What Does 101 Mean? Angel Numbers, Love, Numerology, & More


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What Does 101 Mean? Angel Numbers, Love, Numerology, & More

Seeing angel number 101 means your guardian angels are sending you a message of joy, success, and higher spirituality. This number can usually show up after a period of hardship and it is a clear-cut sign to celebrate your victories, follow your intuition, keep the faith, and surround yourself with positive thoughts and actions. It is a great message to receive. Angel numbers are everywhere - you may see them in telephone numbers, on billboards, adverts, receipts, the page numbers of a book, or even in clock faces. If a particular number seems to habitually show up or if you have the feeling that a certain number keeps resonating, it could be because your angels have sent that number to you as a message to help you with your spiritual journey. While the world is full of different angel numbers, today we are looking at the meaning of angel number 101. 

Meaning of Angel Number 101

Angel number 101 is a highly vibrational and profound number. It carries a lot of spiritual energy as it has the power of the number 1 repeated twice and the power of the number 0 too. Together, they create a forcefield of bright and big spiritual energy. This short number sequence is all about positive change and divine connection. It can also be sent as a message that you may need to take care and notice the shape your thoughts take and to be mindful of keeping them focused and finetuned because what you manifest in your life all starts with the stories you tell yourself. 

Angel Number 1

Angel number 1 is all about fresh beginnings, new chapters, leadership, imagination, creativity, and more. This number shows up when there is something new waiting for you. It’s a sign from your angels that the page is turning and you should be ready to embrace whatever wonders come next. It’s also a number of independence and invites you to be assertive when it comes to getting in the driver's seat of your own life. Seeing this number also means that you are on the right track and your guardians are there for you as you walk down your true path.

Angel Number 0

The angel number 0 can mean that you are at the start of a new spiritual path. This number is represented by an endless loop and this can be a sign that everything is cyclical and everything shifts through seasons but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t on the right path and leveling up our life. The angel number 0 is full of promise and opportunity. It can be there to make you excited about the future and can connect you to the cosmos and energy that is bigger than you have experienced before. Free your thoughts, find your motivation once more and let love, light, and liberation lead the way.

Angel Number 101 Significance

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The angel number 101 is significant in so many ways. An angel number is not something to take lightly but is a direct and divine message from your ascended masters and higher beings. It has been sent to you as a note of comfort but also to help you mentally and spiritually prep for something and is infused with good luck. The presence of the numbers 1 and 0 often points towards change, cycles, and beginnings. We take a look at the significance of the angel number 101 and how it could be showing up in different parts of your life.

Angel Number 101 and Spirituality

The spiritual meaning of angel number 101 is full of hope. This number shows up to remind you that spiritual growth and progress on your life journey should be something to consider and find time for. By nurturing your spiritual connections, leaning into your intuition, and keeping faith that things will work out for the best, you can manifest all the magical things that can bring you to better places. 

Angel Number 101 and the Bible

In biblical terms, the angel number 101 can be related to Psalm 101 which talks about showing gratitude for all that we have and serves as a reminder that our path is in God’s hands and he will lead us where we need to be. The number 101 is blessed with spiritual vibrations and asks us to place our trust in the bigger picture and let destiny do the demanding work for us. We don’t need to panic or worry about what will be, because if we stay aligned, focused, and flexible as we move through life, we may encounter challenges but we will never encounter anything that can break us. 

Angel Number 101 and Love

When it comes to love the angel number 101 can show up to remind you that love connections are special and we should do all we can to let love in and honor it. It can become all too easy to take our loved ones for granted and to look for flaws rather than celebrate all the beautiful things about those people in our lives. This number invites you to bring a renewed sense of generosity and gratitude to the table as these are the nutrients that will help your love relationship bloom into something truly sacred and beautiful. 

Angel Number 101 and Twin Flames

If you are lucky enough to be someone who has a twin flame connection out there, the angel number 101 can be a beacon of light and may suggest that you are entering a new phase of this unionship. Twin flames are two halves of the same soul, separated and then hopefully reunited at some point along the way. Reunions don’t always happen and twin flames can even go their whole lives without finding each other. However, keeping your heart and energy open and aligned can be the best way of attracting that cross pathed connection. As angel number 101 is all about new starts and spiritual progression, these are thematically linked to the potential of an exciting encounter that is going to lead you to glorious growth. However, keep doing the work inside yourself and your personal life so that when this meeting happens, you are mentally equipped to handle all the intense emotions that come with it.

