Leo Birthstones: The Ultimate Guide To Their Meanings & Use

Peridot Stone

What is the Leo Birthstone?

Leo’s birthstone is Peridot. Peridot is green and means purpose and focus. Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. Those born between July 23rd and August 22nd are Leo’s. Leo has the ruling planet of the sun and the element of fire. The zodiac symbol for the Leo is the lion.


The Sign of Strength

Lion in grass


Just like the lion that represents this fiery star sign, Leo people are strong and brave and burn bright with a personality set by the sun. As a fire sign, it's not that surprising to learn that Leo’s occupy that space between warmth and passion. They are either here to let you bask in their glorious sunny side or they are crackling with determination and the desire to be right. Lions aren’t terribly complicated creatures and neither are Leo’s. They are gregarious and big-hearted and ooze that luscious self-confidence that makes people want to stay close by - and none of it is for show. The Leo is loyal, a born leader, and loves the good life. They aren’t interested in being cunning, they simply pounce when they want something or otherwise they kick back easy without the need to prove themselves.

While being big of heart and a natural-born leader makes people gravitate towards the luxurious side of all those Leo’s out there it’s not always plain sailing on the social savannah. Strength of character can sometimes slip into slight arrogance and stubbornness. There can be a pinch of competitiveness and like the King of the Jungle, Leo people can be threatened when someone new arrives on the scene.

We have curated a list of the best gemstones to help Leo’s make the most of all their amazing traits and to help overcome some stutters that can hold Leo’s back in life and love. These healing gemstones beautifully reflect the warmth and passion already residing in the Leo’s soul and some have been chosen for their ability to help Leo’s feel grounded, make space, and share compassion. Keep reading to find out which stones make the most of your lionheart soul.

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Leo Gemstones 

Healing crystals are always an absolute wonder, especially when they are an amazing match for your astrological sign because they share similar elements, planets, and perfectly defining traits. Precious stones can help to clear blocked chakras, balance out emotions, invite your radiant signs to shine, and to raise your consciousness. For Leo’s, this can mean crystals that can enhance true compassion, openness, and overcoming the idea that there is no room for weakness. We are all human and holding up the stone of great strength at all times can lead to burnout. Take a look at these lush stones for Leo’s that can help the fixed star sign to shimmer….



Peridot Stone

The Peridot Stone is the main birthstone for all those Leo’s out there. Gorgeous in green and with a warm sparkle, this stone is known for its playful side and being a firm heart healer. Peridot is called the study stone meaning that it is all about focus (a magical match for the goal-orientated Leo). While it is here to raise your energy and commitment to the task at hand, its not all business with Peridot. This pretty stone is radiant and ever ready to encourage the heart to open to wash away those feelings of possessiveness that Leo’s can refuse to let go off. Find out more about the meaning of Peridot.



Ruby Gemstone

Red and radiant in its fiery light, Ruby is ever the regal stone that shimmers with love, passion, and a perfect sense of being. This gem holds so much strength that its no wonder it is an amazing match for all those Leo’s out there. Ripe with confidence and a favorite stone that warriors would wear in battle, the Ruby is great for balancing out those root chakras, steadying courage, and keeping sexual prowess in a place of positivity. Find out more about the meaning of Ruby.



Carnelian Stone

Another bright and warming stone, the Carnelian is a sunset kiss. This healing gemstone is also known as a stone of courage and artistic expression. For those Leo’s who want to kickstart their creative heart, the Carnelian stimulates creative thinking. It’s a stone of sublime energy and complements the natural affinity Leo’s have for getting stuff done. It also helps Leo’s to stay committed and true to themselves and to temper fiery passions. Find out more about the meaning of Carnelian.


Black Onyx 

Black Onyx Card

A powerful and protective stone that will ground those Icarus flying Leo’s down to a place of perfect stability. Black Onyx is here to elevate Leo’s to their best headspace. By bringing discipline to the table, encouraging goal-orientated choices, and lending structure where it may be crumbling, this stone is exactly what a born leader needs to keep them right on track.


Tigers Eye 

Tigers Eye

Leo’s certainly boast big cat energy which is why the Tigers Eye also makes for an incredible zodiac gemstone for this fierce and fabulous star sign. Bringing lashings of strength and inner power, the Tiger Eye birthstone naturally matches Leo’s own personal traits of power. This stone oozes self-confidence yet also brings in the clearing of toxic energies and negative belief patterns that sometimes leads to that famed competitive edge. Find out more about the meaning of Tigers Eye.



Red Jasper Stone

Radiant, rich, and ready to sort out those base chakras so you feel safe and stable in the world, there are a thousand reasons Leo’s should fall in love with Red Jasper. For those who feel like their confidence may be in a slump, this shimmering fiery stone keeps you stoked. Red Jasper is also purely about protection too meaning that Leo’s are better equipped to deal with criticism that can come their way without falling into a pit of deep despair. Find out more about the meaning of Red Jasper.




