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Indigo Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits

indigo sea and stages of the moon

A soft marriage of purple meets blue, indigo is a color of introspection, awareness, and quiet contemplation. All of this energy is essential for those who are on the path to a higher sense of being. Indigo brings together the trust of the blue ray and the intuitive strength of the purple ray. Together, these complementary forces help you to avoid falling off track and help to keep you safe from energies that would bring you harm.

Indigo gemstones are soaked in a sense of sublime tranquility. These gems connect to the throat and the third eye, they facilitate communication and swerve confrontation. Virtuous in nature and with a heavy emphasis on knowledge, Indigo stones tend to be a rarer gemstone. If you are drawn to these midnight to dawn shaded stones, it could be because you are craving a sense of direction and to forge a trusting bond with your own beautiful heart.

There are different shades of indigo and each brings its own unique energy with it. Light or pale indigo gems will bring the energy of connection. They are about pure and humble emotions such as gratitude, virtue, dignity, and humility too. Darker indigo stones lean more heavily into the idea of honesty and illumination. They are seers and truth tellers and help to shine a light on whatever is sitting beneath the surface. Deep and potent indigo gems help to reveal tricks and mistruths, along with guiding us towards spiritual mastery and morality.

To find out more about how gemstones can guide you home to the body, mind, and soul – take a look at our essential guide to healing crystals.

The Healing Benefits of Indigo Gemstones 

sodalite worry stone, sphere, and pyramid

Indigo crystals come laced with purpose. These are gems of truth, honesty, wisdom, and the wonder of sincere living. They take us deeper into our sense of self and aren’t interested in shallow readings of life. They want to awaken depth, because with depth comes knowledge, answers, and the opportunity to approach life from a balanced perspective. Take a look at the healing elements to be found stashed in the serene shades of indigo gemstones…

Physical Healing

Indigo is connected to the throat chakra, which means these stones are a dab hand at helping ease any physical ailments you hold in the throat and the mouth. From soothing sore throats to clearing tonsillitis and laryngitis, indigo stones keep the throat smooth and sound so you can speak your truth. These purplish blue gems are also excellent at balancing the nervous system and working with the pituitary and pineal glands too. They also keep the brain cool and ticking in tip top shape and can even help protect the skull and the eyes too. In short, they want your brain, eyes, and throat in good shape so you can access that inner wisdom and truth without any cloudiness or confusion getting in the way.

Mental Healing

Forever guiding with a natural sense of direction, indigo stones are savvy at helping you use your best judgement. These gems are washed in the color of trust and they make it so you don’t need to keep second guessing your own process. For those who struggle with decision making or often find their judgement leads them astray, indigo stones can strengthen this and put you back in the drivers seat with supreme confidence. When it comes to all things love and fostering healthy relationships, indigo stones are also good to have on side. This is because these gems are known for their mature approach, meaning that you are less likely to get sideswept by wounded inner child feelings and behaviors when relating to those you connect to in your life.

Spiritual Healing

 Raise your awareness and your consciousness with the deep introspective color of indigo stones. As mentioned, these gems work on both the throat and the third eye chakras. They help the throat clear out any chakra blockages so that you find power and strength in your own voice and are equipped to communicate with kindness and grace. These gems don’t like confrontation or anger, so they will guide you in a way that gets your point across and your needs met without dissolving into any kind of energy draining drama.

These stones also invite third eye chakra opening, which is the gateway to the well of inner wisdom. When our third eye is open, we are able to be sure of our own wisdom and answers and they will give us the confidence we need to walk down our inner path – no matter how dark it may seem at times.

The Most Important Crystals to Know!

