Heart Chakra Stones: 16 Essential Crystals To Expand Love


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Heart Chakra Stones: 16 Essential Crystals To Expand Love

 illustration of woman in heart chakra yoga pose with leaves and moon

The stones for the heart chakra are Rose Quartz, Emerald, Green Aventurine, Rhodonite, Amazonite, Green Jade, Malachite, Rhodochrosite, Prehnite, Chrysoprase, Green Tourmaline, Green Calcite, Kunzite, Green Moldavite, Moss Agate, and Peridot. They help to clear blockages in the heart and to grow love and compassion.

Understanding the Heart Chakra/Anahata 

rose quartz heart chakra stones

Bright and beating and the core center of all our love and compassion, the heart chakra is where our emotional energy flows. The fourth chakra and also known by the Sanskrit name Anahata, the heart space is the beautiful bridge between the lower grounding chakras and the higher spiritual chakras. This is where we will find our compassion, trust, empathy, self-care, connection to others, and our sense of forgiveness. While we often think of the word love in accordance with others in our life, self-love is one of the most important aspects we can hold. When we care for ourselves deeply, we can make decisions that serve us, we can let go of old traumas that keep us stuck, and we can nurture ourselves to have richer, sweeter, and deeper experiences in life.

When our heart chakra is blocked we may find that hold onto grudges hard and find it difficult to forgive. Our self-esteem may suffer a blow and we can feel like we don’t belong or we feel the weight of loneliness upon us. We may be depressed or anxious and this may show up in physical symptoms like heart palpitations, high or low blood pressure, poor circulation, and breathing difficulties. For those who have a heart chakra that is overactive and needs bringing back into balance, you may struggle with co-dependency, jealousy, high expectations, and being harsh in your judgement of others as a result.

Healing Crystals that Remove Blockages of the Heart

Crystals are one of the best ways to remove those stale blockages from the heart and to fill your cup right up. We normally associate the soft pink gemstones with the heart space, but glimmering green stones also connect with the heart. These stones are usually ripe with loving energy, but also weave in threads of strength, self-worth, happiness, and harmony. Take a look at these healing heart chakra stones that are going to sweep you off your feet…


1) Rose Quartz 

rose quartz for heart chakra

Rose Quartz is the master of pink crystals and the heart chakra. This soft and loving pink gem is so ripe with compassion it's fit to burst. Often called the crystal of unconditional love, Rose Quartz isn’t just a tool for romance, but is all about calling in radiant heart healing, upping levels of self-compassion and empathy, and comforting you in a thousand different ways. Find out more about the meaning of Rose Quartz.


2) Emerald 

emerald for the heart chakra

Glowing in regal shades of green, the Emerald stone is all about wisdom and wonder when it comes to matters of the heart chakra. This stone works in multilayered ways, it leans hard into themes of harmony, balance, and successful love with others but also with yourself. When you work with Emerald it bestows wisdom on your heart center too and as a prophecy stone, it teaches you to trust in the messages of your own heart. When we trust our own hearts we feel more comfortable in our connections with others and this helps us to feel open and freer.


3) Green Aventurine 

green aventurine for heart chakra

Ever uplifting, Green Aventurine brings beautiful vibes that help your heart find its balance. This gentle gem is a heart chakra healer and helps you sink down into blissful earth energy. Strengthening that connection with the natural world helps us to embrace higher levels of peace and harmony. Green Aventurine also encourages spring energy and themes of nurturing and growth. For those who want to set the stage for attracting abundance and opportunity, Green Aventurine ensures that your heart is equal measures steady and ready to receive. Find out more about the meaning of Green Aventurine.


4) Rhodonite 

rhodonite for heart chakra

Luminous in light shades of red and pink, there’s something about Rhodonite that immediately snags those heartstrings. This vibrant high vibrational stone is also known as a rescue stone and one of its greatest skills is balancing the heart chakra and the root chakra too. When you have stable foundations, it makes it so much easier to open that heart space and stand in trust and power. Rhodonite has the lowdown on how to strengthen that balancing act and can build depleted resources of love, understanding and compassion so you can get back to those rose-tinted glasses that bring light relief and pure joy to heavy times. Find out more about the meaning of Rhodonite.


