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Yellow Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits

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The Importance of Healing Stones

Life is a journey, a rollercoaster of ups and downs, and sometimes it helps to have something to anchor you on this earth. This is where healing stones come in. Crystals are morsels of magic often born from mother earth herself. They have spent centuries soaking up the energy of the planet and they can bring that shift to your own state of mind. Crystals are often used to shake out blockages stuck in the chakras that can be preventing you from standing in your light and blazing in your own personal power. When all our chakras are clear, we can send out powerful messages via our own energy. These messages can connect with the universe and manifest into the magic of living our wildest dreams. Crystals want you to fulfil your greatest potential and this is why it works to keep these precious stones close by.


Yellow Gemstone Benefits

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Like the sun lighting up the sky, yellow crystals come with all that radiant energy to raise your hopes, fill your heart, and help you call into power your sacral and solar plexus chakras. Forever warming and ready to rouse your willpower, yellow gems provide a constant source of light and life. For those who find their vavavoom has left the building, bringing a yellow healing stone into your life can be like a burst of sunshine after the storm. It reminds us that above the clouds there is always golden sun, the zeal of Ra, and the spellbinding nature of loving yourself. Take a look at these bright benefits of saying yes to yellow gemstones…


Physical Healing

Energy, energy, and more energy – this is the best physical healing power that yellow crystals bring. These stones are perfect for picking you up after a burnout. For anyone who feels depleted or who is struggling when it comes to focusing on a task, yellow gemstones make sure that your system stays ticking. They also help with digestive issues, blood pressure balance, and bring healing to reproductive issues too.


Root Chakra Healing

Those root chakras are essential for anyone who wants to feel stable, strong, and like they can hold themselves in this sometimes chaotic world. The root chakra helps us to stay grounded, the solar plexus is the home of our personal power, and the sacral chakra is the creation center. Clearing out all these chakras can be done with yellow crystals which call in our artistry, our warrior spirit, and the confidence to be who we are. All of these things are absolutely essential for living an authentic life.



Splashed with confidence and courage, these two overlooked traits actually work wonders when it comes to matters of the heart. To love in a big bold manner takes strength of the heart, and this is where yellow crystals come in handy. These gems help you to be confident in your own skin which leads to lower levels of codependent behavior and helps you to swap toxic choices for something better. Also working with the sacral chakra and the solar plexus, yellow stones invite us to step into our sexual power and to bring positive energy to intimacy.



Under the category of yellow crystals is exactly where you will find all those merchants stones and gems of beautiful abundance. Sharing the same shades as gold, it’s no surprise that yellow stones are a money magnet. Even if wealth means something different to you, these gems are exceptional at attracting more for you. Whether that’s deeper relationships, greater success, bright and full health, or epic experiences - yellow crystals gift you everything you have been waiting for.


13 Crystals You Should Pick From 

Glowing bright, bring a little spark back to your soul with yellow crystals. One of the best aspects of keeping a yellow crystal close is the fact that it helps you to find belief in your own boundaries and willpower. If you forever feel like a simple wind can blow you off course, a yellow stone can help remind you that your own ideas and thoughts are precious because they are the fruit that blooms from your own roots. A healthy luscious life needs a little sun to make your garden grow so get ready to soak up the rays from yellow crystals.


1) Calcite 

yellow calcite

Start on a strong note with your golden glow crystals as you welcome the gentle summer energy and soda pop style of Yellow Calcite into your life. Calcite is such a hopeful stone. It has a soothing nature and is highly effective at driving out old patterns and poor cycles that aren’t serving you any longer. This stone clears out the solar plexus chakra so your wisdom, warrior spirit, creative bliss and confidence can run wild. It also cleans your sacral chakra too -inviting passion, sexuality, and deeper joy in yourself to shine out. For those who want to come home to their body and sharpen their mental clarity to see the way clearer, Calcite is your charming spiritual sidekick. Find out more about the meaning of Calcite.


