Crystals For Sleep: 10 Stones To Get You Into REM


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Crystals For Sleep: 10 Stones To Get You Into REM

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For those out there who struggle with their pass into dreamland, we have a selection of snooze-happy crystals with healing properties to help you bed-down.

Upgrade Your Sleep!

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  • Sleep is essential for healing
  • Crystals can quiet the mind and invite good rest

It seems like it should be so easy. Put on your PJ’s, sip a chamomile tea, stash your phone in some hard-to-reach place, and snuggle down between the sheets for eight solid hours of quality shut-eye. Yet for many of us, it can be a real chore to get to that place of better sleep. Life can be rich and full and often a little overwhelming, it makes perfect sense that turning off a fizzing brain and getting to a place of deep sleep could be a challenge. We also live in a louder world these days and for light sleepers, this can also pose a problem.

The thing is sleep isn’t something we can skip out on. It’s a vital time for our body to rest and for our cells to heal and rejuvenate. Our quality of sleep affects everything from how we consume food to how we process information and make decisions. Good sleep helps us to be productive, it boosts our metabolism, and it helps our immune system to stand up the challenge and thrive. It’s not something we can risk depriving ourselves off.

Healing crystals can help us to find that place of rich and rewarding slumber. Some of our favorite crystals help to soothe anxieties and clear the mind, granting us that mental space we need to let go of our worries and to find that mental space of rest. By placing one of these glimmering rocks beneath your pillow or on your person, you could clear out negative energy and finally get the solid sleep you need.

If you want to know more about the healing power of crystals, take a look at our essential gemstone guide right here.

Using Different Crystals 

One of the best things about crystals is the fact that no two are alike. Crystals come with a delightful dose of their own healing energy. They can arouse that zest for life, they can align different chakras, they can fill your heart with love, provide a protective cloak against bad energy, and they can also soothe the mind and help you sleep. We are bound to find getting a good night’s sleep much easier if we have an abundance of positive energy surrounding us or if we feel confident that the worries plaguing our mind can be solved. We have selected the best stones for soothing the mind and the body, bringing to light physical rest, and building a sense of rising wellbeing so you can get the shuteye you need. Here are some of the best crystals for better sleep:

1) Selenite

selenite stone
  • Brings clarity and a zen like calm
  • Removes negative energy

The angelic stone of Selenite is radiant in its soft and serene vibes despite its other name being ‘liquid bright’. Selenite brings a tide of clarity to your inner thoughts helping to put you into a headspace of Zen-like calm rather than a toxic mess. The perfect gateway into a restful night, this crystal hums with a high frequency that instantly puts you at ease. Selenite is soaked in calm and a delightful dab hand at removing negative energies – which is exactly the state of mind you need to be in to rest easy regardless of what is going on in the world outside. Find out more about the meaning of Selenite.


2) Celestite

celestite stone


  • Connects to intuition and higher purpose
  • Soothes jangled thoughts

Another of the angel stones, just like its name suggests, keeping Celestite close by when trying to sleep is a gift to your body, mind, and soul. It also bridges the gap and helps connect you to the third eye, heart, and crown chakra which leads to a deeper sense of spirituality, open-heartedness, and deep intuitive wisdom. When we feel connected to our intuition and a higher purpose, this can soothe jangled thoughts and put us right down into a place of beautiful rest. Find out more about the meaning of Celestite.


3) Lepidolite 

Lepidolite stone
  • A natural ore of lithium
  • Promotes serenity through self love

Lepidolite is an ore of lithium which is also used as a medicine for those who can suffer the consequences of an overactive mind. Lepidolite is a gentle and joyous purple stone that promotes peaceful sleep through the pathways of self-love, easing stress, and taking you to a place of serenity. When we are able to clear our minds we are better equipped to let go of that which ails us, at least for enough time to get some decent shut-eye. Lepidolite also raises our awareness of joy, gratitude, and other positive emotions that become a lullaby for a life well lived and the dreamy sleep we deserve. Find out more about the meaning of Lepidolite.


4) Howlite 

Howlite stone
  • Slows the heartbeat to a softer rhythm 
  • Cools hot heads and tempers

Sometimes you need to plunge right into a place of sleep and this is exactly what the healing energy of Howlite helps you do. Howlite is known to slow the heartbeat to a gentle rhythm, take hot tempers down to a cooler place, and to stop the mind from fragmenting into a million pieces. This gentle stone is abundant in healing energy and is one of the best soothers on the block. Keep it close when the moon is rising on her mast. Find out more about the meaning of Howlite.


5) Amethyst 

  • A purifying and gentle stone
  • Balances emotions and soothes the body

A famously serene stone, Amethyst is one of the most purifying and gentle stones in the pack. As soon as you catch sight of this shimmering lilac and purple quartz, your pulse seems to slow a beat, and your heart fills with radiance. Amethyst is rich in healing energy and ever ready to balance out your emotions and bring about happy dreams. For those who struggle with dark clouds swirling in their subconscious space (particularly when it’s time to sleep and nightmares creep in), Amethyst can provide a sense of soft security all while clearing your third eye chakra and raising your crown chakra vibrations too. Find out more about the meaning of Amethyst.


6) Angelite 

angelite stone
  • Promotes physical healing
  • Brings messages from the spirit realms 

Who wouldn’t sleep like a baby if they knew that they had the love, light, and energy of a choir of angels, soft spirits, and supreme beings watching over them? While Angelite may be a stone of leaping into other lands and singing high vibrations, it also promotes inner peace and a jewel-like light that shines inside. Angelite connects to those higher powers and can even fill your dreams with messages from the spirit realms. Not only does it invite you into the soft mental magic you need to sleep but it also promotes the physical healing that leads to a higher quality of shut-eye too. Find out more about the meaning of Angelite.


