17 Crystals to Boost Your Intuition


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17 Crystals to Boost Your Intuition

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Rouse your third eye, tap into that inner well of wisdom and rise up in all your psychic powers with these crystals for intuition. Learning to trust our gut is one of the most important skills we can harness. The gut is said to be our second brain and can be a bodily feeling that lets us know how we feel about something before our mind even has a moment to catch on. So many of us loosen our grip on our gut feelings over time, we tune out and can even turn a blind eye to our intuition. This can lead to us feeling lost, unable to make decisions, and disconnected from our core selves. This is where crystals can help.

Crystals can form a bridge between the physical and the spiritual, the earth and the sky, the self, and the higher self. With their high vibrations and chakra blockage sweeping, crystals can nurture intuition and get you back in touch with your gut. Intuition comes from the Latin word ‘intueri’, which means to look within. We all have the power to feel our way through life and the answers to all our questions both big and small are already stashed inside, when we strengthen our intuition, we can learn to trust ourselves inherently and to make decisions from that heart center. For all those who want to grow that bond and awaken their third eye, these are the best crystals for enhancing psychic abilities or just reconnecting you to your sense of truth.

The Best Gemstones to Enhance Psychic Abilities 

illustration of hands and moon

Agate for communicating your intuitive needs

Clear Quartz for cutting through the noise

Rose Quartz for learning to love your inner voice

Citrine for turning intuition into positive play

Amethyst for crown chakra connections

Selenite for aura cleansing and unraveling soul knots

Lapis Lazuli for third eye opening

Amazonite for emotional intelligence and intuition

Celestite for cosmic thinking and angel realm connections

Malachite for getting ready to rise

Aventurine for overcoming obstacles and finding answers

Fluorite for getting in flow and finetuning clear thinking

Kyanite for cutting through illusion

Obsidian for protection during a deep dive

Sodalite for strengthening intuition and tarot reading

Moonstone for a guiding light

Labradorite for exploring your destiny


1) Agate 

blue lace agate

What it looks like: Beautiful Blue Lace Agate is all still water hues.

What it does: Known for nurturing communication and peace of mind, these are two incredibly important skills for those looking to entwine intuition into their daily lives. Having that intuitive knowledge is only half the task if you don’t know how to use it to communicate your needs and desires. Find out more about the meaning of Agate.

When to use it: For those who struggle with speaking their mind or communicating their needs, hold onto Blue Lace Agate when sharing your intuitive findings with those who matter.


 2) Clear Quartz 

Clear Quartz

What it looks like: As clear as the constellations, Clear Quartz is pure ice white.

What it does: The master healer, Clear Quartz is all about projecting your dreams and manifesting your reality. This stone is the very epitome of clear-headed thinking and clarity that goes beyond the mind and sinks into the body. When we are clear from tip to toe we are better equipped to listen to what the body has to say. Find out more about the meaning of Clear Quartz.

When to use it: Turn to Clear Quartz whenever you feel like the noise is too loud. This gem can shake out the dust, leaving you with nothing but the answers you have been seeking.


3) Rose Quartz 

rose quartz

What it looks like: Pink clouds passing at dawn, Rose Quartz is romance and love.

What it does: To trust is to love and to love is to listen. These are the elements that Rose Quartz brings. A major contributor to connecting to intuition is learning to trust it first. When we feel as though we have our own best intentions at heart and we aren’t addicted to self-sabotage, we can commit to that voice within. Find out more about the meaning of Rose Quartz.

When to use it: If you are forever sitting in doubt and are afraid of making the wrong decision, use Rose Quartz to build your relationship with yourself. When you have opened your heart chakra and welcomed in trust, love, and compassion, you will find the answers.


4) Citrine 


What it looks like: Sicilian sunshine and bright vibes.

What it does: Blending the power of positivity with opening your sacral chakra and tapping into imaginative play, Citrine strengthens your intuition in an instant. Find out more about the meaning of Citrine.

When to use it: If you are forever tied to negative self-talk, Citrine is here to change that tone and make sure that your intuition takes a positive spin. This can inspire a whole new outlook and bring abundance straight to your door.


