Crystals For Depression: 16 Stones To Clear The Mind


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Crystals For Depression: 16 Stones To Clear The Mind

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When the black dog is snapping at your heels, harnessing the power of these gentle healing crystals could just help. We explore the best crystals for working with depression.

Shifting Your Negative Thoughts 

  • Depression can manifest in many ways
  • Healing crystals may alleviate negative cycles and shift thoughts

Whatever is going on with your mental health it is common practice to have times when we feel radiant with positive energy and other times when the dark cloud of negative energy seems to settle. Feelings of sadness, guilt, anger, numbness, and fatigue are all part of the great tapestry of life, but when these emotions seem to linger or the downs feel way more common than any ups it could be that you are suffering with depression.

Depression can manifest itself in many ways, from the physical ailments of disrupted sleep patterns to changes in appetite and an exhaustible feeling of malaise. It can also show up in your mental health, for example losing interest in the things you once enjoyed pushing away your loved one or feeling like things won’t ever get better. It can be tricky to mine hope in the darkest of days, but perhaps a smidge of light can be found in the healing energies of the earths most precious and powerful stones.

We know that depression is no easy fix and that replacing negative thoughts with positivity doesn’t always dig out the root of the problem. Mental health is a complex matter and totally personal to everyone. We wanted to round up some crystals that can be hugely useful tools in helping clear the mind, shifting negative thoughts, and providing a little guiding light that could be illuminating to follow.

Whether you are prone to depressive episodes, battling a long-term challenge, or want to stop yourself from sinking, this selection of healing crystals may be able to send their love and light to lift you up.

Want to know more about the world of crystals? Check out our essential gemstone guide.

Healing Crystals for Mental Wellness 

Crystals come laced with the power of positivity and a wild array of healing properties. They have the power to open the chakras, amplify positive energy, cut through layers of low self esteem that could be contributing to depressive feelings, and can help curate mental wellness. While crystals shouldn’t replace professional help when it comes to serious issues with mental health, these healing stones can bring radiant energy and the promise of a new day. Here are some of the best crystals for depression:

1) Citrine 

citrine stone
  • Sparks positive energy
  • Stops stagnant feelings

As radiant as the sun and brimming with all the beauty of a new tomorrow, the Citrine stone is one of the happiest crystals in the world. Also known as the merchants stone, this lush and lucky spark of sunlight is all about positive energy and new perspectives. If you ever needed a stone to pierce the darkest clouds with its luminous light, it would be the Citrine stone. Citrine is also ripe in energy and ever keen to help you combat sinking and stagnant feelings. Find out more about the meaning of Citrine.


2) Carnelian



  • Has a bold warmth
  • Brings vitality 

Vibrant in shades of red and orange, Carnelian is one of those kindred stones that delivers a huge dose of vitality exactly when you need it the most. Carnelian is called the stone of endurance and as those who can suffer the black dog know too well, endurance and heart is essential for getting through those tough days. Carnelian can turn up the dial on your feelings of promise and passion. It has a bold warmth that radiates from tip to toe and quietens anxious thoughts. Find out more about the meaning of Carnelian.


3) Lepidolite 

  • Brings the nervous system into balance
  • A great energy healer

A sublime self-care stone, Lepidolite is all lilac wine and soft soothing energy. This gentle humming stone knows how to heal. Lepidolite is known for its incredible ability in getting your nervous system balanced and in harmony. This is great for those who tend to find themselves in overdrive and burning out into a depressive slump. It’s also an incredible energy healer and can easily dissipate downtrodden thoughts and feelings. Find out more about the meaning of Lepidolite.  


4) Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz
  • Offers clear vision
  • Brightens the immune system

The icy bright energy of the Clear Quartz crystal is amazing for clearing out the chaos and dark feelings that can clog up the mind. This stone is known as the master healer and is a dab hand at dramatically raising vibrations and amplifying energy. While Clear Quartz gets to work on a spiritual level, it also helps the body heal physically. By brightening your immune system and improving concentration capabilities this could just be the burst of energy your soul needs. Find out more about the meaning of Clear Quartz.


