Solar Plexus Chakra Stones: 11 Healing Crystals You Need


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Solar Plexus Chakra Stones: 11 Healing Crystals You Need

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The stones for the solar plexus chakra are Citrine, Amber, Calcite, Tigers Eye, Pyrite, Yellow Jasper, Yellow Topaz, Agate, Yellow Tourmaline, Lemon Quartz, and Sunstone. They help to clear out blockages from the solar plexus and bring strength, determination, and self-esteem.

Understanding the Solar Plexus Chakra/Manipura

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The fire center that sits just below the breastbone, the solar plexus chakra (also known as the Manipura in Sanskrit) is the home of our ego and confidence. While ego can sometimes come with negative connotations it is important for our healthy ability to balance our needs, build boundaries, feel good about ourselves, and tap into the well of our warrior spirit. The word Manipura can be translated to ‘city of jewels’ which is a beautiful way of considering our precious self-worth and energy reserves.

As with all chakras, the solar plexus chakra has a huge impact on our overall health, inner wealth, and emotional balance. When our fire center is flickering with flame, we are full of ripe and potent energy, we have the endurance and skill to set out and achieve our goals, we are pumped with passion, and we have a strong sense of confidence that will carry us.

A blocked solar plexus chakra can make life a challenge. In the physical sense, those with a blockage here may have digestive issues or liver problems or constantly fatigued and weak. Emotionally you can have low self-esteem, feel worthless and directionless, and feel overwhelmed by the idea of putting thought into action. You may find yourself disinterested in life, in a constant state of guilt, and lost along the way. Don’t let yourself be a smoldering wreck, light a match and call on the warming light of these crystals to help ignite your solar plexus once more.

Gemstones that Boost the Third Chakra 

Themes of light and fire are captured in the glowing golden energy of the third chakra. The solar plexus is our place of warmth and vital life bringing energy. The crystals and gems that echo with sacral chakra cleansing come in similar warming colors, bringing yellows, burnt oranges, and earthly hues. They also bring radiant energy, perfect joy, and rousing rays to shake you from slumber. Take a look at these solar plexus gems that gleam with life…


1) Citrine

citrine for the solar plexus chakra

The ultimate summer mood stone, Citrine is all luscious light and heartwarming harmony. This success stone makes sure that all bad vibes are shown the door, inviting you to snuggle up with positivity and play. It gets to work on the solar plexus chakra, clearing out any problems and increasing confidence and feelings of personal power. Citrine can also help send that energy upwards from the chest to the crown chakra, gifting you everything you need to leap higher in this world. Find out more about the meaning of Citrine.


2) Amber

amber for solar plexus chakra

Orange, red, and brown and beautifully plucked from the beginning of time, Amber is full of organic bright energy that warms the heart. It’s no surprise that this balancing stone is closely connected to the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra too. Amber is a child of the earth and the sun and often carries traces of the ancient world into our present day. All of this weaves in wonderfully with its energy of age-old wisdom, natural purification, patience, clarity, and stronger decision making.


3) Calcite

orange calcite for solar plexus chakra

Citrus shades and zesty energy come together in the cool and bright Calcite stone. Forever reminding us that when life gives us lemons we should make lemonade, this gauzy glorious gem loves to strike a chord with the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra too. Calcite is an energetic amplifying stone, meaning that it takes a pinch of power and turns it into a potful of confidence and charm. One glance at this warm and glowing gem is enough to bring a bright burst of joy and fill you full of fresh energy. Find out more about the meaning of Calcite.


4) Tiger's Eye

tigers eye for solar plexus chakra

An excellent stone for simmering self-confidence and embracing every inch of your power, Tigers Eye takes its name from the wild and wonderful cat. The tiger is known for its strength and unflinching ability to pounce when necessary. Fearless and fierce when necessary, this is exactly the energy you need for embracing every inch of your own wild and untamed life. Tigers Eye makes sure that your root chakra is strong and that your solar plexus chakra is cleared so your confidence can be unwavering in every way. Find out more about the meaning of Tigers Eye.


5) Pyrite

pyrite for the solar plexus chakra

Sporting the nickname of Fools Gold, this doesn’t take away from the highly potent power of Pyrite. This sparkly golden nugget of a gem is solar plexus chakra bliss. Pyrite takes its true name from the Greek word for fire, linking it to all those glorious connotations of flame, energy, and life bringing warmth. Pyrite is an awesome gem for tough times. It reminds us that hard moments and pressure can turn coal into diamonds and that challenges can be the perfect chance to remind yourself exactly what you are capable of. This is an echo of what the solar plexus brings – determination, drive, and the bright light of vitality. Find out more about the meaning of Pyrite.