2) Yellow Tourmaline 

yellow tourmaline

Get ready to crack the whip when it comes to negative energy as Yellow Tourmaline chases out bad vibes to make space for your inner sun to shine. While Black Tourmaline is all about protective power, Yellow Tourmaline brings the breeze to chase out anything that tries to drag you down. This golden yolk gem is awesome at healing. Not only does it revitalize tired moods but it helps to ease anxiety and fills your cup right up with a generous shot of confidence. Yellow Tourmaline is full of magnetism and that helps to pull good things closer to you. This stone wants you to give your best performance; which is why it’s a good luck charm for athletes and performers. Find out more about the meaning of Tourmaline.


3) Yellow Topaz 

yellow topaz

Yellow Topaz (or Golden Topaz) gleams with the promise of perfect intentions coming to pass. This stone is a sublime amplifier and acts like a magnifying glass to birth all those small thoughts into something big and beautiful. For those who feel stuck and stagnant and like they aren’t yet living their best life, Yellow Topaz says now is the time to bring your wildest desires into fruition. It does this by helping to raise your confidence and by attracting people you need into your world. Sometimes we need a village, and Yellow Topaz brings that to your door.


4) Yellow Agate 

yellow agate

Simmering in sunlight and earthly splendor, the energy of Yellow Agate gets to work on all your lower chakras. Not only will this stone strengthen your root chakra to keep you grounded, it will also clear out the solar plexus chakra and the sacral chakra so that you can glow. It’s an awesome gem for helping you to overcome all kinds of fears and is an energy restorer. If you ever feel out of balance whether that’s too quick to anger or stuck in wallflower moods, Yellow Agate helps you trim down on extremism so you can stay connected to your sense of logic, truth, and finetuned thought. Find out more about the meaning of Agate.


5) Carnelian 


Radiant in shades of red, orange, and yellow – Carnelian is striking sunset hues and splashed with a vibrant sense of balance and courage. This stone is the perfect reminder that when one sun sets, another shall rise. It keeps you connected to the present moment and free from the chains of anxiety. Carnelian also stirs up your lower chakras and helps you to move into your own sensual space – whatever that looks like for you. It’s a gem that encourages the truest form of self-expression and gives your heart the fearlessness it needs to thrive. Find out more about the meaning of Carnelian.


6) Citrine 

citrine stone

The poster child for all sunny and bright yellow crystals, the Citrine stone is known for its good luck, good vibes, and glorious mood-boosting properties. Not only can Citrine cleanse you of bad juju but it also puts you in a place where you can manifest all that you desire. A dream weaver, an abundance bringer, and here to activate your imagination and sharpen your problem solving, with Citrine on your side you can bring luminous laughter to even the greyest of days. Find out more about the meaning of Citrine.


7) Yellow Jade 

yellow jade

Still carrying all the traits we connect with Jade (good luck, abundance, and joy), Yellow Jade steps things up a notch. This luminous gem is a symbol of peace, hope, and prosperity and can bring so much gentle delight to your life. The golden nature of this stone reminds us that wealth and wisdom should always walk hand in hand. While this shade of Jade will definitely be bringing you all the abundance you ever wanted, it will make sure that you stay true to who you are and that you are forever able to find the thread of your own intuition. Find out more about the meaning of Jade.


8) Pyrite 


Golden glitter and the energy of fire, Pyrite is the perfect companion for those who want their yellow crystal with a strong amount of spark. Taking its name from the Greek word for fire, it’s no surprise that Pyrite radiates is all crackling energy and creative spirit. This beautiful hunk of fools’ gold raises your confidence game, helps you to be more assertive, cuts through negative vibrations protects you from EMF’s, and rekindles any passion you have lost along the way. Find out more about the meaning of Pyrite.


9) Yellow Sapphire 

yellow sapphire

Bold and bright and bringing with it all the precious energy of a rare and splendid gem, Yellow Sapphire is an exceptional stone for manifesting your bliss. This gem is believed to brim with divine grace and gorgeous will. It has wealthy energy that helps you to grow in abundance in many different ways. More money in your pocket, deeper relationships, sublime levels of satisfaction, and unlocking new spiritual doors – all of this can be carried to your table when you tap into the power of Yellow Sapphire.


