The Top 12 Crystals For Plants In The Garden & Home


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The Top 12 Crystals For Plants In The Garden & Home

 illustration of woman lounging in a hammock on a plant

Whether a green-thumbed goddess or a first timer in the plant nurturer world, growing life from seed or just keeping a garden flourishing can be a truly rewarding experience. A glut of greenery can bring so much pleasure to our lives; from cleaning the air we breathe to lending a Zen-like harmony and tactile grace, gardening has been known to be truly soul-soothing. But it can also be super frustrating when your plants don’t thrive. Wilted leaves, low vibrations, and stunted growth – all of these side effects could be energy blocks as plants work on earthly energy too.

Crystals for plants can be your miracle grow when it comes to raising vibrations and boosting the vibrancy of your garden. Crystals are born from the earth; they have been here for thousands of years and they are true holistic healers. It’s not just humans who benefit from aura cleansing and the great balancing act, the natural world loves it too.

The Best Healing Crystals for Houseplants & the Garden 

woman with gemstone bracelet picking flower

Wild wonders are waiting for you when you harness the healing powers of gemstones and gardening. From purifying soil to bringing nurturing love and environmental protection, these are the best crystals to perfect your plant life.

Green Calcite for an energy boost

Clear Quartz for high vibrations and fertile soil

Rose Quartz for positive loving power

Citrine for vitamin D and good vibrations

Amethyst for plant purity

Tigers Eye for protection and abundance

Pyrite for stamina and clarity

Tourmaline for nursing sick plants back to health

Malachite for protecting against EMF’s

Moonstone for deep roots and balance

Moss Agate for earthly energy

Green Aventurine for growth and vitality

1) Green Calcite 

green calcite for plants

What it looks like: A pop of pretty bright green and a smooth polished surface

What it does: Bringing beautiful nourishment and endless energy when needed, Green Calcite is a brilliant booster for all kinds of life. Find out more about the meaning of Calcite.

When to use it: When your plants are looking a little feeble, Green Calcite can bring radiance and shine.


2) Clear Quartz 

 Clear Quartz for Plants

What it looks like: As fresh and clear as a spring dewdrop

What it does: The master healer, Clear Quartz crystals are all about amplification. This gem can take a smidge of positive power and turn the dial right up. It has a divine frequency that promotes all kinds of healthy growth and can even bring a delirious dose of fertility to the soil. Find out more about the meaning of Clear Quartz.

When to use it: Place Clear Quartz close to your plants or rest on the soil so it can infuse the earth with its frequency and bring a vibrant growth boost too.


3) Rose Quartz 

 rose quartz for garden

What it looks like: Like the palest pink flower bud promising to bloom

What it does: All life needs a dose of love to thrive and Rose Quartz brings that beautiful loving energy and gentle nurturing to help seeds sprout, leaves turn velvet green, and encourage flowers to peel back their petals. It’s also a great gem to use when growing edibles as it infuses your food with positive energy. Find out more about the meaning of Rose Quartz.

When to use it: Place Rose Quartz in any pot or rest on the soil to bring positive vibrations and loving power to all plant life.


4) Citrine 

citrine for garden

What it looks like: A sun slanted ray of summer warmth

What it does: A high energy dose of vitamin D is what any plant needs to stretch out its leaves and thrive. Citrine is all warm and clean energy that can shine down on your garden and fill it with joy. Citrine is also known as the merchants stone thanks to its magnetic vibes and for bringing in abundance. If you want a protective solar stone that hums with good vibrations, Citrine is the one. Find out more about the meaning of Citrine.

When to use it: Place in containers or beds to always have a stash of sunny energy. Plants love positive power so keep them beaming in the presence of Citrine.


5) Amethyst 

 amethyst for garden

What it looks like: Vibrant in purple hues like the sky washed out from a storm

What it does: Cosmic vibes meet sheer serenity in the Amethyst stone making it a must for anyone looking to cultivate life. Amethyst is all healing vibes and light meaning that it can help your garden grow with all the protective energies of purity, protection, and peace. For those wanting a dose of Zen to be a part of their green-thumbed world, this gem is the one. Find out more about the meaning of Amethyst.

When to use it: For those who want to take the stress out of gardening and want to tune into the spiritual side, Amethyst can be worn when digging in. You can also keep Amethyst in the company of your plants to encourage more purity in earth, stem, and root.


