks to its soft feminine energy. This blue and green marvel helps you channel your energy into expression and creativity and speak your truth freely. For this reason, Chrysocolla jewelry, especially bracelets, has become a must-wear item for women worldwide.

The Benefits of Chrysocolla

The Chrysocolla crystal overflows with incredible benefits. Its healing properties must be mentioned first, as this luminous stone does wonders for your blood pressure, digestion, and blood sugar. It serves as a protective shield, improving your body resistance to illnesses. This crystal also helps with numerous female-centric problems. For instance, Chrysocolla encourages less painful periods and healthy pregnancies.

Besides physical healing, Chrysocolla can offer emotional relief, dispelling negative emotions and alleviating heartache and disappointment. Since this crystal connects to the throat chakra, it will also help you freely share those feelings.

If these properties appeal to you, the good news is that Chrysocolla is only a few clicks away, thanks to our crystal shop. Explore our many crystal cubes, spheres, hearts, pyramids, and worry stones, and start living authentically.


How to cleanse Chrysocolla crystal?

To cleanse Chrysocolla crystal, simply run it under water. This will ensure that no negative energies are stuck to the stone. You can also smudge your Chrysocolla crystal, lightly sage it, or leave it next to a Quartz crystal like Amethyst to restore its life force and infuse it with spiritual energy.

What does Chrysocolla crystal do?

The Chrysocolla crystal is primarily used for its incredible healing properties, many of which are female-centric. This stone discharges negative energies, soothes its owner, and allows truth to be heard.

What is Chrysocolla crystal good for?

The Chrysocolla crystal is good for achieving emotional balance, healthy communication, and stress relief.

Is Chrysocolla a stone or crystal?

Although many people view it and refer to it as a crystal, Chrysocolla is a stone.

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