5) Amethyst 

  • Pure light and positive energy
  • Cleanses higher chakras

Everyone’s favorite serene stone, Amethyst is pure light and positive energy. This soft and gentle purple stone connects with the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. It helps to clear the third eye so you can learn to trust your intuitive wisdom rather than the darker voices inside that want to drag you down. It also connects with the crown chakra and helps uplift you to a more spiritual plain so you can welcome the light of the cosmos and connect to your higher purpose. Find out more about the meaning of Amethyst.


6) Tiger's Eye 

Tigers Eye
  • A stone of transition
  • Reminds us we are strong

The stone of transition, Tiger’s Eye is all banded gold and black. This healing crystal works wonders when it comes to raising your levels of self-confidence and helping you overcome self-doubt. When we are depressed it can be tricky to think kind things about ourselves and sometimes our opinion slips. Tiger’s Eye reminds you that you are strong, you are powerful, and you have all that you need to make clear decisions that can bring about a more positive and attuned side of life. Find out more about the meaning of Tiger's Eye.


7) Smoky Quartz 

smoky quartz
  • A gorgeous grounding stone
  • Dispels low thoughts

Depressive episodes can make us feel untethered and as though we have no firm footing keeping us upright. Smoky Quartz is an amazing grounding stone and can root you out a clear path back to yourself and the things that make you happy. This stone is rich in purifying energy and is all about dispelling negative and low thoughts to make space for positive and elevated moods.


8) Rose Quartz 

rose quartz
  • Full of self love
  • A heart healer

The pink lullaby of Rose Quartz is a true tonic for heavy hearts. This soft stone is ripe with feminine energy and can help restore trust and harmony during troubled times. It can be tricky when moods are low to know how to shake the grief from your heart but Rose Quartz is a vibrant heart healer and can clear that chakra right out and make space for light and life to flow. It’s also an amazing stone at nurturing higher levels of self-care and compassion. It brings about feelings of love, respect, and higher self-worth – all traits that are incredibly important as part of your healing journey. Find out more about the meaning of Rose Quartz.


9) Malachite

  • Tempers mood swings
  • Brings a sense of balance

Malachite is a firm favorite of energy healers thanks to its ability to temper mood swings and bring about feelings of acceptance and deep inner peace. Whenever you feel overwhelmed or numbed out, this dark green stone can bring you back to a sense of balance and even help you with processing old trauma in a way that won’t wear you down. Malachite has been used since ancient times as a healing stone and its powers truly know no bounds. Find out more about the meaning of Malachite.


10) Agate 

blue lace agate
  • Connected communication
  • Gentle joyful energy 

Black Agate is a stone of courage that can help lift you out of a depressive slump. Blue Lace Agate is a joyful gentle stone that brings soft healing vibes and the promise of closer connected communication. Sometimes, it can be a struggle to open up and talk to people about the darkness that can consume us but Blue Lace Agate delves deep into the heart chakra and clears space for this to happen. Find out more about the meaning of Agate.


11) Black Tourmaline 

Black Tourmaline
  • Protective gemstone
  • Keeps negative energy at bay

It’s not always the bright and bursting sunlight stones that provide a pick me up for those who are feeling low, the protective stones earn their place when it comes to helping keep the black dog at bay. Black Tourmaline is one of the most important protective stones out there. Ever ready to dispel negative energies, it also helps you to feel safe and grounded knowing it is close by. When we feel secure in this world, we don’t have to waste precious energy on worry because we know that no matter what we are well protected in this world. Find out more about the meaning of Black Tourmaline.


12) Aventurine 

Green Aventurine
  • A stone of strong action
  • Gives back personal power

Aventurine is a stone of beautiful abundance and can help shift your thought patterns and tilt them towards the sunnier side of life. This stone is often used in leadership as it brings about strong and decisive action. As depressive episodes can make you feel as though you have lost personal power, Green Aventurine can bring that back to you and help you to feel more in control of your own life. It’s also a stone that encourages stability and the healing of old wounds. Find out more about the meaning of Aventurine.


