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Bloodstone Crystals

Bloodstone Crystals

Rich in iron oxide and formidable protective abilities, Bloodstone is a potent elixir for bolstering the energy of your root chakra and other lower chakras. This vibrant gemstone, featuring dark green Chalcedony and rich red Jasper, is aptly named for its striking resemblance to blood-like hues. Wearing Bloodstone, you’ll feel immediate rejuvenation as your heart pumps with newfound vitality.

Bloodstone has a fascinating history and lore. The Ancient Greeks referred to it as Heliotrope, meaning the Sunstone, and believed its heavenly healing powers were a gift from the gods directly. According to another legend, the Bloodstone crystals were formed from Christ’s blood. During the Crucifixion, a few red spots dripped onto the earth and turned as hard as a stone.

No wonder Bloodstone is now used for healing all things related to blood and blood flow. Besides receiving numerous health benefits, incorporating Bloodstone into your life is a powerful way to cultivate balance, gain a healthy perspective, and harness inner strength.

March babies can especially benefit from Bloodstone, as this is the second birthstone for this particular month. Bloodstone is traditionally connected to the Aries zodiac sign, ensuring these individuals remain courageous without losing their footing.

Regardless of your zodiac sign, Bloodstone is a beautiful stone to adorn yourself with through energy bracelets, amulets, and rings. You can also invite Bloodstone’s energy into your living space via Feng Shui or a crystal altar of various hearts, spheres, and pyramids. Tapping into this great stone’s magical properties can help you feel more courageous and confident, so carrying a Bloodstone worry stone is also an excellent idea.

Reading about the Bloodstone meaning, it becomes clear why you need this crystal in your life. Visit our crystal shop to find your ideal Bloodstone item, essential for personal growth and success.

The Benefits of Bloodstone

When it comes to Bloodstone healing properties, there are plenty to go around.

Physically, this stone helps heal wounds, regulates blood circulation, and strengthens the heart. If you’ve experienced any trauma related to the heart, this crystal will boost your immune system and help you heal.

As for emotional healing, Bloodstone helps you deal with traumas resulting from bullying, abandonment, and loneliness. It encourages you to feel safe in your own skin and put trust in a higher purpose.

The metaphysical healing properties of Bloodstone are no less impressive. It can connect to your root chakra to help you feel grounded and clear your heart chakra to open yourself up to love, trust, and compassion.


What does Bloodstone crystal do?

The Bloodstone crystal increases motivation, courage, and creative energy. It can also eliminate the blocks that keep us stuck, creating a clear path forward.

What is Bloodstone crystal good for?

The Bloodstone crystal is good for healing physical and emotional traumas, cultivating balance, and harnessing inner strength. This crystal is also excellent for clearing the root and heart chakras when worn as a chakra bracelet or amulet.

How to charge Bloodstone crystal?

To charge Bloodstone crystal, leave it beneath a full moon overnight. Alternatively, place it next to a potent charging crystal, such as Selenite or Clear Quartz.

How to cleanse Bloodstone crystals?

To cleanse Bloodstone crystals, briefly soak them in lukewarm water. Ideally, you should use spring water. For a deeper cleanse, leave your Bloodstone on the soil to draw the collected toxins out and bring a renewed sense of charge.

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