5) Amazonite 

amazonite for heart chakra

Wild and unbridled and full of feeling, the warrior spirit of Amazonite is one to write home about. This beautiful blue and green gem is rich in energy and is all about connecting to the heart chakra and the throat chakra so your goddess energy can spill out. Amazonite has a fabled history of being the gem that adorned the shields of the Amazonians. These fierce and fearless women were all heart, not in a sugar soft way but with fearless big feeling feelings. For those who need a serious dose of self-confidence to change their love and relationship into something healthier, this courageous gem shakes loose the fears so you can let the light in. Find out more about the meaning of Amazonite.


6) Green Jade 

green jade for heart chakra

A stone of sublime luck (yes even in love), there’s a reason Green Jade has long been celebrated as a talisman for tingly bright living. This gem is cool and clear-headed and is all about helping you tap into abundance. Green Jade encourages you to remember that you deserve more, more, more and that to make this magic happen, you need to open your heart chakra and manifest the life you want to live. Jade is joy and success. For those who want to welcome self-made success then this stone is your amulet. Find out more about the meaning of Jade.


7) Malachite 

Malachite for heart chakra

Swirling with sublime energy - there is great strength and power stashed within the green and black Malachite stone. This heart and chakra and throat chakra gem bring together two important factors for feeling love – a clear heart and a clear voice. When we have these two things in check we are better equipped to speak out, forge beautiful boundaries, and step into stability. Malachite is also known as a transformative stone. It wants the best for you and is an awesome stone for empaths who can get overwhelmed by mopping up the moods of others. Find out more about the meaning of Malachite.


8) Rhodochrosite 

Rhodochrosite for heart chakra

Shades of pink come together to create the banded beautiful stone of Rhodochrosite. Bridging the energy channel that rises from the root chakra, through the solar plexus chakra, and to the radiant light of the heart chakra, Rhodochrosite is a surefire cleanser. If you have any emotional blockages, this gem will track them down and clear them right out. Rhodochrosite is ruled by Venus (the planet of love) making that heart-felt connection even stronger. It is an exceptional stone for reconnecting with those with who you have lost touch or for strengthening existing relationships. 


9) Prehnite 

Prehnite for heart chakra

Golden Prehnite may glow with that invigorating solar plexus chakra vibe but it also strikes a chord when it comes to the heart chakra too. This luminous gem is known for bringing high levels of unconditional love and healing to the table. For all those healers, empaths, and shamans out there, having Prehnite by your side is essential for keeping you soft and open and free from burnout. Prehnite promises stronger spiritual vibrations and can be an amazing tool for keeping your heart connected during deep meditation, visualization, or any other psychic practices you are working with.


10) Chrysoprase 

chrysoprase for heart chakra

Fresh in shades of biting apple green, the Chrysoprase stone is here to refresh the heart space. This gem is also called the stone of divine truth, reminding us that wisdom doesn’t just occupy the caverns of our head but can also be heard and felt deep in the heart too. This spirited gem also brings seasonal spring energy. For those who have been hibernating in the winter of their soul, Chrysoprase extends a hand to pull you up into brighter feelings of joy. It teaches us to move out of co-dependence and into self-forgiveness, value and remembering the unique energy of our own worth.


11) Green Tourmaline 

green tourmaline for heart chakra

Go for gold with this Mother Gaia earth gem as Green Tourmaline connects your heart to the world beneath your feet and the radiant height of heaven above. This stone raises compassion, improves the physical strength of your heart, and also clears that heart chakra space with its singing high vibrations. For those who want to connect more with the earth in order to grow their sense of here and now and heartfelt love, Green Tourmaline is an excellent tool to help you achieve all of that and so much more. Find out more about the meaning of Tourmaline.


