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Black Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits

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The Importance of Healing Stones in Your Life

Get more healing stones in your life and rise up to meet your full potential. Crystals are glorious gifts from the earth that help to bring us into a beautiful sense of alignment. These ancient stones are here to help us heal in a thousand different ways. Each gem comes cloaked with its own unique set of benefits, from helping you process old wounds to giving you a divine dose of energy, connecting you to higher realms, and tapping into certain energy points. Healing stones are exceptionally gifted at clearing blockages in our system especially when related to the chakras. Of our seven chakras, each stone connects and depending on where you feel blocked (your heart, your root, your third eye), finding the right gemstone to connect with that place can lift you up to a whole new level. Stand whole, feel full and be blessed with abundance when you call on the magic of crystals.

Black Gemstone Benefits

black gemstone bracelets

From the caw of the raven to the fear of the dark, the color black has many negative connotations in life. We tend to associate it with ideas of fear, death, dark magic, evil thoughts, and the supernatural world. But black can also be a far cry from the heavy shade we give it. It is also the color of strength, wisdom, fertile land, and protection. Black is about the absence of light and we need this shadow side for everything to stand in balance.

The shade is where our animal selves seek protection and rest, it is vital to our existence. For those who want to awaken their minds to the magic of possibility, even the dark holds the promise of knowledge not yet found. Black gemstones also hum at a lower frequency just like our root chakra. The beauty of black crystals sits in their ability to strengthen that root chakra, to be used as an amulet for protection as they absorb negative emotions and toxins, and to help us to move through the shadows without fear.

Physical Healing

Dissolve stress and tension, detox the body, and turn up the dial on your physical strength and wellbeing with black crystals. These gems are known to be amazing amulets at helping keep the body, mind, and soul protected and this echoes in their ability to detox and digest anything that is harmful in your system. Black stones help to heal damaged cells, encourage better blood circulation, bring a glowing warmth to cold hands and feet, and can help flush out the liver and kidneys too. Black gems are also a dab hand at bringing a dose of that warrior energy so you can rise up time and time again.

Root Chakra Healing

Our first chakra lays the foundations. It is the first tier on our hierarchy of needs and communicates how we feel safe in this world. When our root chakra is closed we can feel lost, fearful, unstable, and like any wind could easily knock us off our feet. When our root chakra is open this gives us a strong and steady base on which to thrive. We feel secure and energized and as though we can work towards our dreams and goals, we can turn our attention to love and excitement, and we can start channeling divine light through the rest of our chakras too.


Black crystals are beautifully protective in every way and love and relationships can be where we often feel our most vulnerable. Black crystals lend us that invisible sense of protection, not in a way that feels like we are locked behind walls but so that we can be open and free and ready to trust all while knowing that these gems have got our back. Black stones also help to amplify the truth. With these gems on side, we are ever ready to acknowledge where things may not be right, moving us out of falsehood and into the light. They weave together threads of self-control, resilience, and strength of spirit – all of which lend well to healthy harmonious and hardworking relationships.


 In money matters, you definitely want a dose of that protective energy. Black crystals can be great to have on side when it comes to business as they help to keep you safe from malintent and harm. Not only can they bring a sense of pure protection, but these gems also load you up with power and confidence, two essential skills for making savvy decisions when it comes to building your wealth. Forever promoting deeper levels of trust in yourself, these gems back you up and strengthen your self-esteem so you can feel your way through the decision making process.

10 Black Crystals You Can Use Every Day

Take a break from the stress factors of the modern world and sit peacefully in the shadows with the Zen-like energy of black crystals. These gems come laced with a quiet strength, they remind us that no matter what the world throws at us, we will always find a way to rise, rise, and rise again. Knowing you have a black stone safely stashed fills your heart with courage and helps you to feel like the universe has your best interests at heart. Choosing the right black stone is all about calling on your intuition to guide you to where you need to be. Whether it’s a warrior spirit you are seeking, a deeply rooted sense of self, or a protective amulet to ward off bad vibes and EMF’s, follow that subconscious whispering and wild energy and you will find the stone that helps you surrender.