6) Yellow Jasper

yellow jasper

Let sunlight come streaming into your life with the Yellow Jasper stone. This golden glory gem is linked to the solar plexus chakra and the sacral chakra too. It brings with it all the energy of the sun, helping to chase out the darkness and to fill you with light and positive play. Yellow Jasper is also called the stone of protection as it awesome at absorbing shades of negativity meaning you can go about your business without worrying about outside forces bringing you down. Find out more about the meaning of Jasper.


7) Yellow Topaz

yellow topaz for solar plexus chakra

Get detoxed in the dreamiest way when you welcome the golden orb of Yellow Topaz into your world. Bringing a sweet sparkle and a promise of brighter days, Yellow Topaz gets to work on the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra too. As a detox stone its great at flushing the system and ensuring that blockages and remnants of negative energy are cleared out, making way for waves of positive energy to wash right through. To cleanse, balance, and activate your confidence-boosting chakras, Yellow Topaz is your tool. Find out more about Topaz.


8) Agate

agate for the solar plexus chakra

Filled with volcanic energy and warm colors, the Agate stone is another solar plexus chakra cleanser that also works to clear your sacral chakra too. This gem loves to spring clean all those emotions you’ve been clinging to, making sure that your soul closet isn’t a place of cramped chaos but one of clear-headed energy and proactive processes. Agate is especially good for those who are quick to anger and need help moving their passion into more positive places. Find out more about the meaning of Agate.


9) Yellow Tourmaline

tourmaline stones for solar plexus chakra

Say hello to sunshine vibes with the solar plexus chakra cleanser of Yellow Tourmaline. This gem is here to chop that negative energy into pieces that will scatter with the wind. Yellow Tourmaline has magnetic magic that helps it to pull in bad vibes and dissolve them in an instant. This is exactly the gem you need on hand when you just want to bathe in the light of pure protective and positive power. It is also a stimulating stone so it will shake up stagnant energy and get you springing into action. Find out more about the meaning of Tourmaline.


10) Lemon Quartz

lemon quartz for solar plexus chakra

Sherbet fizz and lashings of fun can be found stashed in the energy of the Lemon Quartz stone. This solar plexus chakra cleanser is a bubbling bounty of goodness that brings shades of happiness, clear thinking, and a lighter touch to the table. For those who find themselves constantly weighed down by worries and dark energy, Lemon Quartz can be exactly what you need to send a ripple effect of sunny rays right through your life. Find out more about the meaning of Quartz.


11) Sunstone

sunstone for solar plexus chakra

Fiery and bright and carrying the energy of the Egyptian sun god Ra, the Sunstone is here to help you bask in the warmth of deep healing. Working across the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra too, the Sunstone has healthy balanced energy. It invites positivity but also acknowledges that there’s space for a full spectrum of emotion too. It encourages emotional intelligence, self-worth, confidence, and the clarity we need to communicate our wants and desires with the world. Find out more about the meaning of Sunstone.


How to Use These Healing Stones 

sacral chakra bracelets

Now you have a light-filled list of healing gems for the solar plexus chakra, it's time to get seeping up that stagnant energy. Just having these gems close by is enough to feel their positive vibrations starting to shake your soul awake, but If you want a more active approach, here are some tips to get started.

  • Wear solar plexus stone jewelry to keep those good vibrations flowing at all times
  • Place healing crystals on your solar plexus during meditation
  • Hold the stones in hand and repeat powerful affirmations about confidence
  • Practice sun salutations with these gems on your yoga mat
  • Drink a crystal elixir

What else you can use instead of healing crystals 

field of yellow flowers

For those who feel like they need a big shift in energy to clear their solar plexus chakra and who want to up their game when it comes to tapping into that well of confidence, these complementary practices can also help…

  • Get out in the sun and soak up that vitamin D
  • Wear yellow clothes that make you feel bright and confident
  • Eat yellow and bright foods like bananas, lemons, sweet potatoes, and sunflower seeds
  • Fill your space with citrus scents and essential oils like lemon, ginger, and saffron
  • Drink lemon and ginger tea
  • Practice trusting your gut intuition to stay connected


Say yes to solar plexus healing and get ready to stand in your warrior pose. Our personal power is everything and it will carry us as far as we need to go. When we learn to trust our instincts, when we give space for the ego to gently bloom while staying balanced, and when we value our sense of self-worth, we can become the sun in our own lovely lives.

What are your thoughts on the solar plexus chakra? Is yours wide open or are you waiting for a gem to help you heal? Share your experiences with us in the comments.


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