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Purple Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits

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The Importance of Healing Stones in your Life

Everything that ripples through this world comes with traces of energy. From the blade of grass bowing in the morning breeze to the ringing sound of a guitar string long after it's been plucked, energy courses through everything. Anyone who has ever been in a room with someone who is in a bad mood knows that energy can leave its imprint on a person and a place. Just like it's important to get plenty of sunlight and fresh air, it's also important to try and get your fill of positive energy too. The more we surround ourselves with positive playful energy, the more this will imprint on our own sense of self. And the more we protect ourselves from negative energy, the less gloomy our world becomes.

Crystals can play a major role in this journey. These ancient stones are part of our world and gifted from Gaia. For centuries they have been in close connection with the earth and each gem brings its own healing energy, its own force, and its own elemental nature. Having healing crystals close by can help us to shake off stagnant or negative energy. They can help to energetically shift blockages in our chakra systems, and they can grant us a deeper connection to our own sense of self and the universe. Crystals work across the body, mind, and soul and with so many beautiful sparkly gems out there, you can find the perfect stone to help you achieve your dream state of mind.

Purple Gemstone Benefits

ginger cat asleep in purple flowers

Spiritual bliss can be found in the shimmering soft violet and wine-like hues of purple gemstones. Forever connected to the light of the crown chakra, purple crystals are considered to be amulets of magic and mysticism, stones of sublime spiritual healing, and wondrous in their ability to reconnect you with your own innate wisdom. Purple stones connect to the third eye and the crown chakra.

The third eye chakra is our link to our well of inner wisdom and that deep soul felt intuition. When our third eye is open we no longer sit frozen in doubt or swing our feet on the fence of indecision. Because we know we have the answers stashed inside, we are better equipped to follow the threads of our heart and not live in a place of fear or uncertainty.

The crown chakra is our highest energy point and shimmers with the possibility of higher living. Opening the crown chakra is for those who want to connect on a deeper level. It’s how we communicate with higher beings, how to explore what sits beyond the borders of our minds, and how we call on those all-important messages from the universe. The crown chakra is all about manifestation, connection, and finding your true purpose in life.

This is where the true power of the purple crystal sits – in sharpening your mental focus, keeping your mind fog-free, and keeping your whole being connected to your conscious mind. In order to do this, purple stones know they need to muck in and help clear out the junk too. Often purple crystals come soaked in soothing energy, ever ready to eliminate stress and anxiety. Thanks to their high vibrations and connection with the cosmos and the crown chakra, the light-catching lavender and shimmering plum-coloured crystals hum with positive energy, helping to rid you of heavy toxic thoughts and lifting languid feelings of melancholy too.

There is so much to celebrate in the soothing spiritually laced energy of purple gems, take a look at just some of the sweet benefits of these stones below… 

Physical Healing

While we may wax lyrical about purple stones being the height of spiritual healing, these regal colored gems also work wonders on the physical body too. Purple stones are all about soothing energy, deep dreams, and transcending. Purple stones help prep us for these leaps by ensuring that our heads aren’t plagued with pains and migraines and that our sleep is soft, long, and as restful as can be. They are excellent tools for those who suffer from headaches or insomnia. Purple gems also work on the pineal gland and the pituitary gland. These gems can help ease the intensity of depression, can soften the sharp edges of anxiety, and can help the body to heal on a cellular level too.

Crown Chakra Healing

Purple crystals are psychic power busters! These super spiritual and highly attuned gems truly come into their own when it comes to blasting those crown chakra blockages and making sure that your inner light is shining out as loud and proud as can be. When our crown chakra is open, all that energy that flows through our body can be sent out into the world with purpose. This helps us to connect and sync up with the universe and can help us to harness those powers of manifestation along with embracing our clairvoyant visions and using all our wonderful witchy powers for good.


Light in lilac or as dark as the stormy sea, purple crystals invites you to dive deeper every single time. These gems are full of joy and keep you from embittered toxic thoughts or negative behavior patterns. When we are clear about our desires, when we don’t feel bogged down by limited self-belief, and when we have high hopes born from love rather than expectation, we are beautifully poised to embrace the relationships of our dreams. Healthy, harmonious, and with heightened excitement and spiritual feeling – these are the connections we should be curating for ourselves.


As purple crystals prime you for the powers of manifestation they can truly bring a boost to your bank account if that’s what you need. These gems are always working behind the scenes to connect you with your sense of sublime ambition and help you reach the top of your truest dreams. Wealth shows itself in many ways, sometimes through financial gain but more often through deep relationships, rich experiences, and a whole and complete sense of self. Purple stones support all of this. They rid you of the kind of anxious thinking that can keep you small. They keep your mind sharp and your vision clear. They keep you free from the confines of mental stress and heavy dread. When we move through life as light as a feather and with our arms open wide, we are ripe for receiving all the amazing things that are coming our way.