Black Agate 

black agate

Prosperity and the power of inner courage – Black Agate invites you to step into stability. Like other black stones, this form of Agate is most interested in serving up grounding and protection to keep you forever on your feet. It makes sure that even during the most challenging periods of your life, you are centered and soft with peace rather than in a place of collapse. Black Agate helps us to leap higher and to ascend to a whole new level when it comes to our sense of self and our spiritual existence. While it encourages this discovery of other planes, it is a root chakra stone that keeps you steady and based in reality too. It’s a durable and super resilient stone and it passes those traits straight to you. Find out more about the meaning of Agate.


Black Tourmaline Crystal 

black tourmaline

One of the most powerful protectors in the pack, Black Tourmaline is known for mopping up all bad energies, toxic vibes, and bad juju to make space for positivity to shine. This stone is all about clearing the way and can take negative energy and turn it into something way purer and more productive. Black Tourmaline also connects to the root chakra to build up your sense of safety and capability. If there was a stone you needed onside for digging in and having the power to rise, this is it. Find out more about the meaning of Black Tourmaline.


Black Obsidian Crystal 

snowflake obsidian

Born from the earths core and fiery energy, the Black Obsidian stone comes from the quickly cooling volcanic lava. As dark as night and packed with punch, Black Obsidian weaves all the elements together – earth, air, fire, and water. This brings balance, elemental healing, connection, and the mastery of chaos to this stones many skillsets. Black Obsidian makes sense of the chaos and it cuts through bad habits, blockages, and destructive thought patterns too. For empaths, Black Obsidian is an excellent stone as it keeps you safely protected from those who may drain your energy or otherwise do you harm. Find out more about the meaning of Obsidian.


Black Onyx 

 black onyx

Learn to ride the waves of anxiety and stress as you celebrate the stabilizing element of Black Onyx in your life. Deep healing radiates beneath the shiny surface of the polished Onyx stone. This gem is amazing at cutting through the noise and getting to the root of the problem. It heals old wounds, helps you to process different experiences in life, and prevents you from becoming overwhelmed as you deal with your healing journey. For those who know they have shadow work to do but want to dive in while staying safe, ready, and protected – Black Onyx has got your back.




Singing with silvery black hues, Hematite has the same hue as a suit of armor at times and this may be why it also feels like such a protective stone. Forever an amulet of absorbing negative vibes, Hematite is gloriously grounding and gifts you all the inner-strength you could ever wish for. This gem is high in iron which also helps it to be a great choice for those who want to ramp up their healthy circulation and keep their tissues in tip top shape. This stone of the mind also lends that healthy strength to your head too. Hematite kickstarts our survival instinct, stops us from doing things that could harm us, and brings a yin-yang balance that puts us back in a place of powerful alignment. Find out more about the meaning of Hematite.




While most black stones thrum with low vibrations, Shungite is a high note hitter. This dark and delirious stone emits high frequencies which help it to go even deeper when it comes to energy and chakra cleansing. Shungite is made up mostly of carbon and is one of the most ancient stones on the planet. It is believed to be two billion years old meaning that it existed even before organic life. Shungite is so strong it can purify water and as we are all made up of water too, imagine what it can do when it comes to cleansing the body. Shungite also helps shield us from EMF’s and takes away the weight of stress.


Black Diamond 

Transcend to a whole new level with the depths of Black Diamond. This precious gem is perfectly sublime and is known for its rare energy, mystic powers, and deep charisma. The Black Diamond gleams with the jeweled promise of a thousand stars. This stone can grant you the power to sculpt and shape your own future, to embrace every inch of your destiny, and to express your unique sense of self to the world. The diamond is celebrated for its themes of eternity, its beauty, and its unbreakable spirit. It’s the hardest gem out there and there’s never a dull moment with a diamond by your side. The Black Diamond is also said to keep you clear-headed and free from the smoke of confusion.


