At Tiny Rituals, our mission is to give back. That’s why we’re donating 10% of every purchase to the children.



In 2007, we visited India and witnessed the malnutrition that children faced who were living in impoverished communities. Wanting to help, we created Tiny Rituals to tackle Vitamin A Deficiency Disorder (VADD) by donating 10% of the profits to supplying vital nutrients to at-risk children.



For those seeking meaning, inspiration by intention, and connection by ritual, our Tiny Ritual Ambassador Program is now open to applicants! We're looking for outgoing individuals who are active in their communities and are COMMITTED to supporting children in need!


Spiritual Jewelry that Heals

When we choose to wear spiritual jewelry it is a choice that goes beyond a fashion statement. Jewelry curated from precious gems and ancient crystals come with all kinds of rich healing properties that can balance our body, mind, and soul. Tiny Rituals celebrates making that choice every day, by choosing spiritual jewelry collections that come splashed in color, style, and above all else – the desire to elevate your life and live in the light of your fullest potential.

Gemstone Bracelets

By choosing spiritual jewelry we are committing to the search within our own souls; we are saying we want to think deeper, fly higher, and stay wild and free and soaked in positive vibes. Choosing spiritual jewelry is a sign from your intuition that you are ever ready and present for all the healing the universe has to give. Kickstart your soul searching and get ready to manifest magic with our sublime collection of spiritual gemstone bracelets. Whether you are seeking spiritual jewels based on chakra colors, your star sign, or just following the essence of your heart, fashion isn’t a surface level thing – it’s about celebrating who we are deep down inside. Spirituality in name and nature invites you to open your heart, to understand better what type of person you are, and to honor a desire to be close to nature, perfect harmony, and the wider wonders of the world we occupy.

Healing Rings

Different gems and different jewels come with different healing vibes and connect to different chakras. When we seek a little universal help to heal our chakras, we are saying a big heartfelt yes to our full potential. Blocked chakras and emotional ties can all hold us back, but with the beautiful benefits of spiritual jewelry, we are stepping up to our higher purpose and finding our path. In our fast paced modern world it can be all too easy to lose connection with our own energy patterns and deep-set beliefs. A jewelry collection like our healing rings calls on us to soul search and hold intention, which can be exactly what we need to illuminate our path.

Gemstone Bracelet Sets

Wearing spiritual jewelry doesn’t have to be a choice to wade deep in the waters, it’s a small token, or a ‘tiny ritual’ that puts you in touch with your own deeper sense of self. It's you saying yes to your authenticity and wanting to be whole. You can improve this connection with our Gemstone Bracelet Sets. Set your intention and find a pack that reinforces you on an energetic level. Then you’ll find yourself creating a new reality based on what you want, not what the world tells you. Spiritual jewelry is here to remove those blockages that stand in the way of our own heart. More precious than any silver or gold is a stone or gem that shows ourselves back to us, illuminating our strengths and helping us to find our truth. We learn to love ourselves by choosing to fill our world with things that bring us joy. Because with great and boundless joy comes the truest form of healing. Start shopping for a collection that captures who you are. Wear your Tiny Ritual with love and trust in the power of your own vibrations, crystal energy, and the ebb and flow of the universe to lift you up to where you need to be. If you want to explore a full guide to healing crystals, you can see our post here.

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