Amber is a golden fire for your solar plexus chakra, ever ready to put feisty Leo’s back in the driving seat of their own self-control. Amber is all about cleansing the mind, body, and spirit and making sure that wisdom and balance are part of the party. As Leo’s can have that slightly wilder edge, Amber is here to keep the sun stoked spirit making decisions that keep them healthy, happy, and in harmony with their true and authentic selves.




Bright and bustling, the Citrine stone is pure sunshine. For those Leo’s who share that love of warmth and sunlight (they are born summer children after all), its no wonder that the radiant hues of golden Citrine brings its beautiful glow to the party. This radiant gem is all about the power of positivity, the quickness of laughter, and saying yes to that childlike joy. Find out more about the meaning of Citrine.



Aventurine Stone

Amazing Aventurine is another gemstone that fits Leo like a glove. As we know, Leo’s can sometimes take friendly advice a little personally which can lead to rifts in their relationships. Aventurine works with Leo to build them up to a place of inner strength, so they are better equipped to stop those negative thoughts swirling and instead hone their energy to something that brings them pleasure instead. Find out more about the meaning of Aventurine.



Blue Topaz Stone

A talisman of opportunity, Blue Topaz is a great stone for all those Leo’s who want to bring more luck into their lives. Ever a stone to help hone your focus, Blue Topaz is all about nurturing your hopes and dreams into a place of action so you can live the life you have been desiring. For Leo’s this also means knowing how to communicate with those close by, especially when it comes to emotional balance and not feeling threatened when opening the heart. Find out more about the meaning of Blue Topaz.




Another of the fiery red stones, Garnet is aglow with passion, power, and the perfect ability to keep you grounded. For those Leo’s who can feel on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster from time to time, Garnet brings its soothing energy to help iron out the kinks and puts you back in feeling the full force of your own chi. Find out more about the meaning of Garnet.




The August stone shares its month with all those summer-ready Leo’s out there. The Sardonyx is soft and stable with its gentle bands of orange and white. It is a stone of communication, listening, and beautiful charisma. Sardonyx is a happy go lucky and optimistic stone which matches the moods of most Leo’s. It can also help to bring strength and protection whether your emotions are riding high or swinging low.



Labradorite Stone

Labradorite is an amazing companion for those Leo’s looking to turn up the volume on their third eye chakra. A stone of stunning light and lyrical mysticism, Labradorite is all about transformation and courage. Of course, Leo’s are one of the most courageous zodiacs out there but they can sometimes struggle to move their energy from extroverted plains to internal thinking. Labradorite helps Leo’s to gain a little deeper insight and to use their courage to focus on the strength of their intuition. Find out more about the meaning of Labradorite.


Rose Quartz/Rhodochrosite

Rose Quartz Stone

Open your heart chakra and bring the healing nature of Rose Quartz right into your life. Leo’s are big lovers with a gorgeously generous spirit and of course, the pale pink stones like Rose Quartz and Rhodochrosite totally dig this vibe. While the pink heart gemstones will strengthen that spirit of generosity it also helps Leo’s to work on their trust issues and to embrace a touch more compassion. Find out more about the meaning of Rose Quartz.


How to Use the Stones

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Welcome the wonder of Leo ready gemstones into your life. Whether you pick pretty birthstone jewelry to accompany you throughout life or if you choose worry stones, spheres, pyramids, and small healing amulets to place in your pocket and home, the aim is to channel the healing energy from these elemental crystals.

One of the best ways to invoke the power of Leo birthstones is by becoming a wearer of gemstone jewelry. Wearing birthstone jewelry is the best way to make the most of the healing crystals as you can soak up all the benefits of direct skin contact. Having the healing stones pressed directly on the skin allows their unique vibrations to get to work, bringing healing and chakra cleansing exactly where it is needed without any barriers in place. Wearing gemstone jewelry also ensures you carry and manifest your intentions with you every second of the day.

For those Leo’s who want to use their zodiac stones for grounding and base chakra healing, lie on your back and place the stone on the chakra space as you meditate on connecting with the earth.


How to Cleanse Stones and Jewelry

crystals and flowers on white surface


Keep your gemstones cleansed and charged to make the most of their bright healing energy. The sign of Leo is strong and courageous and your stones need to be in good shape to meet that bright and boundless energy. From smudging with sage to running underwater for a few moments, cleaning gemstones is simple and should be done after particularly heavy and challenging emotional days or every few weeks. To charge these stones right back up simply leave in the company of other tumbled quartz stones or leave in sunlight or moonlight depending on the stone’s energy.


Final thoughts on Leo Birthstones 

Leo’s are bold and beautiful and approach life with a generous and large heart. There is so much beauty and energy to enjoy from being in the company of anyone born under the Leo light. Vivacious lovers of the good life, you always find a Leo surrounded by people who simply adore the natural cheerleading goodwill of this special sign. The stones selected also have big energy and a rare radiance which is why they make such a great match for lovely Leo’s. Some stones in the mix will also bring a gentle hand to healing the more delicate side of Leo’s traits such as the need to lead and the desire for others approval. With the right stone, you can learn that true approval comes from within.

Have you known any Leo’s who are like this? Does this Leo description ring true of you? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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