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Violet Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits

amethyst pyramid

Higher thinking and spirituality comes into play whenever we think of the wonder of violet crystals. While darker purple jewels may whisper words of regality and indigo may carry shades of blue, violet is striking silver light and shimmering soft purple. These gems are connected to dreams, visions, and enhancing your relationship with psychic connections. Like many of the purple-hued stones, violet gemstones are intrinsically linked to the crown chakra – our highest chakra and the one that helps us take in all the messages the universe has to give.

Even beneath the banner of violet, there are several different shades and each with its own meaning. Dark violet calls on themes of enchantment, mysticism, destiny, and dreams. It can also be considered an amulet of good luck. Pale violet is imagination and adoration of loving the finer details in life. It’s about finding pleasure and calling a sense of luxury into practice. The shades of violet in-between are said to be the color of music and the shade of following intuition. It is also the color of nobility. All violet crystals are considered to be windows to the soul. These gems marry the energy of red with the gentle easy going hues of blue. They strike a balance from which you can explore your deeper self.

If you want to know more about the power of gemstones across a spectrum of shades, take a look at our healing crystal guide to essential gemstones.

Healing Properties of Violet Gemstones

puppy with purple flower 

From opening our crown chakra to helping heal migraines and enhance our understanding of dreams and directions, there’s a lot to love about the healing nature of violet stones. While violet gems bring balance and healing to the body, mind, and soul – they are huge players at helping up your spiritual sense of being. Tapping into your well of spirituality isn’t just about leaping higher and ascending from the here and now. It’s about the ability to stay grounded even when accessing higher plains and turning towards your innate knowledge and infinite wisdom so you can become your own guiding light.

Physical Healing

Violet stones have deep healing energy and most of that energy is centered around serenity and clarity. As many ailments can be a result of emotional turmoil, these violet stones do the work to clear your body of these stress factors. From saying farewell to headaches, migraines, and tight muscles to developing healthier sleep factors, and lowering your levels of stress and anxiety, this is exactly the help you want from violet gems.

Mental Healing

On an emotional level, these violet gems really do bring their soft silver light to chase away the shadows. Violet gems are all about softer approaches to life, deep inner work, and connecting to our spirit guides. When we can move out of the shadows of stress, anxiety, depression, and holding onto emotional baggage, we are better equipped to handle changes, to stay strong, and to be truly clear about our desires and what we want from life. Violet gems bring clarity, peace, and the promise to be true to ourselves which seeps into every decision we make.

Spiritual Healing

This is where violet gems really shine. Laced with spiritual power, violet stones can clear any blockages from our third eye and can open our crown chakra so we can leap towards higher plains. From deep dreamwork to vision quests, manifesting magic, glimpsing our spirit guides, and generally just living on a deeper level, these gems help to bring out the white witch in you.

The Most Important Purple Crystals

From amazing Amethyst to shamanic Sugilite, we take a look at some of our favorite purple and violet crystals that are sure to enrich your life…


amethyst bead bracelet

One of the most well known and beloved violet-hued crystals, Amethyst does vary in its shades of purple and can be everything from wine colored to silvery violet and even tinged with pink. This is one of the most serene gemstones out there. Amethyst brings serenity, softness, and spirituality to all who keep it close. As a crown chakra gem, Amethyst opens you up to bigger thinking, psychic connections, and keeping you in touch with the universe. This stone can also help ease tension headaches, encourage decent sleep, and keeps the mind on a clear path and free from tumbling into confusion. Find out more about the meaning of Amethyst.


Purple Tanzanite

 purple tanzanite

Shades of deep violet-blue are caught in the shimmer of Tanzanite. This precious gem may be a more modern crystal than some of its sisters, but that doesn’t mean it is any less potent in its power. Tanzanite is a divine stone that invites you to access your wisdom and always make decisions based on a sense of integrity. It helps you to call on clairvoyant energies and to strengthen those psychic connections in a way that isn’t overwhelming. Tanzanite is all about keeping you out of overwhelm which means it's also an excellent tonic for the nervous system too.


Purple Iolite

 iolite stone

A stone of inner vision, Purple Iolite is all about helping you find your way. This gem was also nicknamed the Viking’s compass as it believed to be a gem that helped ancient explorers to find their way. Whether on your own vision quest here on earth or when it comes to higher thinking, Purple Iolite supports everything from gentle inner wisdom work to full flung astral travel. Purple Iolite is also known for helping soothe migraines, support good sleep, and can fend off fevers and help the body heal. Find out more about the meaning of Iolite.


Violet Charoite

 charoite stone

Vivacious Violet Charoite delivers a divine dose of inspiration. This colorful purple gem is the very essence of empathy and it brings that loving thoughtful energy to help you to move into a place of gorgeous giving. Lightworkers especially fall hard for the harmonic love of the Charoite stone as it gives them exactly what they need so they can pass on those precious healing vibes. For those who want to align with the greater good, Violet Charoite is a surefire stone to give you that spiritual strength.


