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Red Tiger’s Eye Meaning, Properties, & How To Use

red tigers eye


Gleaming like a dragon's eye, the Red Tigers Eye stone has long been a stone of protection and healing. As far back as Ancient Rome, this glorious gem was used by soldiers heading into battle in an effort to keep fear at bay and luck and fortune close to hand. It wasn’t only Roman soldiers who were wooed by the Red Tigers Eye, the ancient Egyptians also celebrated this gem as being a symbol of strength as it was believed to brim with the light and power of the Sun God Ra. With its deep red shades and bands of black, the Red Tigers Eye is here to share its passion, prowess and protection. 

If Red Tigers Eye doesn't rouse your interest, take a look at our healing guide to essential crystals and find the right stone for you.

Red Tiger’s Eye Meaning

Resplendent in energy and alive with passion, the Red Tigers Eye is a gemstone known for its rich vitality. For those who feel as though life has turned a little grey or become sluggish or slow, Red Tigers Eye is the perfect pick me up - ever ready to charge your passion, sensuality, creative drive and bring you back to a place of beautiful motivation and purpose. It is also a great crystal for helping manifest desires and magic. While it shares many of its healing qualities with the more familiar gold and banded black Tigers Eye, the depth of red in the gemstone turns up the dial when it comes to sensuality, motivation, and strengthening the root chakra. 

Red Tiger’s Eye Properties

Strength and protection sit at the heart of the Red Tigers Eye stone but that doesn’t mean that it shies away from other healing benefits too. Working across the body, mind, and soul - Red Tigers Eye comes with glorious grounding properties and serves as a tonic for tired minds. For those looking to reconnect with themselves, feel a flush of energy, and rekindle a creative mindset this could be just the gem for you. 

Physical Properties

Red Tigers Eye comes from the quartz family and scores a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. It hails from the warm sun-baked shores of South Africa, Namibia, and Brazil but can also be found in the USA, Canada, and India too. Rippled with red and black coloring, the Red Tigers Eye takes its shading from the oxidation of iron that is present within the crystal. It has a robust feel and weight to it, which is why its comforting presence is linked to themes of grounding and the root chakra.  

Metaphysical Properties

Energetically, Red Tigers Eye ensures that your roots are strong and sunken into the earth. When we have a strong connection with the ground beneath our feet, we are better equipped to stand tall, be confident, and know our own minds. This style of Tigers Eye is all about nurturing our balance and focus and helping us to recognize where our energy is best placed. This stone stops you from wasting time on things that don’t serve you and helps you to redirect your motivation where it is most needed. 

Healing with Red Tiger’s Eye

red tiger eye and iron tiger eye hearts

Red Tigers Eye is an incredible healing stone and can be used in many ways to align certain chakras, balance the body, sharpen the mind, and help you unpack and put away any emotional baggage you have been dragging around with you. Here, we take a look at exactly how Red Tigers Eye can heal.

Emotional Healing Properties

  • Boost mental clarity
  • Put your own needs first
  • Balance your yin and yang

When it comes to emotional healing, Red Tigers Eye is here to clean out the junk that has been weighing you down. This energizing and motivational gem reminds us not to bury our heads in the sand, but to approach our past wounds and lingering issues head-on. It encourages us to want to move on and to piece ourselves back together and it helps strengthen the skills we need to do just that. Red Tigers Eye also boosts mental clarity, granting us the focus we need to effectively and objectively solve problems. This grounding gem also reminds you to put yourself first, to feed your own needs, and balances your yin and yang energies so that you can step forward or sit back according to need. 

Physical Healing Properties

  • Get more energy
  • Speed up the recovery process
  • Boost your libido and sexual performance

Physically, Red Tigers Eye is here to give you a flush of energy and a bright burst of vitality. This voracious high vibrational stone not only helps your mind get strong but also encourages the body to get strong too. It can help those with anaemia and can speed up the recovery process for those who are healing after an illness. It also boosts bone and muscle strength, by ensuring healthy body tissue. Red Tigers Eye also soothes any stress-induced ailments like high blood pressure and encourages the body to fall into healthy and natural rhythms when it comes to things like digestion and metabolism. Red Tigers Eye is also a sensual stone that encourages you to tap into your innate pleasure senses. It can help iron out issues with libido and heightens sexual performance for deeper connections in the bedroom and beyond.

Red Tiger’s Eye Uses

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There are endless ways to welcome the life, light, and lore of the Red Tigers Eye. From using it to align the chakras, welcome wealth and strengthen health, not to mention calling on this gem to heal relationship issues and support your zodiac sign, here are all the ways in which Red Tigers Eye can be used to elevate your life.