12) Green Calcite 

green calcite for heart chakra

Cool as a cucumber, Green Calcite is another gem that is heart chakra ready. This stone is all about sweeping the path of stacked up emotion that can cause you to tumble. Green Calcite brings gifts of peace, clarity, and expression into our lives. When we have something to help drain bad energy and built-up frustration, this leaves space for light and love to grow and for emotional wounds to heal. This gentle level-headed gem also invites us to open up about our needs and desires – one of the very foundations for building strong and everlasting love. Find out more about the meaning of Calcite.


13) Kunzite 

Kunzite for heart chakra

Expand all that loving energy, clear out your heart chakra, and tap into the infinite wisdom held in the third eye chakra too with the calming nature of Kunzite. This sweet pink stone is known for its potent vibes around love and devotion. It’s a hugely calming stone meaning that it can lower your blood pressure just by looking at it. Kunzite hums with inner peace, tranquility, and a love that comes naturally. All this yin energy is awesome for making love seem less like a struggle and more like a wave of wonder that washes over you. Find out more about the meaning of Kunzite.


14) Green Moldavite 

green moldavite for heart chakra

Said to be a star born stone, you would think Green Moldavite would be full of chaotic swirling cosmic energy. Instead, this heart chakra gem has captured a dreamy vibrant mood that helps us to shift into a whole new perspective By awakening the third eye chakra and pouring light and love into the heart space, this gem helps us to move out of old patterns and to tap into those stashed away dreams and visions that can guide us to a place of illumination.


15) Moss Agate 

moss agate for heart chakra

Another stone of earthly heartfelt energy, Moss Agate is the ultimate reminder of how to thrive and find pockets of peace in our all-consuming quick-fire world. Taking its name from the mossy shades of green that envelop this level-headed gem, Moss Agate is a magical soul soother and a heart chakra healer to boot. This stone works to level out pendulating moods, to nurture your sense of self, and to remind you of the beauty and strength that holds you in place when it comes to self-power. It is a gentle whisper in the wind, reminding us that to love ourselves is the greatest service we can bring to the world. It also encourages peace and harmony in existing relationships. Find out more about the meaning of Moss Agate.


16) Peridot 

peridot for heart chakra

Twinkling in luminous shades of green, we love the light that Peridot brings to the heart chakra party. There’s a sense of summer stashed in the lush sparkle of Peridot and one glance at this gem is enough to stir your heart right up. Peridot helps us to let go of egocentric behaviors, to keep our emotional balance in check, and to bring a lightness to our life as we learn to rid ourselves of jealousy, resentment, and anger. It also works well with the solar plexus chakra, helping to shake out stagnant energy so that creativity, passion, and a renewed zest for life can sparkle. Find out more about the meaning of Peridot.


How can you use these Heart Chakra Crystals 

woman meditating in lotus pose with heart chakra stone bracelets

Just having these stones in your presence or on your person can be enough for them to get to work on healing your heart and dousing you in an aura of love. For those who want to dig deeper and to get active on their heart chakra journey, you can also embrace the following techniques for helping your heart energy to flow…

  • Wear gemstone jewelry against the skin, so these heart chakra crystals can connect with your own vibrational energy.
  • Place these stones on your heart chakra space during meditation to shift any blockages.
  • Hold a heart crystal stone when saying loving affirmations in the mirror every morning.
  • Keep your stone close by when writing in your gratitude journal.
  • Place your heart chakra crystals around the home – especially in the bedroom or shared spaces to encourage harmony.
  • Take a crystal bath or sip a crystal elixir throughout the day to infuse your soul with love.

What else you can use instead of crystals

pink rose with pink scarf

If you want to welcome even more complementary therapies into your heart space, then you can also choose the following ideas to help keep that heart space bright and beating…

  • Practice heart and chest opening yoga poses.
  • Eat green foods and heart-warming soups.
  • Say affirmations on a daily basis.
  • Breathe deeply as the heart chakra is associated with the air element
  • Dance and move your body
  • Hug yourself
  • Awaken your capacity to love with essential oils like rose, lavender, and jasmine


Bringing our heart into balance is a beautiful thing. It fills us with the light of love and encourages us to trust without fear. It reminds us that we are connected to bigger things and that compassion will always carry us. Having an open heart clears out many of life’s deep difficulties.


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