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Serpentine Crystals

Serpentine Crystals

Do you feel fed up with your life and dream of starting over? If so, Serpentine crystals might be a good companion on your journey. This crystal represents rebirth, changing for the better, and healing in general. It will help you clear your mind and embrace your dream future.

Type of Serpentine Crystals

This precious stone was first found in ancient Egypt and Persia. Back then, people believed it would protect them from snakebites.

Today, we associate the stone with healing, meditating, starting over, and dealing with worry and anxiety. Hence, Serpentine stones are often referred to as “worry stones.”

There are different varieties of Serpentine stones, distinguished mainly by color and the location where they’re found. Here’re some of the varieties, as they’re quite numerous:

  • Antigorite

This yellowish-green stone can be found on all seven continents.

  • Bowenite

With the hardest structure of all varieties, this stone can be found in the U.S., China, Afghanistan, South Africa, and New Zealand. It’s see-through and comes in a few varieties of green.

  • Williamsite

Translucent and a distinctive green color, this stone can be found in the U.S.

  • Lizardite

This one can be found the most frequently. Lizardite has a smooth surface and is characterized by a green color.

· Atlantisite

This one is mixed with purple stichtite. Atlantisite is a yellow-green serpentine, with pink and purple spots.

  • Ricolite

This one can be found in Mexico. It’s made of combining talc and serpentine. A ricolite is a deep green variety of serpentine stones, with pale green banding.

Every gemstone in nature has its distinctive features. If you want to learn more, check out this crystal guide.


What is the serpentine crystal used for?

They’re used for generating fresh energy into your life. The stone will help you leave bad energy behind and let go of worries. It can be worn in crystal bracelets, or kept in the shape of a cube or sphere.

Is serpentine safe to wear?

The answer is yes. There’s a myth that these stones aren’t supposed to be worn as jewelry, due to asbestos which can be found in them. Keep in mind that asbestos is only dangerous when it’s in powder form. Since this is clearly not the case with serpentine crystals, you can continue wearing your jewelry carefree.

What is serpentine stone?

A serpentine stone is a mineral gemstone found in nature. It’s formed in the process of serpentinization. This means that a stone goes through oxidation because of heat and water at a very low temperature. The process will leave the stone looking like a snake’s skin. The name refers to its slippery surface. Its appearance often gets it mixed up with jade.

Is serpentine a rare stone?

The answer is no. This stone can be found all around the world. But just because it’s not rare, doesn’t mean it won’t serve its purpose in your life. Plus the fact that it’s so widely available will enable a lot of people to enjoy its powers.

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