Lapis Lazuli 

lapis lazuli energy braclet

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Throughout the ages Lapis Lazuli has lent a hand to all those seeking infinite wisdom and a wider understanding of the world. This indigo gemstone seems to be scattered with stars, swirling with cosmic charm, and here to tap into your third eye chakra. Lapis has been loved by sages, healers, and artists for centuries as it connects to everything from expression to inner knowledge, balancing emotions, and delving deep when it comes to dreamwork. Lapis can also help with softening the harsh edges of depression and helping move you from insomnia to a place of sweeter sleep. It soothes inflammation and helps the nervous system too. This stone of wisdom is a great tool for bonding friendships and relationships as it is all about truth and light – two essential ingredients for forging strong bonds. Find out more about the meaning of Lapis Lazuli.


tanzanite gemstone

Deep divinity doesn’t need to be an ancient art as the modern day gemstone of Tanzanite proves. Shimmering in shades of indigo, silver, and violet too, this stone is here to match your wisdom with your integrity. Whether you are seeking psychic connections or glorious grounding in the here and now, this gem shakes out any nervous tension or cloudy visions so that you can see with crystal clarity. Tanzanite welcomes the water energy and is an exceptional gem for meditating with. This stone has high vibrational energy and can also help your soul prepare for ascension. While it assists in all kinds of spiritual practice – from angel communication to entering altered states, it doesn’t skip out when it comes to the practical process of being present on earth too. It detoxes the blood, brings a burst of vitality, and can keep you compassionate and centered. From the heart to the throat and the third eye, Tanzanite is epic indigo energy.


iolite stone

This vision stone was a favorite with the Vikings who used Iolite as a compass to help them cross the narrow seas. At one with the elements of starlight and sea, Iolite can guide you through whether you are seeking pathways here on earth or travels in another dimension. This soothing stone not only strengthens intuition but also helps with everything from encouraging sleep to fighting off fevers and helping the body to physically heal, Iolite can be the light that lifts you up. This gem is known for its dreamy detox properties and whether it’s healthy digestion, flushing the liver, or fending off fevers and ailments, Iolite makes sure that you have the strength to face all physical battles. In life and love, Iolite also helps you to move out of a place of co-dependency and into mastery of your own destiny. Find out more about the meaning of Iolite.


A surge of saltwater in Indigo hues, the Sodalite stone is all about owning your power and carving your path through life. This stone balances the left and right side of your mind so that you are able to think logistically about things without losing sense of your artistic expression. Sodalite shakes out blockages from the throat chakra and encourages us to have belief in the brilliance and beauty of our own voice. This is why it has the nickname of the poets stone. Not only does it clear your throat so you can speak on an emotional level but it’s also a great stone for soothing and overcoming any issues that you have health wise with the throat or larynx. Sodalite is also an energetic stone for writers who feel like they are stuck in a rut and struggling to connect to their creative energy. For those who are quick to confusion and frustration, Sodalite can also talk you down off that ledge. Forever ready to douse you down with cool headed energy, Sodalite is the cleansing energy you didn’t know you needed. Find out more about the meaning of Sodalite.

Blue Obsidian 

Obsidian is always a grounding and protector stone but when blue gets involved it takes all this energy and focuses on the throat. Blue Obsidian makes sure that you have enhanced communication skills and a clear energy radiating from the ground to the throat, so you can draw on your sense of strength and speak your mind. It is also a gem of divinity and can help keep you protected during psychic endeavors. Blue Obsidian also encourages clarity, meaning that you don’t need to get lost in the fog of confusion. It reminds you that you have the answers and you have the words, you just need to find the strength to access them.


Kyanite Energy Bracelet

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Soft and shimmering with its shades of indigo blue and white, Kyanite is here to help nurture your self-expression. Whether you struggle to be an advocate for yourself or if you feel as though you can’t ask for what you want because you don’t know what that is, Kyanite can grant clarity, conscious thinking, and a self-awareness that seeps beneath the surface and echoes in every choice you make. This stone also brings beautiful physical healing and can help with everything from keeping your blood pressure in check to encouraging your body to heal after infections. It assists in dream recall and encourages breathing through those tough emotions that may feel like a bind at times. Find out more about the meaning of Kyanite.