6) Tigers Eye 

Tigers Eye for Plants

What it looks like: Banded black, orange, and gold

What it does: A stone of sublime courage and strength, Tigers Eye is all about encouraging your garden to root down deep. Tigers Eye also has big protector energy meaning that it can keep your plant babies safe from all shades of harm – environmental, spiritual, or otherwise. With healthy energy and lots of safety measures in place, Tigers Eye also invites abundance meaning an amazing harvest could be on the cards. Find out more about the meaning of Tigers Eye.

When to use it: Tigers Eye works as a protective amulet for all plants but can be particularly useful for those growing veggies who want to reap what they sow. Stash it in among your plants and let this root chakra gem get to work.


7) Pyrite 

Pyrite for garden

What it looks like: Glittering like gold

What it does: Soaked to the bone in iron, Pyrite is a gem of gorgeous strength. For those who want to infuse their garden with the energy of wealth and wonder, Pyrite is full to the brim with energetic vibes and helps to provide a shield from all kinds of negativity. It also encourages physical stamina and clarity, helping your garden to hone in on what’s important. Find out more about the meaning of Pyrite.

When to use it: Choose Pyrite when your garden is looking a little down and out and you can't seem to stoke the right energy. Wilting, drooping, and slow growth can all be turned around thanks to the power of Pyrite.


8) Tourmaline 

Tourmaline for gardens

What it looks like: A rainbow gleaming against a wrung out the sky

What it does: True and tested, Tourmaline brims with bright energy and is ever ready to help your plants pick themselves up. This gem is especially useful to plants that are sick or stressed out as it can bring them back to stable health. Find out more about the meaning of Tourmaline.

When to use it: If you have a plant that isn’t faring well, place Tourmaline in the pot with it and let the light healing vibes pull it out of an energetic slump.


9) Malachite 

 Malachite for plants

What it looks like: Swirls of black against green like a veined leaf

What it does: Keep your plants free from the side effects of EMFs so they can flourish in a healthy environment. Malachite also brings shades of strength and determination meaning that leaves and roots can thrive even after a weak start. Find out more about the meaning of Malachite.

When to use it: Place Malachite on top of the soil or close to your garden so it can form a protective barrier and keep your plant life safe from any electromagnetic smog side effects including slow growth and wilting.


10) Moonstone 

Moonstone for plants

What it looks like: As bright and pearly as our guiding beacon in the sky

What it does: A feminine stone that brings nurturing love and encourages adaptation to cyclical changes, Moonstone is one of the most natural sources of energy we have. From pulling the tides to encouraging regeneration and growth, this gem is all about harmonizing frequencies so life can rest and thrive. Find out more about the meaning of Moonstone.

When to use it: Keep Moonstone in your garden particularly when you are aiming to encourage plants to dig their roots down deep. Deep roots and the balance of when to rest and when to rise will ensure your plants regenerate and bloom with beautiful health. 


11) Moss Agate 

Moss Agate for Plants

What it looks like: Mossy greens invite you to sink down and be soothed

What it does: A gem of health and wellbeing, Moss Agate is endless mother nature vibes. Swirled in greens, there’s so much earthly energy to behold in this beautiful stone. Moss Agate is a balancing act and also brings harmony and grounding – earning it the nickname of the gardeners stone for good reason. Find out more about the meaning of Green Aventurine

When to use it: Get in sync with the energy of the earth as you invite Moss Agate to play in your garden. This gem is as green-thumbed as it gets, so wear it to invoke that natural energy or place it in your garden soil, among the herbs, or stashed in with your plants and flowers for fragrant success.


12) Green Aventurine 

Green Aventurine for Plants

What it looks like: Velvet greens whisper of long walks beneath the canopy

What it does: All the colors of earthly goodness are captured in Green Aventurine. Swirled in the same shades of grass, leaf, and tree, this stone also brings cool-headed power and wood energy too. All these things add up to growth, expansion, and vitality. A truly epic formula for life to thrive. Find out more about Green Aventurine.

When to use it: Place Green Aventurine wherever you want to bring your blooms to life. From succulent pot to flowerbed or even just wear it on your wrist when digging in the dirt, that energy will transfer in an instant.

Using Gemstones for Your Plants

moss agate tumbled stone set

Whether you want to pop a crystal into your plant pot, flower vase, herb garden or place it on the soil, just having their healing vibrations close can help your plant to live its best life. You can also wear gemstone jewelry when gardening to help your hand's channel healing energy into root and soil too. Depending on which kind of crystal you choose, you can put the stone in water to make an elixir and use that water in your garden for an instant dose of delicious energy.

What crystals do you turn to when gardening or which healing stones are drawing you in? Share with us in the comments.


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