Lilac Lepidolite

 lilac lepidolite

Lilac Lepidolite shares many of the same healing abilities as Lepidolite but puts empathy on its ability to encourage analytical thinking and recognizing patterns. It encourages connection with the spirit and activation of the throat, third eye, and crown chakras, it can bring deeper awareness both on a conscious and a cosmic level. This sense of harmony and balance also helps us to feel more stable and secure in life which is an essential part of the grounding process when it comes to crown chakra opening. Find out more about the meaning of Lepidolite.



sugilte stone

Darker violet hues come laced with shamanic vibes with the healing stone of Sugilite. This stone is energy inch the psychic connector and doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to encouraging you to tap into those higher vibrations and unseen connections. It helps us to understand that part of our spiritual journey may mean calling into practice love, forgiveness (where possible), and finding our thread of wisdom.


Purple Fluorite

Pretty Purple Fluorite is all about the flow. This gentle lilac splashed gem is all about clearing out those higher chakras so you get a beam of energy running straight through your heart, throat, and crown as it connects you to the universe. With Purple Fluorite we can raise our vibrations and nurture creative energy, dreamwork, and vision practices to get straight to the center of what we need. Find out more about the meaning of Fluorite.



lepidolite stone

Lilac Lepidolite is all shades of violet purple and silver as soft as the sky after a summer storm. This cool-headed stone shares that vibe – the feeling of having all that tension and electric energy washed out to make space for softer things. For those who fear the storms of change, this stone can guide you through all while keeping you stable, centered, and free from toxicity. Lepidolite is lush at mopping up electromagnetic stress factors, not only does it keep your internal space clear but it also ensures your external air is EMF free too. Find out more about the meaning of Lepidolite.



purpurite stone

Taking its name from the word for purple, the lovely violet stone of Purpurite is all about encouraging you to own your truth. Stimulating strong spiritual energy, Purpurite helps to put us in touch with our deepest sense of self. When we connect to our core being, we can think clearly, express ourselves with ease, and feel a renewed sense of freedom. This gem is rich in violet flame energy which brings peacefulness and serenity with it. For those who feel as though stress and anxiety are holding them back from their highest sense of self, Purpurite can pave the way.


Grape Agate

grape agate stone

Mature magic meets security and self-confidence in the deep purple and violet hues of the Grape Agate. This form of Agate is serenely sedative, it brings instant calm and soothing to tattered souls and grants you the grown-up energy you sometimes need to take distance and thought from something. It is considered to be a stone of expansion – both internally and externally. For those who want to grow and remove all kinds of mental blocks, Grape Agate has got you. Find out more about the meaning of Grape Agate.



kunzite stone

Calm and steady, the Kunzite crystal is all about nurturing good energy and helping you to unshackle from fearful thinking. This stone is so sweet it’s also known as the mother stone as its very presence can be exactly what you need to sleep easy and shut out troublesome thoughts. It’s also a stone that keeps the mind clear and ensures that your choices and actions come from a place of loving healthy energy. Find out more about the meaning of Kunzite.




Bring power to your psychic gifts, boost your immune system, and come back from the brink of burnout as you say yes to all that healing energy that Smithsonite can give. While Smithsonite comes in many shades, we love the purple and pinkish violet hues that promise higher heart healing and the ability to let go of stress. This gem also stimulates the third eye and the crown too. Forever rousing your joy and extending a hand to your inner child, Smithsonite brings goddess energy, harmonious healing, and is an excellent tool for your meditative practice.

Other Gemstones to Use in Combination

Violet gems are super-rich in energy but that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautifully balanced by the inclusion of other crystals too. Violet crystals have big healing powers and they work wonders when matched with Rainbow Moonstone as this gem is full to the brim with nurturing feminine goddess energy and the power of insight. You can also blend violet stones with Tourmaline (especially purple tourmaline) to bring grounding and to back up the sense of learning to let go of attachments. Blue Topaz is another good match for violet crystals as it also symbolizes letting go of dead weight and finding honesty within yourself. Some violet stones for example the Amethyst crystal is also a February birthstone.

How to Use Violet Crystals

lepidolite worry stone

There are many ways to soak in the sheer spirited bliss of violet crystals but the best way is to wear your gemstone close to the skin. When healing crystals have direct contact with the skin they are able to raise your vibrations, shake out blockages in the chakras, protect your auric space, and send healing exactly where it is needed. Wearing violet gems also helps you to live in the light of intention. You are sending a message to the universe at all times that you are ready for the rare gifts you are set to receive.

You can also use violet crystals in feng shui practice, reiki healing, or keep it close in proximity when working with any psychic gifts you have to strengthen that connection.


Violet crystals are for those who want to stand in the light of dreams, visions, magic, and intuition. The harmonic blend of imaginative living, divine inspiration, and wisdom is a truly full-hearted approach to a life well-lived. Violet is softer in energy than your usual deep purple crystal, it is temperate and a talisman for focusing on our feelings and weaving those feelings into dream fulfilment. For the wild and free heart that wants to leap higher, Violet crystals are your calling.


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