Grape Agate 

grape agate

A ripe gem with rich sedative vibes, Grape Agate is all about helping you to expand your being both internally and externally. Looking like a fruit taken from the god of Dionysus himself, Grape Agate is an enchanting stone that seems to be made up of many different parts. This works as a reminder that we have many different sides but ultimately that they all form part of who we are and make us whole. This simple construct can be important for accepting ourselves fully. For those who make themselves small and get locked into disaster thinking, Grape Agate can grant you respite. This stone helps you to remove mental blocks, find your peace, and to look at things from a different angle. Find out more about the meaning of Grape Agate.


labradorite stone

A stone of secret places, transformation, and finding higher purpose - there is a lot to love when it comes to the Labradorite stone. This indigo blue gem flashes with gold and green like the aurora filled skies bringing with it the promise of sacred energy and positive power too. Labradorite grants courage, understanding, and wisdom to all who hold it close. This stone is a third eye and throat chakra clearer, ensuring that your voice and your wisdom are always attuned to each other. Labradorite leans heavily into invoking positive change but this doesn’t have to mean Pollyanna thinking. Instead it encourages you to do the inner work and to do it well but in a way that doesn’t lead to overwhelm or burnout but keeps you in balance and committed to bigger picture thinking. Find out more about the meaning of Labradorite.

Blue Tourmaline 

blue tourmaline

Beautiful Blue Tourmaline is all about spirit and peace. This soft natured stone is excellent for those who want to release emotional bonds and to step out of the shadow of past hurts too. Blue Tourmaline invites you to free your mind in all the finest ways. This gentle gem is a magical meditation tool as it splashes you with serenity and invites you to dig down deep. While it has introspective properties, Blue Tourmaline invites you to lend that grace to others in your life. It is a stone of acceptance and it helps you to find tolerance, compassion, and a care-free attitude towards other peoples differences. It’s clear sky coloring reflects in its moods, it is a spring of hope and new energy, of clean buds and brighter days. Find out more about the meaning of Tourmaline.


azurite energy bracelet

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Dreams and depth sit at the center of the Azurite stone. This indigo blue stone is here to stir up your insight and intuitively put your body and mind in touch with each other. Azurite knows that when we are in our heads too much it can be easy to get stuck. It also knows that bulldozing forward with the body and no thought can also lead to trouble. To combat this, Azurite instead taps into the third eye and makes sure that you can effortlessly apply intuitive knowledge and heart led thinking into everything you do. This sweeps away anxious thoughts and feelings and eases indecisive behavior as you always know that your inner voice will let you know exactly what it needs. Find out more about the meaning of Azurite.

Other Gemstones to Use in Combination

Higher thinking and deeper communication are all wrapped up in the gifts that indigo crystals bring. These cosmic charms are endless soft spiritual energy and delving in a little more. They bring to the table the watery flow and throat chakra cleansing of blue gemstones but they also ensure you are propelling yourself to higher thinking, glorious growth, and crown chakra cleansing thanks to the potency of the purple crystal shades woven right through.

 If you are looking for a sublime match for your indigo gemstones then Amethyst is one of the best choices. Amethyst is the ultimate purple power stone and brings with it endless serene vibes and crown chakra strength. It will boost the powers of your indigo crystals and take you to the next level. Amethyst is also a February birthstone. Another crystal that works well with indigo stones is the Rainbow Moonstone. Laced in feminine energy and nurturing bliss, this stone will make sure that you forever stay in balance no matter what chaos surrounds you.

How to Use Indigo Crystals 

woman wearing lapis lazuli bracelet

There are many ways to welcome the healing elements of indigo gemstones but one of the best ways is to wear indigo gemstones close to your skin. Having direct skin contact means that these stones can get directly to work on your own vibrations, raising them up to remove any blockages and to ensure your chakras are clear. Wearing indigo crystals or keeping them close also helps you to subconsciously set an intention every single day. The universe will hear your dreams and desires whispering beneath the surface and will give you exactly what you need to manifest all the magic and more.

You can also use your indigo crystals in any kind of meditative practice you are doing. Keep it close for your morning pages, place it on your mat for yoga, hold a worry stone in your hand when deciding what to do about a situation, or use it in reiki, tarot, or any vision work you are doing. You can also tuck an indigo stone beneath your pillow to encourage dream work or when needing to sleep a little more soundly.


Indigo stones are sweet water and dawn break dreams. They are a magical match for those who want to dig down deep and get to know themselves better. The journey inwards isn’t an easy one but it’s one that will carry us well in this world. When we know ourselves intricately, we can call on our wisdom and truth without doubt or fear. We can trust our word and our judgement, knowing that it comes from a place of pure integrity rather than fear or flight. Turn your gaze inwards, find your roots, speak freely and with love with the light of indigo stones.

Which indigo stones are calling to you? Are you in love with their introspective energy? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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