Dragon’s Blood Incense Benefits: Ulcers, Inflammation, & More!


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Dragon’s Blood Incense Benefits: Ulcers, Inflammation, & More!

dragons blood resin

Dragons Blood is a resin that comes from the Dracaena Tree. This natural red resin has been used for thousands of years in everything from paint to spiritual practices. Dragons Blood is used in incense as it has a strong and powerful aroma with notes of amber, vanilla, and spices. Dragons Blood is believed to have plenty of spiritual and health benefits including as a natural remedy for external ulcers and to help with inflammation. 

While the name may conjure visions of fire-breathing red-bellied mythical creatures of - all smoke and scales, Dragons Blood comes from a tree. The ruby sap resin can be collected from different varieties of dragon trees. These trees form part of the tropical plant groups Croton, Daemonorops, Pterocarpus, and Dracaena including the Dracaena cinnabari. These impressive looking trees have branches that look like hands outstretched from the earth, making Dragons Blood feel even more like a gift. 

This potent plant resin has been used for centuries for a wide range of purposes. It has been used as medicine, dye, varnish, and of course - as incense in private and spiritual practice. This potent resin has been mentioned in records that extend back in history and across the earth - from the Ancient Greeks to the Ancient Romans, along with traces of its use in India, China, and the Middle East. Dragon's Blood has been sourced in Morocco and in Socrata. Hindu Priests considered it to be an offering to the gods whereas Native Americans would burn it to create smoke that could summon the spirits of their ancestors. It has been used in Wiccan for magic, protection, banishing and healing. When burned as incense you can usually find Dragon Blood as an incense stick, incense cone, in resin form, or as an essential oil.

Where it gets its name

dragons blood tree in socrota

The deep red hue of the resin is where Dragons Blood takes its name. The trees from which the sap is collected are rare and beautiful and can survive for hundreds of years. These trees take very little rainfall to thrive and the longest specimen is even said to have lived for up to 250 years. The combination of ancient wonder, ethereal existence, and the dark red hues all gift Dragon's Blood the perfect name. 

How it's used in rituals

Deeply connected to the history of folk magic and shamanism, Dragons Blood can be powerful stuff and is excellent at banishing negative energy and helping with healing. It has been used for thousands of years in everything from ancient medicine to the American hoodoo. Dragons Blood is strongly associated with the element of fire - active element energy that can bring warmth and life or burn through that which is no longer wanted. There are three main uses for Dragon's Blood when it comes to spiritual rituals. It can be used for banishing, healing, and for protection too. It is also believed that when used alongside other herbs and blends, you can increase their power too. Dragon's Blood can also be distilled down into oil but by burning it as incense, you are invoking its own energy and magic by calling on the element of fire and flame as part of the ritual.

Benefits of dragon's blood incense sticks

dragons blood insence sticks

There are many benefits that come with using Dragon's Blood incense sticks. You can use them spiritually, for health reasons, because you are drawn to the sweet melody of the scent, and also to ward off bad energy and insects. Using spiritual incense can be as dynamic and connected as you want it to be, or it can be a subconscious exploration and a welcome chance to sink back into yourself. 

Relaxation & meditation

Sweet and spiced, life rousing, and with amber shades, the scent of Dragon’s Blood is a beautiful remedy for body, mind, and soul. You can light up a stick whenever you feel like you want to clear energy and infuse a space, you can burn it to bring gentle contemplative and healing vibes into a room, and you can turn to it in times when you crave a heightened state of relaxation. Dragons Blood can also be used as part of your meditation practice too. It is a scent aligned with honor, power, and paying homage and it can help you to connect to your core during meditation or any kind of spiritual prayer.

Insect repellant

For anyone living out in warmer climates, Dragons Blood can also help to keep insects at bay. Working as a natural insect repellent, it seems the powerful scent is enough to ward them off. 

Other Health Benefits of Dragon Blood

Dragons Blood can also come in supplement form and as tinctures too. For those who are turning to Dragons Blood for the bounty of physical health benefits, this is where you may want to look. Although don’t forget, if you are taking Dragons Blood for any kind of health benefit, you will want to consult your own medical professional first. 


Dragon’s Blood from the Daemonorops draco species is believed to be a good remedy for helping with ulcers. We aren’t talking about the internal ulcers that commonly pop up in the stomach, but more in terms of skin ulcers and bedsores. This may be because Dragons Blood is rich in antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties - both of which can lend a soothing hand and help accelerate the healing process. When used for ulcers, Dragons Blood would usually be applied in topical form (cream, ointment, tincture). 


Forever fighting the good fight against viruses, fungi, and bacteria, Dragons Blood is brimming with antimicrobial properties. Part of its banishing and protective magic, this resin sap can easily zap anything set to do you harm. If you are looking for Dragon's Blood for its antimicrobial properties, look to the Dracaena cinnabari species for the best results. 


Dragons Blood has been used for centuries to boost digestive health. Again, this will be due to its epic antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that can calm the body down and give it exactly what it needs to flush a problem out. 


Both the Daemonorops draco and the Dracaena draco species are dab hands when it comes to their anti-inflammatory properties. A potent antioxidant, Dragons Blood can help to soothe and calm whatever flare-up is causing problems.


While the antidiabetic discovery is still going on when it comes to Dragons Blood, it is believed that this rare resin may also have anti-diabetic properties. 


Again, more concrete research is in the works, but it is believed that the compounds within Dragons Blood combined with the antioxidant-rich properties could mean that it can also help in the fight against cancer. 

How to take & use dragon's blood

dragons blood oil

There are several ways you can take and use Dragon's Blood and which method you choose will really rely on what you wish to achieve from using. Some people who are using it for internal health issues may want to take it in supplement form (after checking with their health provider. You can also find Dragons Blood Oil and it can also be used topically in creams. 

Those who want to invoke the powers of Dragon's Blood through burning can either choose essential oils or look to incense. The sacred smoke of Dragon's Blood can also be paired with Palo Santo for powerful cleansing and for calling in protection. It can be used when dream journaling, during astral travel, and as part of empowerment and healing. 

Side effects & additional information 

Dragons Blood is considered to be safe with very few side effects found. However, anyone who is considering taking it as a supplement should always talk to their health provider first. Some animal studies have also shown that some varieties of Dragon's Blood may be linked to blood-thinning effects so for those on any kind of blood-thinning medication, you may want to skip this one out.


Ancient in every way, Dragons Blood may not come from the mythical beast but that doesn't make it any less powerful. It calls on deep magic with its rich perfume, its potent protection, and its healing powers. This isn’t just reflected in the fables around it, but in its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties too. For those who want to be soothed, Dragons Blood brings its cleansing spark to the party.


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