13) Moonstone 

  • Feminine energy and softness
  • Reminds us to embrace cycles

When the nights seem dark, let the luminous light of Moonstone guide you to the clearing of your own beautiful being. This stone is sheer feminine energy, softness, and pearly white purity. Moonstone is a great stone for those who would do well from the reminder that all things pass. During low times it can seem impossible that they would ever change and this can make us feel stuck and hopeless and lost. But Moonstone is inspired by the cyclical changes of the moon and it serves to tell us that a new phase is always waiting. Find out more about the meaning of Moonstone.


14) Obsidian 

Black Obsidian
  • Brings back balance
  • Keeps the root chakra strong

Another potent protector stone, Obsidian is also a great healer. While Black Obsidian may be too heavy for those who don’t want to deal with their shadow side right now, Rainbow Obsidian could bring just the balance you need. This stone is shot with iridescent colors and its connection to the root chakra is strong. Gold Obsidian too can be a softer shade for those who still crave the protective powers of Obsidian but who want to take a gentler approach to aligning their heart with divine will. Find out more about the meaning of Obsidian.


15) Shungite 

Shungite stone
  • A purifer stone
  • Aligns the chakras

Shungite is a purifier stone that cleanses the body, mind, and soul. For those who are feeling the call of a great reset, this black and white stone from the remote corners of Russia could be just the spring clean you need. Ever ready to bring balance and strength and to align all of the chakras, the healing potency of Shungite shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s also adept at bringing protection into your space and helping to clear out toxic vibes.


16) Sunstone



  • Life giving energy
  • Overthrows heavy feelings

For those who struggle with dark days and long nights, Sunstone can help alleviate the weight of seasonal affective disorder. This radiant stone is all warm energy that can sink right down into the root of your being. Believed to take its power from the sun god Ra, the Sunstone comes soaked with life giving energy and is an expert at helping you to overthrow heavy feelings of fear and stress. For those who are craving a time when things seem easy, warm, and bright once more, this stone encompasses all that energy and more. Find out more about the meaning of Sunstone.

How to use these gemstones 

set of gemstone bracelets for uplifting and healing

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  • Wear for intention and protection
  • Hold a worry stone for your woes
  • Welcome to the house for cleansing vibes

Intention is a powerful tool in this universe and while it may seem tricky to muster when moods are low, it can bloom into being simply by making the choice to keep your uplifting crystals close by. Gemstone jewelry for positive power is one of the best ways to make the most of your healing crystals. Having healing gemstones pressed directly against the skin can be a wonderful way of raising your vibrations and letting the crystals get to work exactly where they are needed the most.

Along with gemstone jewelry, you can also turn to the worry stone. Worry stones are wonderful healers especially when feeling like the rising tide of darkness and anxiety is pounding down your door. By sitting with this crystal and turning it in the palm of your hand, you can subconsciously work through those feelings and bring meditation into the space. Feng Shui practice is another awesome way of directing power when it comes to healing crystals. Place your crystal of choice in a space that feels negative and let the stone do its work in cleansing that energy and bringing purified air and power into the space.

It is also worth remembering that when using crystals to mop up dark dreams and bad feelings, that you need to keep them cleansed and charged on a regular basis. You can discharge some of that bad energy that has been collected through smudging the crystal with sage or running under water for a couple of moments. Also, don’t forget to charge it back up by leaving it in soil, sunlight, moonlight, or the presence of other healing quartz crystals too.

Go over a few basic ways to use the crystals. This can be meditation, crystal grids, putting crystals in negative areas, wearing, etc.


When the light seems to have gone out we hope that these crystals can provide a path out of the darkness. These crystals are soaked in positive power, gentle energy, and the reminder that you are worthy of love and happiness and all that you desire. We know that healing can be a long and arduous journey, but we want to remind you, that no matter what – these stones are on your side and the universe has your back.

Life can be tough, but you are tougher. Grief is big, but love is bigger. We have so much respect for everyone out there battling through the heaviness and we are sending as much healing energy as we can muster your way with the promise that one day, things can feel better.

Which stone is whispering words of brighter days to you? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Disclaimer: While we love our crystals and are committed to their healing power, we know that they cannot substitute medical advice. If you or one of your loved ones is struggling with depression or any other mental health issue, we urge you to seek help from a professional.


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