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Raw Crystal Necklace

Raw Crystal Necklaces

If you’re looking for unaltered crystals, consider a raw crystal necklace. A raw crystal necklace features a natural, unpolished crystal strung onto a cord or chain. In other words, you’re getting the crystal in its original state.

Some spiritual healers believe that raw crystals have more energy because they are in their unaltered form. There are various raw crystal necklaces, each with unique healing benefits. Below is a look at some of them:

Raw Amethyst Crystal Necklace

This raw crystal necklace will bring harmony to your body, mind, and spirit. Amethyst can soothe the soul and help you find emotional balance. It can also boost your immune system and ward off diseases.

The power of amethyst is so profound that many people choose to adorn themselves with amethyst jewelry crystals or keep them in their spaces. They help ease migraines, anxiety, and tension while promoting peaceful sleep.

As one of the most intense crown and third eye chakra crystals, amethyst can elevate your consciousness to a higher level, sharpening your intuition and guiding you toward your true purpose.

Raw Aquamarine Crystal Necklace

The aquamarine is a mystical gemstone that emanates the essence of endless ocean tides. It can bring instant calm to your spirit and elevate you to a place of tranquility. It also energizes you to move forward.

This raw aquamarine crystal necklace is suitable for those seeking emotional balance, clarity in communication, self-awareness, and inner contemplation. In moments of change, an aquamarine acts as a beacon of inner resilience, guiding you to swim gracefully against the changing tide rather than sinking under the weight of fear and doubt.

Raw Ruby Crystal Necklace

This sacred gem brings abundant love, passion, and radiant health while also amplifying the knowledge and wealth in one’s life. It can also enhance energy levels and focus, fostering creativity and productivity and unleashing one’s full potential.

Moreover, the ruby gemstone is known for its protective properties. It shields the keeper’s home, wealth, and family from harm. This raw crystal also stimulates the heart chakra, guiding one to love, kindness, and compassion while imparting spiritual wisdom.

If you want a raw crystal pendant necklace, visit our crystal store today and browse our collection for options that speak best to you. You can also complement your necklace with other deep spiritual items such as zodiac bracelets and gemstone bracelets.


Is it good to wear crystal necklaces?

Yes, apart from their fashion element, crystals possess healing properties that benefit the mind, the body, and the spirit.

What does a crystal necklace do?

Crystal necklaces have divine power that works wonders in clearing energy blockages, inviting positive energy, and fostering holistic healing of the body, mind, and spirit. By wearing these necklaces, an individual can unlock a healthier and happier existence. They can uplift your spirit, reignite your soul, and impart profound physical and mental benefits. These shimmering gems will help you on your journey to inner harmony and spiritual enlightenment.

Want to learn more about crystal healing? Check out our in-depth crystal guide to discover various types of crystal necklaces and what they can do for your overall well-being.

How can you tell if jewelry is rock crystal?

One way to tell if the jewelry is rock crystal is by placing it next to a light source and looking for its refractive properties. Natural crystal rock will display a small rainbow when placed under light. Alternatively, you can use a gem tester to determine the hardness of the crystal.

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