9 Purple Crystals You Can Use Every Day

For those who are drawn to the spiritual powers of purple stones, there are so many out there ready to help you ascend to your highest personal peak. Whether you want the lullaby of lavender Amethyst or the sunny sweetness of Ametrine, picking the gem that works for you is all about intuition and guidance from the universe. There is no right or wrong crystal to welcome into your life. In fact, all crystal experts say that the stone you choose is the one you are drawn to for a reason. Maybe your body is crying out for calm, perhaps your mind craves a crown cleanse, or your spirit wants to leap higher. Choose your purple crystal by tapping into your intuition, following the threads of your somatic experience, and listening to those ancient whispers of knowledge that call to you.


Purple Agate 

purple agate crystal

Cleanse yourself from tip to toe with the radiant relaxing energy of Purple Agate. This amazing colored Agate is a dab hand at balancing yin and yang energies, keeping you connected to meditative moods, and making sure that you stay soft in tranquility even when times are tough. Bringing a silky smooth texture and tactile courage, just holding the Purple Agate in hand can feel enough to bring your breath into sync with your heart and to let go of anger and toxic emotions. Physically Purple Agate brings that cleansing energy to your respiratory system too – it brings gentle strength to the lungs and blood vessels and makes sure that each breath brings a beautiful release. Purple Agate is also believed to ward off bad energy thanks to its gentle bands, soft purple shades, and shimmering high energy. For those who want to stay protected and present, Purple Agate gets to work on your entire aura, ensuring that thought and action are aligned and come from a place of perfect clarity. Find out more about Agate.


Amethyst Crystals 

amethyst crystal

Shimmering with spiritual vibes, serene bliss, and crown chakra energy – Amethyst crystals are synonymous with purple power. These gems can vary in their shades, from vibrant depths of wine bright seas to pale lilac and lavender too. Amethyst can be found in the hands of practically every healer. It’s loved for its ability to bring peace and divinity. It deepens dreams, aids with sleep, and helps the mind to stay soaked in clarity and free from tension and headaches too. Amethyst irons out the kinks. It keeps you calm, balanced and stops you from becoming embroiled in emotional overwhelm. Those who want to deepen their meditative practice or just have a heavenly healing stone on hand will adore the high vibrations of the Amethyst gem. Find out more about Amethyst.




lepidolite crystal

Violet and silver light meets in the healing gem of Lepidolite. This stone is sheer crystalline bliss. Lepidolite brings high vibrations and heavenly energy to open your heart and your crown. It is called the stone of transformation thanks to its soothing energy that paves the way and leads you out of shadowy places. Many of us resist change in life, fearing to walk into the unknown. But with Lepidolite on your side, you stand in calming power and feel centered and stable enough to tackle any challenges coming your way. Lepidolite also uses that blissful purple energy to clear your spiritual space. Any toxic energy or electromagnetic stress is instantly dissolved in the presence of Lepidolite, leaving you free to walk unburdened into the divine. Find out more about Lepidolite.



ametrine crystal

A fusion of two fabulous energies, Ametrine is where the sunny nature of Citrine collides with the cosmic healing of chilled out Amethyst. Of all the crystals, Ametrine is something else. It glows with a gorgeous color scheme of lilac summer wine – all sunshine yellow and pale lavender. It fuses the elements of water and air and brings the joyful art of laughter and light-heartedness to the table. Ametrine isn’t just about quick-footed fun. It’s a radiant tool for deepening your relationships with pleasure, creativity, and spiritual play. It helps to ease energies around times of transition and helps you to enhance compatibility and to become closer to other people. For those who want to nurture healthy pleasures, Ametrine can align your soul.



charoite crystal

 Say yes to dedicating yourself to the service of the light with the purple potency of Charoite. The violet ray stone projects a hugely powerful vibration, welcoming you into its higher frequency so you too can climb even higher. For those who want a shakeup or a sublime dose of inspiration to help them be there for others more, Charoite helps you to move into a place of selflessness all while keeping your boundaries protected. Committing to the greater good isn’t easy, but with Charoite on side, we can feel compelled to play our part in the collective consciousness. A choice that can have hugely beneficial spiritual rewards. Lightworkers love to work with this stone as it provides plenty of rare and regal resources for healers. Sometimes, we need a little extra help from spirit guides and greater beings, and Charoite helps to provide that connection.


Purple Fluorite Crystal 

rainbow fluorite crystal

A divine dream crystal and a stone of sublime protection, the Purple Fluorite is here to bring beautiful flowing order to chaos. This soft hued stone is here to cleanse the throat chakra, the third eye chakra, and the crown chakra too. By working on those higher chakras, it gets everything in sync to raise your vibrations and connect with the cosmos. The throat is where our truth sits, the third eye is our portal to that deep well of inner wisdom, and the crown is how we manifest and send our dreams spinning out into the universe. Purple Fluorite is also about bringing in balance. It activates both sides of your brain so that the creative energy runs alongside the logical, ensuring that all decisions carry weight and wonder. Find out more about the meaning of Fluorite.



sugilite crystal

One glance at the strong and vibrant purple hues of Sugilite is enough to lift you to new places. This is a potent stone that comes laced with shamanic energy. Sugilite is here to strengthen your psychic connections, imbed every decision with the sparkle and surety of intuition, and activates all those higher chakras. Sugilite is a mood. It invites you to recognize and nurture the skills of wisdom, forgiveness, and love that dives deep into the spiritual. It wants you to heal every corner of your being, but it also wants that journey to be tender and a quest that takes you closer to your truest most authentic self. For those seeking a spiritual talisman, Sugilite is here to take your hand.