10) Yellow Garnet 

yellow garnet

The promise of a new day comes flowing through with the earth warming energy of the Yellow Garnet. Garnet’s echo with feelings of empowerment, but this gem also brings confidence, calm, and a commitment to be your own biggest advocate. It’s a seductive stone, but in a less intense way than the Red Garnet can be. Instead, Yellow Garnet abundance, deep gratitude, elder wisdom, and invites you to stand strong in your own soul. What could be more enchanting than that? Find out more about the meaning of Yellow Garnet.


11) Yellow Aventurine 

yellow aventurine

Compassion and understanding come raining down in the golden rays that stretch from the Yellow Aventurine stone. This gem carries everything you adore about Aventurine - emotional balance, amazing opportunities, and powerful positivity. It also brings its own curios qualities to the table. Yellow Aventurine loves to clear out toxins so your bright and boundless energy can find its flow. It also works with the sacral chakra to raise spirits and help you heal from suffering. Find out more about the meaning of Aventurine.


12) Yellow Diamond

yellow diamond

Delight in devotion with the loving glow of Yellow Diamonds. These gems are every inch as precious as they sound. Yellow Diamonds are the perfect way to embrace the energy of a new chapter. They symbolize fresh starts, sunnier days, or the ebb and flow of a life lived well and in a state of continuous wonder. For anyone who is in transition or feeling like they have lost their love for being present in the here and now, this gem will gently pick you up and carry you to a place of deep-felt cheer.


13) Yellow Quartz 

yellow quartz

A merchants stone and one that calls in abundance, motivation, and a can-do attitude. Yellow Quartz comes dosed up with peaceful vibes, positive energy, and a touch of tantalizing firepower to pull you up off the floor. All quartz crystals are excellent amplifiers and Yellow Quartz packs quite the punch when it comes to taking a happy feeling and turning it up a notch. Yellow Quartz raises your self-confidence, gets your immune system in check, and brings clarity to any addled decision-making process. Find out more about the meaning of Quartz.


How to use yellow crystals 

yellow crystal bracelets on cream linen

Whether you are teetering on the edge of burnout, wanting to attract new love or a world of wealth, or looking to re-spark your relationship with your sexuality, warrior spirit, and personal will, then yellow crystals should certainly be calling your name. One of the best ways to embrace the energy that yellow crystals can bring is by having them close to your skin. Wearing gemstone jewelry helps the vibrations of the crystal to align with yours and can fill your heart with zest and optimism every single day.

Another way to welcome the power of yellow crystals is to use them in your regular meditation or spiritual practices. Whether holding a stone during meditation, placing them on your yoga mat, having a reiki session, making a crystal grid, or building an altar for affirmations – these gems should certainly get involved.

Feng Shui is another way to welcome the healing energy and potent positive vibes offered by yellow stones. Dot them around your home to bring sunlight to darker spaces, keep them in the office to attract new business, place them beside your bed to stir up your sexual appetite, or sleep with them beneath the pillow to wake up refreshed and ready every single day.


What other gemstones should I combine them with? 

Yellow stones love to be in the company of other sunny natured stones and this will step your positivity up a thousand different ways. There are so many glowing stones out there. You can also blend yellow stones with red gems and orange stones too. This is perfect for when you want to truly tap into your chi and fill your life with zest, fire, and passion. Think Orange Calcite, Carnelian, Garnet, Sunstone, Fire Agate, and Amber.

If you want to turn up the dial on sunshine and love, you can pair your yellow gems with heart chakra stones like Rose Quartz, serene crystals like Amethyst, and mystical mellow moods like Labradorite. Yellow stones are amplifiers remember so any low-key powers of other crystals will be lifted by being in the presence of these gems.


Wrap up

Honey brings sweetness and lemons bring zest, the sun nurtures all life and the golden glow of fire warms the soul – this is the mood board that beams out of yellow crystals. For those who are ready for more positivity, who crave that daily dose of optimism, and want to cut out cynicism, exhaustion, and bending to other peoples will, yellow gems are going to be your new guiding light.

What are your favorite yellow stones? Do you like the brighter burst of Citrine or the softer glow of Calcite? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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