5) Amethyst 


What it looks like: Luminous lavenders and pure purple highs.

What it does: Connect your third eye and your crown chakra with the spiritual power of Amethyst. A supercharger of a crystal, Amethyst helps you to tap into your own wisdom and serenity and creates a deep connection with the universe. Find out more about the meaning of Amethyst.

When to use it: Place Amethyst on your third-eye whenever you want to send your message out into the universe and to put yourself in alignment so you are also ready to receive the wisdom that the world has to give.


6) Selenite 

selenite stone

What it looks like: Peach and pretty, like apricot sands and sugar whites.

What it does: This silky satin stone is closely connected to the crown chakra and is all about bringing light shimmering to every single darkened corner of the body, mind, and soul. It helps to wash away worries that are weighing you down, as this baggage can easily obstruct the path to intuitive thinking. Find out more about the meaning of Selenite.

When to use it: Keep Selenite close and use in aura cleansing and reiki healing to unravel all those chakra knots.


7) Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli

What it looks like: Mystical blues flecked with white, like the sky just before night.

What it does: A mascot of the third eye chakra, Lapis is one of those highly mystical stones that puts you straight through to your intuition. This gem is all about growing self-awareness and is also called the stone of wisdom. Wisdom, awareness, intuition – this is the holy trinity for letting your truth flow. Find out more about the meaning of Lapis Lazuli.

When to use it: For those who want to do a deep dive into their intuition without cutting corners, Lapis Lazuli is your personal trainer. This stone should be worked into your daily meditation practice to bring your truth to light.


8) Amazonite


What it looks like: Sheer mythology dressed in pale and bright blue-green.

What it does: Amazonite is a forcefield when it comes to tapping into intellect and intuition. This stone is all about building emotional intelligence, encouraging proactive thinking, and making sure that your boundaries are beautifully put in place and deeply aligned with your own intuitive values. Find out more about the meaning of Amazonite.

When to use it: As a throat chakra and heart stone, Amazonite provides that thread between heart knowledge and truth. If you are feeling uncomfortable in your own skin and less than connected to your sense of purpose, this stone gently encourages you to see deeper and move out of fear-based thinking.


9) Celestite 


What it looks like: Heavenly hues of blue.

What it does: A dreamy celestial stone, Celestite reminds us that sometimes we need to occupy that space between dreaming and awake in order to find the silver threads that connect us to our deeper selves. Celestite is also a dab hand at expanding our vision and helping us to tap into our inner power. Find out more about the meaning of Celestite.

When to use it: For those who get trapped in habits of overthinking, Celestite is an intuitive guide and can lead you out of the closet and into cosmic thinking and angelic realm connections.


10) Malachite 


What it looks like: Deep green and swirled with black, Malachite is on a mission.

What it does: Forever getting to work, Malachite doesn’t stop. This stone is awesome at clearing out your heart chakra, your solar plexus chakra, and your third eye chakra too. This makes way for vitality, trust, and wisdom to make their mark and for you to move into your intuition all while feeling grounded and ever ready to embrace positive change. Find out more about the meaning of Malachite.

When to use it: Turn to Malachite in your daily practice to keep your chakras clear and to feel ever ready to rise. Sometimes we can hold ourselves back, but Malachite makes sure that doesn’t happen.


11) Aventurine 


What it looks like: Glistening greens and with a fleeting promise of chance.

What it does: A ton of healing energy is forever waiting inside Aventurine. This powerful stone is a good luck charmer and is all about learning to leap over obstacles that could be standing in your way. For those ready to reclaim their power, Aventurine is here to stop you from getting stuck. Find out more about the meaning of Aventurine.

When to use it: Whenever you are facing a change or a challenge, you can sit quietly with Aventurine for a while and let its light and guidance bring you calm and courage.


12) Fluorite 

rainbow fluorite

What it looks like: Clear as light and splashed with purple and green promises of fun.

What it does: Wisdom and organized thinking weave together in the clear-headed energy of the Fluorite stone. For all those who are looking to get aligned with their own flow, Fluorite is a dreamboat. Find out more about the meaning of Fluorite.