Tanzanite crystal

Shifting in shades of deep ultramarine to hints of sapphire and deep violet-blue, Tanzanite certainly looks like a gem that should sparkle on the elegant fingers of queens. Tiffany &Co dazzled with this 20th-century gem, but this modern appreciation doesn’t strip the stone of its deeper divinity and its high healing consciousness. Tanzanite harmonizes the heart and the third eye chakra, cleansing any blocks from those higher chakras to make sure that you hold strong to your wisdom and speak from a place of truth and integrity. Tanzanite also taps into clairvoyant energies and helps you to deal with psychic connections in a way that doesn’t make them seem too overwhelming. In keeping with that theme of all chills; Tanzanite is awesome for easing the physical effects of nervous tension. It also lends its violet rays to bring magic, dreams, and a decadent destiny knocking on your door.


Purple Kunzite 

kunzite crystal

Kunzite is often considered to be a heavenly heart chakra crystal but weaves in those pretty purple vibes and you have a stone that sweeps you off your feet. Purple Kunzite is all about joy and happiness. It brings blessings, beautiful luck, and seems to dissolve fears and worries away. Kunzite is also called the mothers stone, as not only can it strengthen nurturing vibes, but its very presence helps to settle children into sweeter calmer energy and encourage healthy sleep and balanced energy. Purple Kunzite also grants inner peace to those who wear it or keep it close by. It replenishes trust, heals heart wounds, clears the mind, and encourages loving thoughts and gentle actions. Find out more about the meaning of Kunzite.

How to Use Purple Crystals 

pink and purple sky over sea

Welcome purple crystals into your life and suddenly things will start to fall in place. When our chakras are running clear and all that awesome energy has somewhere to go, we can connect our desires to the will of the universe. Manifestation is all about what you put out into the world and purple crystals pave the way for clear communication with higher beings and the bright stars above. These gems also help with decision making which is why they can make for an awesome crystal when shaped into a crystal ball or as a worry stone to hold in hand when you need an extra dose of guidance and spiritual awareness to get you there. 

One of the best ways to say yes to all that purple energy is to wear gemstone jewelry or find a way to keep the crystals close to your skin. Everything in this world is energy and as crystals work with vibrational energy, keeping them on your skin grants them unbridled access to sync your own vibrations with theirs. Your vibrations can automatically rise when these crystals are close by. Crystals do so much work without us even knowing it. They throw up protective force-fields, they cleanse the aura, they shake loose stagnant energy, and they keep your body, mind, and soul in check.

Other ways of using purple crystals can be in any kind of spiritual or psychic exploration. From creating beautiful altars for meditation and prayer to keeping them close when reading tarot cards, placing them on your yoga matt, creating crystal grids, performing reiki, or communing with your spirit guides – purple stones will truly bloom into their own when called on in this way.

For those who struggle with sleep or who want to delve deeper into dream meanings, place a purple stone beneath your pillow and let it be your guiding light as you navigate the landscapes of your subconsciousness. For those who are in a continuous struggle with anxiety, depression, or any mental health issues – purple gems can also bring relief as they help clear out toxic thought patterns, regulate nervous systems, and encourage a sense of purpose in the world.

What other gemstones should I combine them with? 

Purple power can be found in any stone that shares the crown chakra color. All purple stones can elevate your sense of purpose especially when paired with other purple stones for extra power. For example, marrying Amethyst with Lepidolite will send your spiritual bliss buzzing to whole new heights.

Combining your deep purple stones with black stones is also a good way of making sure that you stay protected. When our crown chakra is opened and we are riding a spiritual high we need to make sure that we have measures in place to keep our auras safe. Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Obsidian, Shungite – these stones are like wearing an invisibility cloak when it comes to keeping yourself protected.

Clear Quartz can also be awesome to wear with purple gems like the Amethyst stone as Clear Quartz is so good at amplifying the powers of other crystals. Whatever energy your purple gem is bringing, the Clear Quartz crystal will turn that up tenfold. You can also pair your purple color stones with heart chakra healers like Rose Quartz to keep that line of energy running from the heart to the crown.

Wrap up

Purple crystals are the perfect remedy for those wanting to leap into a life of love and light. Even if you don’t feel ready to access what sits beyond the periphery, purple stones will hold their power. They can encourage you to find your serenity in the storm, to trust in your one true heart, and to open your mind even further so you can welcome all the shimmering shades of magic and mysticism into your life. From dream diving to letting the simple pleasure of silence wash over you, purple stones whether light purple or dark purple like plums, when it comes to their energy levels, they can be as soft or as vibrant as you need. Spiritual bliss can be found in the shimmering violet and purple gemstones. Connected to the light of the crown chakra, these gems are for climbing higher.

What are your thoughts on purple crystals and do you have a favorite in the pack? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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