Chakras and Red Tiger’s Eye

  • Linked to the root chakra
  • Builds solid foundations

The Red Tigers Eye is a root chakra stone. This gem is rich in earthly energy and is ever ready to encourage you to sink your roots down deep, build solid foundations, and stand strong no matter what. This is essential for your overall health and wellbeing. When we have a solid foundation in place, we are less likely to be blown off course and we keep our boundaries firm both energetically and spiritually. Without a strong root chakra, the energy flow can’t flow up to your other chakras. It can also have a positive impact on your solar plexus chakra and the Sacral chakra too - again helping with confidence and calling on your warrior spirit to shine.

Money and Red Tiger’s Eye

  • Gives clarity and confidence
  • Offers energy to get the job done

When it comes to wealth, luck, and abundance the Red Tigers Eye is certainly on your side. This gem is here to help you succeed, meaning that it will gift you the confidence, clarity, and motivation you need to get that steady stream of income flowing your way. Tuck the Red Tigers Eye into your pocket or purse to help manifest money magic. You can also place it in your workspace or your creative space so the stone's energy can encourage creativity and the focus needed to get the job done. 

Relationships and Red Tiger’s Eye

  • Boosts self-esteem 
  • Has a positive impact on sex drive

Splashed in the shades of love and romance and heightened sensuality, Red Tigers eye is also a tactile stone that is very much all about lifting your love life to dizzying new heights. For those who tend to feel disconnected from the body, shy in between the sheets, or just low in the self-esteem department, Red Tigers Eye can help you out. This gem instantly plants self-confidence seeds that can branch and grow and feed into how you see yourself. This has a positive knock-on effect when it comes to connecting with your partner on an emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual and sexual level too.

This gemstone can improve self-esteem and confidence, bringing more luck in love. As previously mentioned, it is also commonly used to heal sexual issues. In a relationship, it can help connect to the partner emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually.


Of all the Zodiac signs, Red Tigers Eye is best matched for the fiery energy of Leo. With its big motivational and passionate vibes, Red Tigers Eye can rekindle the spark sitting deep within the Leo sign. For Leos who feel like they are in a scattered place mentally, this stone will also bring you back to center and get you focused. 

How to Use Red Tiger’s Eye

various red tiger eye stones

There are so many ways to call on the potent healing energy of the Red Tigers Eye crystal. One of the best ways to make the most of its bold brightness and glorious grounding is to wear it in the form of jewelry. Red Tigers Eye jewelry will deepen your joy when you wear it directly against the skin. With direct skin contact, this stone can raise your vibrations to match its own high energy and can get to work cleansing the chakras and rooting out those emotional wounds. If you want to pair this stimulating stone with over gems, it also works well with Bloodstone, Moonstone, Amethyst, Carnelian, and Clear Quartz.

Here are some more ways to make the most of the Red Tigers Eye…

  • Hold your Red Tigers Eye tumbled stones in hand during meditation or spiritual practice
  • Place the stone on your root chakra to help clear any blockages
  • Carry it with you for constant protection 
  • Place it on your bedside table or beneath the mattress to boost your libido 
  • Have it on your desk or creative workspace to encourage focus
  • Stash it in your purse to welcome a healthy money flow

When to Cleanse Red Tiger’s Eye

As Red Tigers Eye is a protective stone and a dab hand at absorbing negative energy and helping you shift through old emotional issues, you want to keep it cleansed and charged on a regular basis. All stones need to be charged and cleansed (particularly after big healing sessions) so that they can stay at the top of their power game. You should cleanse your gem whenever intuition calls you.

How to Recharge Your Red Tiger’s Eye

If you feel like it’s time to cleanse and charge back up the fire stashed within your Red Tigers Eye you want to think about the best ways to do this. Fortunately, Red Tigers Eye is a hardy gem and scores a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. This means that while you certainly need to take loving care of your gemstone, you don’t need to worry too much about its fragile nature. Here are some ways in which you can cleanse your Red Tigers Eye stone.

  • Run it under tepid water for a quick discharge 
  • Leave it out overnight sitting in the light of the full moon
  • Soak it in a salt bath overnight or place it near a bowl of salt for a less invasive method
  • Bury it in earth or soil overnight (it loves earth energy)
  • Smudge the stone with your favorite incense or sage
  • Place it near quartz gemstones or selenite to boost its energy


Red Tigers Eye is an awesome stone for those who love the protective vibes of the Tiger Eye family. This version brings even more courage, passion, and glorious grounding thanks to those deep red shades. If you are craving focus, and motivation, and just want a little more sensuality and head and body connection in your life, then this healing crystal can bring all this and more into your heart and into your home.

What are your thoughts on the Red Tigers Eye? Do you feel more drawn to the cool hues of the Blue Tigers Eye or are you keeping it simple with the gold and black Tigers Eye?



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