Kunzite Crystal Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses


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Kunzite Crystal Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

Kunzite Stone


  • Meaning: Kunzite, a naturally pale pink stone, is associated with love and devotion, often symbolizing divine love and the light of being.
  • Healing Properties: Drenched in feminine energy, Kunzite is renowned for clearing emotional blockages, particularly related to the heart, and promotes inner peace, self-love, and harmony.
  • Protection: As a potent negative energy cleanser, Kunzite connects to the heart chakra, fostering trust and love, while also linking to the crown chakra for spiritual growth.
  • Usage: Kunzite can be worn as jewelry, placed in homes for Feng Shui practices to infuse spaces with calmness and love, or paired with other soft pink stones like Morganite and Rose Quartz.
  • Care: To maintain its energy, Kunzite should be gently cleansed with warm soapy water, charged under a full moon, and kept away from direct sunlight to prevent color fading.

What is Kunzite?

Kunzite is a glassy stone that is naturally pale pink in color. It can also be found in colorless form and in lilac and yellowish green varieties. It forms in a naturally flat shape with vertical striations. The colorless version is also known as Spodumene. The pink style of Kunzite associated with the meaning of love and devotion.


Expand Loving Thoughts

As pale as the pink clouds leaving their fingerprints smeared across the morning sky, Kunzite is soaked in sublime love and the divine light of being. While its gentle nature and feminine color scheme may seem whimsical, Kunzite is one of the strongest crystals in the pack for sweeping away any kind of dark feelings of doom and gloom. Dressed in divine love, Kunzite comes to us in many shades – it can be colorless or it can be soft and shimmering in shades of pink and lilac or even soft lemon yellow and green. The green and yellow versions of Kunzite are sometimes referred to as Hiddenite. Yet, it is the rosy-hued variety we first think of when we hear the name Kunzite.

Taking its name from the mineralogist and jeweler George Frederick Kunz, he first found and catalogued the loving stone back in 1902. Before it was called Kunzite, the stone was born under the banner of another name - a crystal family called Spodumene. The word comes from the Ancient Greek which translates roughly to ‘burnt to ashes’ most probably in homage to its silvery pink coloring. Made up from lithium, aluminum, and silicate, the stone has a moderately hard finish measuring a 6-1/2 on the Mohs scale. While young in age, Kunzite is steadily growing its gorgeous reputation and has been mined in every corner of the earth, from the USA to the cracked vanilla shores of Madagascar, the carnival spirit lands of Brazil, and the dreamy deserts of Afghanistan.

Kunzite is one of the most calming stones imaginable. One glance at its soft shimmer is enough to lower your heart pressure, tie together torn nerves, and fill the heart and soul with the full promise of divine love. This is a crystal that is here to remind us that despite times of hardship and trouble, nothing can’t be overcome and our greatest strength comes from having a trusting and open heart. If you want to know more about the intimate connection that Kunzite can build then keep on reading.

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Healing Properties of Kunzite

kunzite bracelet

Kunzite is doused in feminine energy and so many high vibrations it positively hums. It’s a stone known for being incredibly effective at clearing emotional blockages, especially when it comes to the heart. Anyone who is struggling to adjust to changes in life or those who are suffering the blow of a new separation or any situation that has caused them to become stuck in low vibrations, by calling on the power of the Kunzite Stone you can clear those traumas away and make space for inner peace, self-love, health, and harmony to shine.

