We love spirituality that can be slipped upon the finger or the wrist which is why our gemstone bracelets and healing rings bring us such joy. Now, you can call in the power of crystal healing in a way that goes beyond spiritual jewelry as we invite you to explore our awesome accessories range.

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Pick a Piece That Calls to You

Healing can come to us in a thousand different ways and is totally unique to each and every one of us. We invite you to find your own tiny ritual and to pick the piece that calls your name and lights a fire within your soul. Whether you want a worry stone or palm stone to bring you peace in meditation or if you are looking for a crystal pyramid to point you to the cosmos, a copper cube to conduct clear intention, or a chakra heart to open up your seven energy points, you can find all this and so much more in our gorgeous accessories range. We also have delightful deities, intricate icons, and awesome amulets to accompany you on your journey.

For Your Purse or Altar

Each piece comes with its own potent power and set of healing traits that can help you to tap into your own well of wonder. For centuries, crystals, healing stones, and certain precious metals have been called upon to cleanse the chakras, amplify intention, and to raise our own vibrations until we are in touch with the universe. You can look to our Lord Ganesha crystal carvings, Orgone Discs, and precious stone pocket pleasures to be stashed in your purse or placed upon an altar.

Gifts That Keep on Giving

Carry unstoppable energy with you wherever you go, find gifts that keep on giving, and learn how to harness the raw power of your whole and wonderful wild being as you say a heartfelt yes to good intentions and accessories to fall in love with.

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