Blue Obsidian Meaning: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits


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Blue Obsidian Meaning: Physical, Mental, & Spiritual Benefits

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Blue Obsidian is a silica-rich volcanic rock with an appearance like glass. Blue Obsidian in its natural form is rare which is why many stones on the market are man-made. It has a similar chemical composition to Rhyolite and is formed when lava cools quickly and when the environment is low in water and high in silica. Blue Obsidian meaning is communication and grounding. 

We have spent some time mining all the information and inspiration out there to find out exactly what it is that Blue Obsidian has to offer. We found that for those wanting to root down, speak up, and travel deep within, this gem could be the spirit guide to lead you there. We explore everything you need to know about Blue Obsidian including:

  • The healing properties of Blue Obsidian
  • The zodiac birthstone of Blue Obsidian
  • How to use Blue Obsidian
  • How to cleanse Blue Obsidian

Blue Obsidian shimmers with all the softness of water and the spirit of air. It shares similar protective properties to the jet-black style of classic Obsidian, but it brings out a different kind of power bubbling to the surface. If Blue Obsidian doesn’t woo you, take a look at our healing crystal guide to essential gemstones and find a crystal that calls your name. 

The Gemstone of Rooted Communication 

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While many crystal lovers are familiar with the inky black volcanic glass of Obsidian, we may not be as familiar with the other colored shades of this mineral and Blue Obsidian is one. Perhaps this is because it’s a rarer form due to requiring a perfect storm of chemicals and conditions to form. Still, it's a fascinating stone - made even more so enchanting because of its rarity. It is born in a range of blue shades - from soft and cool limpid pools of color to electrifying high energy. It captures the eye and the imagination in a different way to Black Obsidian or Green Obsidian. 

Beautiful in blue, the Blue Obsidian is also born from the fiery raw energy of the world's volcanoes. Whereas Black Obsidian seems ripe with that deep dark power, the blue kind brings a gentle quality that is no less powerful when it comes to kicking out negative energy. Blue Obsidian is formed in a similar way to Black and Green Obsidian as a by-product from cooling lava. It’s the presence of impurities from iron and magnesium that give Obsidian its darker hues. But what makes this blue version of natural volcanic glass so insanely rare is that it needs trapped gas bubbles to be there at the time of cooling too. Because Blue Obsidian is so rare it is often manmade through a smelting process.

When deposits of Blue Obsidian are mined and uncovered in the earth, they don’t last long and stores quickly get depleted as it's such a unique opportunity to own a true piece of naturally sourced Blue Obsidian. Blue Obsidian is poetry in motion and it's a stone blessed with big healing properties. It encourages reflection and expression and is a beacon that helps us to find our way.

Healing Properties 

woman wearing gemstone bracelets holding neck

Blue Obsidian has a unique energy that radiates cool-headed clarity, a sense of calmness, and the splendor of grounded and courageous communication. It’s a look before you leap kind of stone, and we love it for that. The softly shimmering shades of blue bring cleansing energy and its glassy countenance is symbolic for those who may need to look deep inside and discover the truths that sit beneath the surface. It invites you to empower yourself by unraveling the knots of uncertainty and learning to embrace your authentic self. 


Blue Obsidian is all about neutralizing and balancing which is why it's so good at encouraging communication and grounding. This also works when it comes to the body as it invites your whole system to chill out, strengthen, and stay solid in ticking over. Blue Obsidian is said to help with disorders like schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s. It also encourages healing in the digestive system and can help with throat pain and problems too.

Mental & Emotional Healing 

One of the major strengths of Blue Obsidian comes in its ability to help with communication skills. It encourages you to never shy away from owning your truth and expressing who you are. As the modern world can sometimes make us feel locked into imposter syndrome or as though we don’t have space to speak, this is a hugely valuable healing element from this rare and precious gem. Blue Obsidian not only gifts our voice fluidity and infuses us with this confidence to speak, but it also gets us to work on grounding too. When grounded, we are able to look critically at a situation rather than getting swept along with the emotions. Blue Obsidian brings balance, belief in our own being, and helps us to find our true purpose here on this planet.