7) Smoky Quartz 

smoky quartz stone
  • Gorgeously grounding
  • Has a calming effect 

A potent grounding stone, this smoky version of the quartz crystal can help you fall into REM in a matter of minutes. Smoky Quartz is a great stone to turn to when you want to manifest all your hopes and desires and yes, that means wanting to make the dream of gorgeous sleep a reality too. It has an easy-going nature and an instant calming effect that can put you on the pathway to perfect shuteye. 


8) Rose Quartz 

rose quartz stone
  • A radiant heart healer
  • Cuts through anxious thoughts 

Soft shades of pink and a promise of simple joy come wrapped up in the healing heart energy of the lovely Rose Quartz. This stone oozes gentleness and instantly puts your body, mind, and soul at rest. Rose Quartz is known for being one of the most radiant heart healers, meaning it can stitch up old wounds, cut through dark and anxious thoughts and open your heart to love, trust, and effortless self-care. Keep Rose Quartz close by, and you may find the soft flow of sleep replaces those ruminating night-time routines. Find out more about the meaning of Rose Quartz.


9) Black Tourmaline 

black tourmaline
  • Offers protection from bad dreams
  • Keeps negative vibes at bay

If you don’t feel safe and sound then it can be difficult to enter the dreamland. Sometimes our dreams can be a scary place and other times, anxiety won’t loosen its grip to even let us go down to that good place. Put pounding hearts and clinging minds at rest with the protective power of Black Tourmaline. This stone will see you on your way to gentle rest by letting you know that your energy is protected. Black Tourmaline sees off all kinds of negative vibes and brings a sense of calm washing over you. Let go of those worries and be carried away with the healing grace of Black Tourmaline. Find out more about the meaning of Black Tourmaline.


10) Moonstone 

  • Soaked in feminine energy
  • Offers acceptance 

A stone designed to provide a luminous light in the darkest of nights, the healing energy of mother moon is here to soothe away emotional tension and tuck you in. The Moonstone is soaked in feminine energy and well-equipped for calming an overarching mind. A quick meditation with this milky white stone sees all that emotional tension ebb away and an acceptance that all things must pass. Not only will Moonstone put you in a place where easy sleep is possible but it also paves the way for lucid dreaming for those who want to delve into the depths of mastering and connecting to their subconscious. Find out more about the meaning of Moonstone.


How to use these gemstones 

Selection of gemstone bracelets for sleep

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  • Wear for healing energy at all times
  • Slip beneath your pillow for better sleep
  • Place towers and stones beside the bed

So now you have your selection of sleep happy crystals what is the best way to harness their energy? One of the best ways to say yes to sweet slumber and to call on that energy around the clock is to choose gemstone jewelry. Having the gemstones pressed directly against the skin will ensure that those soft vibrations keep on humming throughout the day and when you are lost in the land of nod. It also helps to keep the stones close by throughout the day as the crystals can keep working to fend off negative vibes and anxiety so these emotions don’t have the chance to build.

Other ways you can weave in the healing power of these sleep bright stones is to place them on your bedside table or tuck them beneath your pillow for added protection. You can also make it part of your bedtime routine to sit in a moment of meditation with your crystal and set an intention for deep and healing sleep.


Not getting enough sleep is a stress and it can have a major knock-on effect when it comes to our overall sense of health and wellbeing. Insomnia, bad dreams, and just taking ages to nod off becomes a vicious cycle in which we may start to see our bed as a place of stress and anxiety. By turning to healing crystals we may have the opportunity to shift that narrative and to lay down softly in the sleep we need.

Disclaimer. Please remember that this is not a substitute for medical advice and those who are struggling with insomnia, anxiety, and other sleep-related issues should seek help from their health professional.

What is your relationship with sleep and which of these sleep crystals is calling your name? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Crystals for Sleep FAQ

How to use amethyst crystal for sleep?

Amethyst is well known for helping bring peace and harmony to the body, mind, and soul. As it soothes anxious thoughts and feelings you can use it to help encourage restful sleep. Simply place Amethyst under your pillow, place on your bedside table, or wear Amethyst jewelry when bedding down to reap the benefits.

What healing crystal is good for sleeping?

Amethyst, Selenite, Lepidolite, Howlite, and Moonstone are just a few stones that are good for encouraging sleep. Healing crystals can be good for helping you sleep as they can block negative energy, help you let go of worries and woes, and encourage you to rest both physically and mentally. Be sure to look for stones that are known for their soothing energy.

How to make a crystal grid for sleep?

Crystal grids are powerful ways of setting intention and you can use the best gemstones for sleep to help you get the rest you deserve. First you need to set your intention (better sleep), and then you need to pick a shape that suits that energy - for sleep maybe the seed of life shape or a square for boundaries. Next, you need the crystals that will help you sleep easier.

How to place quartz crystals for sleep?

If you want your quartz crystals to encourage better sleep you can place them beneath your pillow or on your night table so they can be in close proximity. This way they are better equipped to help soak up spiraling thoughts and promote relaxation. You can also create a crystal grid around your bed or wear gemstone jewelry to stay in touch with that healing energy.

Is quartz crystal good for sleep?

Yes Clear Quartz and Smoky Quartz and even Rose Quartz can be useful stones for those who want to encourage better sleep. Quartz stones have high vibrations and peaceful energy which helps to bring the body, mind, and soul into harmony and balance. These gems can kick back any anxious or overwhelming energy and encourage you to let go - meaning you may sleep better.


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