Black Kyanite 

black kyanite

While Blue Kyanite is linked to the throat chakra and Pink Kyanite nurtures the heart, Black Kyanite comes with deep grounding energy and a forcefield of protection. This stone is a shield against all those vibrations out there that can do you harm. Black Kyanite is super popular with shamans and any kind of energy healer as it’s known for keeping you grounded during any kind of energy cleansing work. It also throws up a protective barrier around the aura, making sure that when any negative energies are released they don’t get soaked back up. Keeping yourself clear and protected is essential especially for healers and empaths and the rugged delight of Black Kyanite can do just that. Find out more about the meaning of Kyanite.


Black Garnet 

black garnet

Passionate, zesty, and brimming with soul-awakening power – there are a thousand reasons to love the glow of the Garnet stone. The Black Garnet connects to the earth star and is a stunning root chakra stone. This gem is all about aligning yourself with the earth's magnetic core and calling into power your kundalini energy. Arousing your kundalini serpent, tapping into your well of creative zeal, and grounding down without letting go of ideas of new realities makes Black Garnet a splendid spiritual sidekick. Another facet of the Black Garnet is its ability to bring purity to bad feelings. When we are able to neutralize or see the silver light that glitters in a darkened sky, we are less likely to get caught in the web of disempowerment. Find out more about the meaning of Garnet.


Smoky Quartz 

smoky quartz

Soft and smoky and with all the beloved energy we adore in the quartz family, the Smoky Quartz is awesome at detoxing negative energy and making sure you are filled with the warm light of guidance. Smoky Quartz taps into our primal forces, granting us strength, courage, knowledge, and stability even when the world seems to be shaking beneath our feet. It’s called the stone of power for this very reason and being a variety of quartz also means that it has strong amplifying energies too. For those who find themselves sinking into stress and anxiety, Smoky Quartz clears clouded thoughts away and leaves you connected and feeling nurtured by the natural world. Find out more about the meaning of Quartz.


How to Use Black Crystals 

black crystal bracelet

Low vibrations, high healing, and powerful protection – if you want to make the most of your black crystal connection, the best method is to keep them closely pressed against your skin. Having crystals in direct contact with the body is one of the best ways to connect to their power and align your frequencies so they can get to work clearing out negativity and keeping you safe from salty vibes or harmful rays that may be rolling around. You can wear black crystals as jewelry or just carry them stashed in your purse or pocket for all-around protection. You can use black grounding stones in reiki practise, when creating a crystal grid, or when building a crystal stone altar to call more positive energy to your place.

Another popular way of using black crystals is to welcome them into your home. Having them at your front door can easily keep any bad energy from crossing the threshold and keeps your space a divine sanctuary of positive light. Choose a crystal point, geode, or dark quartz crystal to bring more wellness and wonder into your life.

What other gemstones should I combine them with? 

Black stones are a great match for any other gem you want in this world. Because they bring such strong protection, black gems are often matched with heart chakra stones or crown chakra stones. Stones like Amethyst invite you to connect with higher plains and to open up your psychic gifts. It's essential that we stay protected while doing this so as to keep our deeper selves clear of any energy that would bring harm. The same can be said for the heart chakra, when we open up to love and trust with stones like Rose Quartz, we want to make sure that we have some backup and can stay safe and strong even when being our most beautiful and vulnerable selves.

Black crystals also make a beautiful contrast visually with white crystals and can be an awesome way of balancing yin-yang energies. Crystals like Selenite, Moonstone, Opal, or even Fluorite and Clear Quartz can bring balance, light, and elevated crystal energy to the party. 

Wrap up

Black crystals are brimming with mystery, elegance, and the promise of protection. They are one of the most fabulous gems for stabilizing your foundations and moving you out of a place of fear. While some may feel that the energy of the black crystal can be heavy, dense, or full, they do also prep you mentally and physically for growing your capacity. Rise strong and become the leader of your own life with the muted magic of these dark healing crystals.

Which black crystal is calling your name? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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