Physical Healing Properties

Being a heart connector stone it comes as no surprise that Kunzite shines a light on all heart and circulatory matters. As a body healer, Kunzite works her magic on the whole circulatory system, keeping the breath in beautiful flow and ensuring the heart muscles are warm and strong. Along with uplifting the heart, Kunzite is also a great stone to have on side for those who are going through puberty. Thanks to those strong feminine vibes, this stone helps with symptoms of PMS and reduces reproductive centric problems. Kunzite also brings its soft and healing vibes to help ease migraines and recover from the signs of physical stress.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Bringing the cool soothing touch to hot heads and high emotions is what Kunzite does best. For those who tend to go into emotional shutdown mode, Kunzite is here to tempt you back out of your shell. The gentle energy is ripe with unconditional love and lashings of self-compassion. If you struggle with nurturing deep connections, if you feel that your trust is shot and your heart locked away in a tightly bound box, then let the high vibrations of Kunzite seep right in and peel that box right open. Pale pink and as sweet as can be, Kunzite inspires tolerance, willingness, being receptive to all the opportunities that come your way, garnering higher levels of empathy, and feeling free and easy in your expression. It does all this without letting you lose respect for your boundaries. Kunzite understands that while boundaries are important, they shouldn’t be hemming you in.

Metaphysical Properties

Kunzite is an incredible cleanser of negative energy. It swoops right in and cleans house, ensuring that the cobwebs of mistrust and bad memories are swept away and you are left with a space that you feel is safe and sound for nurturing your own emotional and spiritual growth. Unsurprisingly, Kunzite is a heart chakra connector. Our heart chakra is the place of our trust and love and our ability to give and to be open to receiving in this world. When our heart chakra is blocked it can make us emotionally unavailable and locked down. If we can remove that block then beautiful energy can flow and we can give and take love freely without the risk of becoming stuck in negative repercussions.

Kunzite also connects to the crown chakra, our gateway to the higher plains of the universe and our source of spirituality. When our heart and crown chakras are open, we prime ourselves into becoming a ripe vessel for all the magic, divine light, and guidance the world has to bestow upon us.

Zodiac Birthstone

Passionate and persistent, the gentle energy of Kunzite can swoop in to set those hot-headed Scorpios back on track. Scorpios have a ton of positive qualities, they are fiercely loyal, stoic, and have a streak of independence that simply cannot be matched. Kunzite can help to soften the harder edges of the Scorpio star sign. With a wealth of intense feelings, Kunzite nudges Scorpios into a place where they can regulate those wave of emotions without feeling like they are drowning. The Kunzite will also help heal those connections with others that may have been stretched.

Taurus too, also benefit beautifully from being in flux with the Kunzite stone. Taureans are known for also being determined and stoic in their approach and just like with Scorpio star sign, Kunzite trickles in to keep Taureans a little softer than their normal stubborn nature allows. With a lavish love of luxury and comfort, Taureans have every chance to live a rich, warm, and full life – the Kunzite crystal takes this thread out of the material world and pins it down in the emotional sense.

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How to Use Kunzite

Kunzite and other gemstones for throat chakra

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For those craving emotional healing, an open-hearted approach to life, and to slough away those hard edges to something a little softer, you need to bring the gentle pink energy of Kunzite into your life. Thanks to its pretty color scheme and ashen light, Pink Kunzite makes a remarkable stone when set in gemstone jewelry. For those who prefer feng shui magic, you can also find a tumbled stone or piece of Kunzite quartz to adorn an altar or sacred space in your home. Kunzite loves to share its light and energy with other soft pink stones like MorganiteRhodonite, and Rose Quartz.

Home & Office 

Welcome Kunzite into your world and weave it into your Feng Shui practice. As soft and flowing as morning sunlight on water, the radiant energy of Kunzite brings good vibes only. For those spaces in your home that you want to infuse with a sense of calmness and love, Kunzite makes for an amazing addition. The energy of Kunzite is super helpful in family situations or in spaces where there may be tension with roommates or lovers. This ebb and flow stone encourages gentle conversation, a meditative state, heightened empathy, and thoughts of trust that provide a strong foundation to any nurturing dynamic.


