Crystal Books: Everything You Need To Know About Gemstones


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Crystal Books

Crystal Books: Everything You Need to Know

Get stacked on your precious gemstone knowledge with our guide to this crystal library that comes full of light and love. Within the pages of these beautiful books of stones, crystal bibles, and all you ever needed to know about using healing stones to better your body, mind, and spirit. Whether you want to brush up on the common crystals, get an in-depth look at 500 crystals and their metaphysical properties, or just delve a little deeper into all the radiant powers of crystals, you will find divine inspiration and all the answers tucked between the covers of these gorgeous guides and reference books.

Crystal Books: A Universe of Knowledge

We have selected the best new age books, guides, and bibles for beginners and experts. While a lot of crystal energy may be about tapping into intricate wisdom and your own sense of intuition, it also helps to have a wealth of background knowledge to help you understand even deeper how it works when it comes to crystals for healing. Using these reference books, you can pick the best gemstones that work in harmony with your own needs. You can select crystals and stones based on their own unique powers, which traits they encourage, and which chakras, zodiac signs, and elements they are the most connected to. Build your collection with care and carefully cultivated knowledge for deeper healing and a wealth of understanding.

A Library of Love and Light

There are some people out there who have dedicated their life to the art of crystal healing and Judy Hall draws on over thirty years of first hand experience. As a healer, a psychic, an author, astrologer, and a purveyor of helping people to find their path, she is one of the most important authors in the world of crystal healing. Her works are always a wonder with dreamy covers, gorgeous photography, in-depth guides to each of the crystals, and all the information you need - lovingly presented in a truly inspiring fashion. From her complete Encyclopedia of Crystals to her guide to the Crystal Zodiac, her book on Crystal Healing, and her 101 Power Crystals - you can learn how to choose, work, heal, and find inner harmony with Mother Nature’s most precious gifts. Our library of love and light is ever growing. Make these your go-to guides for calling on the life-giving elements of the earth's healing gemstones.


What is the best crystal book?

Finding the best crystal book can be tricky, but you’ve got options. Some top picks are Judy Hall’s The Crystal Bible Series, Ashley Leavy’s Crystals for Energy Healing, Sarah Bartlett’s Crystals for Positive Manifestation, and Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro’s Crystal Muse. These books have all the info you need to master crystals, their properties and uses, and their healing benefits. They are perfect for crystal lovers.

What makes a great crystal book?

A great crystal book is full of information about the properties of crystals, their meanings, and uses. It should explain each stone in detail and include nice visuals to follow the explanations. An excellent guidebook on crystals is easy to follow, even for beginners. Most importantly, a good crystal book should encourage readers to explore the power of crystals.

Why do I need a book on crystals?

A book on crystals can be a great companion for the crystal connoisseur - with insightful details about different stones. When you arm yourself with this knowledge, you can choose just the right crystal to help with healing, manifestation, meditation, or spiritual growth. For those who may not be into crystals, these books can still be interesting if they provide historical and cultural information about crystals and explain why so many people hold them so dearly.

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