Angel Number 101 and Numerology

The double energy of the number 1 and the spiritual significance of the number 0 are stitched together in this angel sequence. Both are numbers that come with themes of change and the number 0 in particular is ripe with divine energy. It is also a creative number and is pregnant with possibility, meaning that now could be a good moment to kickstart a new project. The number 1 is also a fresh start number and one that speaks of taking a more active role or leading the way when it comes to what you want out of life, love, your career, and your connections.  

Angel Number 101 and Your Career

When it comes to your creative or professional life, the angel number 101 can also have meaning for you. The presence of 1s in this number can be linked to themes around leadership, intuition, and leveraging your motivation to get on a path that is better suited to you. The number 101 may be sent your way because a change is at hand and whether that’s switching roles, moving location, or even just letting some of the pressure go - it’s bound to be a rewarding experience when all is said and done.

Why Do You Keep Seeing 101 Angel Number?

There are many reasons why the angel number 101 could be showing up for you. Angel numbers don’t find us (or we them) by accident, they are here because our angels want to share something with us and want to guide us towards a goal, or lesson, or just because they want to give us strength and courage in the face of hardship. As the number 101 is brimming with positive energy and ideas around change, here are a few reasons why you could be seeing this number on your radar.


One of the reasons you could be seeing angel number 101 is because your angels want you to follow your intuition more. Our intuition is one of the best gifts we have but we aren’t always in touch with it. This number can be asking you to pay attention to your thoughts and to learn to quiet the voice of self-doubt that can sometimes rear up and make us question whether we taking the right path or doing the right things in life. Trust your gut and let your destiny and dreams guide you forward. 

Positive Attitude

Another meaning of angel number 101 is that your angels want you to foster a positive attitude. While pretending everything is fine isn’t recommended, this number suggests that you can feel all your feelings, face your truths, and consider your challenges but that we may get more out of the experience if we don’t lose hope. As our thoughts shape our reality and can even manifest things for us, having a positively charged mindset can keep the universe working in your favor. Another hidden message could be to look at those you surround yourself with and to reduce negative people in your life.

Faith in God

There’s huge spiritual energy around the angel number 101 and when you see it, it could be because your angels want you to keep the faith. This can be faith in god, yourself, or some higher divine purpose. It can also be a calling from our archangels to recommit to spiritual practices, personal development, and work to strengthen any psychic gifts you have. 


It’s not all about work when it comes to the angel number 101, it can also be a number that calls on you to celebrate your accomplishments. Your angels want you to know that all the hard work has paid off and you are walking down the right path and getting closer to your goals every single day. It can be a positive sign of success and is certainly a cause for celebration.

What Should You Do When You See 101 Everywhere?

If you keep seeing the angel number 101 show up then be prepared for changes on the horizon. This number invites you to step forward without fear and encourages you not to cling too tightly to the past because everything is cyclical and you are your own rising star. When you see this number, take a moment to nurture gratitude, feel good about your achievements so far, and understand that intuition has carried you this far. It reminds us that our inner wisdom is strong and that everything will come together for the better in the near future. Keep faith.

101 Angel Number FAQs

What is Special About the Number 101?

The number 101 is a special and powerful number both mathematically and in the angel realm. This number has the new beginning energy of the number 1 doubled and also the infinite possibilities that come with the number 0. Together, they speak of change, intuition, and gratitude as you make your journey. 

What Does the Number 101 Stand For?

The angel number 101 stands for spiritual growth and new starts. There is a lot of exciting energy within these numbers as it means that something fresh is on the horizon and it has the power and potential to change your life for the better.

What is the Meaning of 101?

The meaning of the angel number 101 can be a sign that now is the time to start new things. It holds positive energy, and fresh starts, and is linked to spiritual growth. It can mean that the seeds you have sewn are coming to fruition or that the seeds you sew now will bring a rewarding harvest later.

What Do Angel Numbers Look Like?

Angel numbers are usually sequences of numbers that contain repetition or patterns within them. They can show up in the most mundane places - such as on receipts, telephone numbers, or even when looking at the clock. They are believed to contain messages and guidance from our spirit masters.


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