When to use it: Fluorite is great at encouraging clarity and ensuring you learn to go with the flow rather than kicking upstream. When we aren’t constantly in fight or flail mode, we are able to connect with ourselves and not waste precious energy.


13) Kyanite 


What it looks like: Clear blue with transparent hues, Kyanite is the vision of calm.

What it does: Kyanite is called the gemstone of attunement for good reason. This calm blue stone is all about purifying and cleansing and making sure that you connect to its high frequencies. Thanks to all of this, it’s a dab hand at nurturing psychic abilities. Find out more about the meaning of Kyanite.

When to use it: Work Kyanite into your spiritual practice especially when it comes to visualization as its excellent at helping you cut through illusion and seeing straight to the heart of the matter.


14) Obsidian


What it looks like: Black as night and a pure cloak of protection.

What it does: Sometimes we fear too much to tap into our intuition because we may not feel prepared for what it has to show us. Obsidian can boost your sense of safety as it provides protection from negative vibes and toxic thoughts. When we are free to dive without the overwhelm, this grants us space to delve even deeper. Find out more about the meaning of Obsidian.

When to use it: When you feel like you are holding yourself back or shying away from your sense of truth.


15) Sodalite 


What it looks like: Like the wild Atlantic with white-capped waves and salty surf.

What it does: Logic, truth, and light are the essence of the Sodalite stone. This emotional anchor gem is well known for helping you to tap into psychic abilities but from a grounded place of strength instead of flighty thinking. Find out more about the meaning of Sodalite.

When to use it: Sodalite is a great stone to use when playing around with your tarot deck. Use this healing crystal to strengthen that intuition and to call on authentic truth.


16) Moonstone 


What it looks like: Pale and white and ever ready to light up the night.

What it does: Forever a guiding light- since the dawn of time the moon has been illuminating pathways and leading people out of the dark woods. Moonstone is full of the feminine energy which is often linked to intuitive strength. It’s also a stabilizing stone and can help calm chaotic emotions which can sometimes lead you astray. Find out more about the meaning of Moonstone.

When to use it: Call on Moonstone when you feel too emotionally involved or blindsided by a certain issue. This gem will stabilize, shift energy, and grant you the light you need to see the answer clearly.


17) Labradorite 


What it looks like: Like the dancing lights of the far north.

What it does: Labradorite spills over with mystic qualities but one of its major strengths is helping to illuminate your intuition and giving you the tools you need to explore your destiny. This gem is all about discovery and helping you play with possibility. Find out more about the meaning of Labradorite.

When to use it: When you feel in an energetic slump or unsure of which path to walk, Labradorite will lead the way. Carry it with you as an amulet or use it as a visualization tool.

How to Use These Crystals to Boost Your Psychic Vibes 

rainbow moonstone worry stones

Now you have a whole host of incredible psychic tools and treats at your disposal, its time to work out exactly how to tap into that well of power and pull out those intuitive vibes. Just like the seers and shamans of the ancient world, using crystals to map out your future and find the answers is a practice as old as time. Here’s how to encourage your psychic self to shine…

  • Use a crystal sphere and practice the art of scrying to see what the future holds for you.
  • Place your crystal on your third eye chakra (in the center of the forehead) to clear out any blockages and to make way for that clear line of knowledge to flow.
  • Use crystals in your tarot practice to strengthen your connection to the cards.
  • When you have a question, hold your crystal in your hand and try to ‘feel’ your way through the answer.
  • Wear crystal jewelry to keep strengthening that connection and carry it with you at all times.
  • Other gems that work with nurturing intuitive thinking are Apatite, Azurite, Iolite, and Tourmaline.


Developing your intuition is something that anyone can do – it just takes practice, connection, and the will to make it work. We all have that thread of knowledge within and for some people, it’s a light that shines brightly, whereas for others it’s a faint wisp of a sputtering candle in the dark. The more you fan the flames of your intuition, the bigger the light will grow and the more adept you will get at calling that trust and instinct into power. Good luck.

What are your favorite crystals for psychic connections? What are your experiences with the gift of seeing? Share with us in the comments.


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