Metaphysical Properties 

Blue Obsidian works on both the root chakra and the throat chakra helping to ground you in and to speak your truth. Both are essential tools in living a full and brighter life. Without our root chakra being clear, we may struggle to feel safe and stable in this world - which will also have a knock-on effect when it comes to speaking out, feeling heard, and having confidence in our own voice.

The throat chakra is another essential energy point for rising up in our own power. By swallowing our voice, we may struggle to get our needs met and we may stifle our sense of strength and validity. An open throat chakra also means that we are better equipped to connect with people on a deeper level as it's how we communicate with those around us. Even beyond these chakras, Blue Obsidian can lead us even further into psychic development. When we nurture the idea of communication and connection, we get one step closer to telepathy and even astral travel. 

Zodiac Birthstone 

pisces zodiac gemstone bracelets

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As it’s not a traditional birthstone, anyone can reap the blissful easygoing benefits of having this luminous blue stone close to them. Blue Obsidian works wonders when it's paired with those born under the zodiac sign of Pisces. Pisceans can tend to tip over into negative thinking and can get locked down in their own heads. Blue Obsidian can help to balance that out. This stone will soak up pessimism and guide Pisceans to look deep within, find their own sense of peace and healing, and discover that there is always something to be gained from any life lesson. 

How to Use Aqua Blue Obsidian 

Aqua Blue Obsidian has a pearly hue and shares similar color schemes to the Aegean Sea on a smooth sunlit day. That gentle nurturing color is nothing but calm. The best way to call in the healing energy of Aqua Blue Obsidian is to wear it close or directly against the skin. Having direct contact with the skin gives this stone all the opportunity in the world to get to work on removing blockages and enhancing your communication skills. 

For those who are drawn to Aqua Blue Obsidian for its communicative power, you may want to consider a crystal pendant that will keep this stone super close in contact with the throat. This way, the gem can tune into your throat chakra and ensure that you don’t suffer any blockages that lead to your truth having no place to flow. If you want to tap into the third eye chakra energy of the Blue Obsidian, then you can also consider earrings to bring the stone closer to your third eye. 

Stones that work in beautiful harmony with Blue Obsidian are other grounding and protective stones. You can turn to Black Tourmaline, Fire Agate, and Dalmatian Jasper to name a few. Blue Obsidian can also work well with other throat chakra stones if you are truly doing the work to access and communicate your truth. Blue Lace Agate can double up on communication whereas Clear Quartz can keep you focused.

You can also use Aqua Blue Obsidian in your home space. As it has this healing energy, wherever you place it can help it get to work on cleansing and purifying the air. Having this stone in your home encourages active and authentic communication, keeps everyone rooted and grounded when it comes to their emotions, and can also help to keep the vibe loving and gentle no matter what.

How to Cleanse

woman holding collection of gemstones in both hands

You may think that because Blue Obsidian is a glass-based mineral that it does not require the same kind of magic cleansing and charging that other crystals do. Well, it does. Blue Obsidian is an energetic stone and because of this, it needs a little TLC for it to stay at the top of its healing game. As Blue Obsidian can be a collector and remover of bad energy, you want to make sure that you help it disperse that energy on a regular basis. Here are a few ideas to help you cleanse and charge up your Blue Obsidian to keep it safe and happy.

  • Place it in salt water for several hours.
  • Place it under the light of the moon overnight.
  • Bury it in soil for a day or two.
  • Smudge it with cleansing herbs like sage.
  • Meditate with it in hand and set an intention for pure and thorough cleansing. 

Final Thoughts 

Blue Obsidian is a beauty. Not only does this gem come with potent powerful healing energy but it is also full of therapist vibes for helping you to strengthen all your communication muscles. Whether you want to share your thoughts with others, reconnect to your own voice deep inside, or develop spiritual communication and divination tools to do good, Blue Obsidian can be your glimmering guiding light.

What are your thoughts on Blue Obsidian? Is this a stone that speaks to you, or do you prefer the darker variety instead? Share your opinions and experiences with us in the comments.


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