One of the best ways to celebrate the rich compassion of Kunzite is to wear it in jewelry form. As mentioned, Kunzite is one of the pretty crystals with its lullaby-like color scheme and muted tone. Having Kunzite jewelry pressed directly against the skin also opens you right up to all those high healing vibrations without any form of obstacle in place. When paired with other healing crystals it can also help to illuminate their power as it’s a stone that leaves lots of space for everyone to breathe. This is the reason why Kunzite is often found in targeted energy packs like the throat chakra pack. When paired with the light of Lapis, the flowing energy of Aquamarine, and the calming influence of Blue Lace Agate, you have a whole host of healing crystals that are here to help you unflinchingly own your truth and step out into the light.

As mentioned Kunzite loves to hang out with other pale or even bright pink stones like Pink Tourmaline, but it also radiates in the space of other heart chakra stones and stones that come soaked in sublime mystical quality. As mentioned, Kunzite makes for an amazing partner for the gentle joys of Blue Lace Agate. It also matches the mysticism of the third eye stone of Lapis Lazuli and Lepidolite or the old faithful of Amethyst. For those who are still a little wary of opening their hearts, pair Kunzite with the protective powers of Obsidian. If you want to raise the temperature on your heart and weave in a little passion you could also pair it with Garnet.

How to Cleanse Your Gemstone

Kunzite gemstones in shape of a heart

As with all healing stones it’s important to keep your Kunzite stone cleansed and charged so it can happily hum away and get to work on clearing out those old blocks. Kunzite is a gentle delicate stone and it doesn’t like to be scrubbed too hard. Make sure that when keeping your Kunzite cleansed you use warm (not hot) soapy water and an incredibly soft brush or cloth. Running it under water every couple of weeks will help to discharge any clogged-up energy and keep your stone bathed in the light of sublime power and strength. Charge up your Kunzite stone by placing it under a full moon and letting those feminine vibes get to work infusing your Kunzite stone with ripe cosmic energy. Try and keep your Kunzite out of direct sunlight as this may only lead to the color of your Kunzite fading. If you don’t want to wait for the full moon you can also bury Kunzite in a pot of nutrient-rich soil and let the earthly delight wash over it.

Geological Properties

Kunzite Rock Properties
Chemical Classification Silicate
Chemical Formula LiAlSi2O6
Crystal System Monoclinic
Color Pink to lilac
Streak White
Luster Vitreous
Transparency Transparent to translucent
Occurrence Primarily in lithium-rich pegmatites, also in granite and mica schist
Formation Forms at high temperatures and pressures in pegmatites, as well as from hydrothermal alteration of lithium-rich minerals
Diaphaneity Transparent to translucent
Cleavage Perfect on {010}
Mohs Hardness 6.5-7
Specific Gravity 3.15-3.22
Diagnostic Properties Pink to lilac color, can show pleochroism, vitreous luster, and perfect cleavage
Chemical Composition LiAlSi2O6
Crystal System Monoclinic
Optical Properties Biaxial positive
Refractive Index nα = 1.660 - 1.676, nβ = 1.662 - 1.678, nγ = 1.669 - 1.685
Birefringence δ = 0.009 - 0.010
2V angle Measured: 60° to 70°
Dispersion 0.017
Other Characteristics May fade when exposed to sunlight or heat, fluorescent under long and short UV light

Final Thoughts on Kunzite

For all those who are ready to open their heart, embrace inner calm, and walk untouched through the chaos and noise, Kunzite is exactly the stone to lead you down that pathway to peace. We all know that life can be tough and over time we tend to build up barriers and walls in the name of protecting our scared hearts. But these barriers can also lock out opportunity, trust, and all the beautiful things that make us human. With Kunzite you can get to work on breaking down those walls and putting yourself back in a place of wonder – where trust and wisdom go hand in hand. With Kunzite you can cut down on the fear of being hurt and you can fill your heart with the light of universal love and the luxury of gentle compassion. Kunzite calls on us to step from the shadows of fear and learn to trust the world we inhabit, when we have the grace and bravery to do this – just about anything becomes possible.

What are your thoughts on Kunzite? Are you wooed by its gentle feminine nature? Share your thoughts on the calming stone with us in the comments.


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