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Tapestries Curtains

Decorating your sacred space with inspiring and symbolic curtain tapestries is a must. With designs one can only imagine, you will always have something to admire as you consult with your worry stones and stave off your anxieties. Their presence also provides peace and comfort during your meditation or yoga sessions.

How to Use Wall Tapestries

Hang lotus flower or dreamcatcher tapestries above your bed for tranquil dreams and relaxing naps. For those having trouble with studies or work, combine a rainbow fluorite crystal angel with a Gayatri Yantra tapestry on the wall above your desk for focus and wisdom. If you love wearing your birthstone necklace, find a matching tapestry of your zodiac sign and fully connect with the spiritual world.

More Unconventional Ways to Use Tapestries

Wall tapestries can be used as more than just something to cover up your bare walls. If you dislike the creases tapestry makes when hung on the wall, frame it as a picture. It’ll give your room a more sophisticated feeling while still retaining all the spiritual benefits you need.

For those who love spending their spiritual time in nature, use the tapestry as a blanket. You’ll feel a close spiritual connection to the fabric as you sit on it. The same goes for using tapestry as a bedspread or cover. Not only is it a tasteful bed décor that matches the rest of your bedroom, but it’ll also provide a direct bond with the symbols on the tapestry.

Turning tapestries into curtains is another viable option that makes your tapestry more useful. You can simply use thumbtacks to pin them above the window or hang it on a rod. This requires you to put some holes in your tapestry, so if you don’t want to ruin it for other uses in the future, use blinder clips instead.

Find Tapestries and Much More at Tiny Rituals

Tiny Rituals’ tapestries are 100% cotton and made in India. They feature an inspiring Tree of Life that celebrates ancestry, connection, peace, and fertility. It helps you stay rooted and know where you come from, and gives you strength, foundation, and stability. The Tree of Life reminds you of the journeys you’ve taken and the struggles you’ve endured while guiding you on your new path and opening up new possibilities.

Apart from tapestries, Tiny Rituals also offers gemstone bracelets, spiritual necklaces, and other items that help you reach the highest levels of spirituality. Use our crystal guide to find the one that best matches your needs and energy, or learn more about angel numbers meaning and see how they connect to your favorite gemstone.


How to make a door with curtains or tapestries?

Like regular curtains, you can hang your tapestry above the entrance of your room and separate two areas in your house. This will make your room feel more private, secure, and cozy.

How to use tapestries as bedroom curtains?

Using tapestries as curtains is an excellent option to give your tapestry double usage. You can use a curtain rod, command hooks, or blinder clips if you don’t want to damage the fabric.

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