17 Crystals for Sex, Love, & Intimacy


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17 Crystals for Sex, Love, & Intimacy

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Fun and fabulous, deep, and dreamy, energetic, or easy – there are so many ways to enjoy the ripe pleasures of sex, love, and intimacy. Sometimes sexual matters can be fraught with barriers that we place there ourselves, whether its old baggage, shyness, lack of confidence, or simply feeling like we are in a slump, our sexual selves sometimes require a little spiritual TLC to help us get our love lives back on track. Intimacy and love can also take constant work and its super important to remind ourselves of this and to take the time to tear down walls and sculpt our inner houses to build the life we want to live. If you are craving a little healing or a whole new direction when it comes to sex, love, and intimacy then these gorgeous crystals can help.

Healing crystals can bring light in many ways. From clearing blockages so energy can flow to tapping into dormant dreams, raising our vibrations, strengthening communication, and gifting us confidence and the freedom to explore, these are all things that crystals can do. With that in mind, get ready to spice up your life in a thousand different ways with these potent and powerful sex crystals.

How Gemstones can Stimulate Sexual Energy

Agate for asking for what you want

Clear Quartz for bringing balance to the body

Rose Quartz for filling your cup with love

Citrine for more pleasure in play

Amethyst for easing anxiety and leaping higher in love

Selenite for cleansing purity and boosting fertility

Garnet for blending creativity and sex

Calcite for vacation fling vibes

Smoky Quartz for overcoming low libido

Tiger’s Eye for reclaiming your power

Pyrite for firing up the lower chakras

Moonstone for fertility and goddess energy

Carnelian for sexual energy

Obsidian for courage in self-discovery

Tourmaline for moving out of passivity

Black Tourmaline for bringing you back to the body

Red Jasper for longer lasting fun


1) Agate

blue lace agate for sex

What it looks like: Dressed in many shades, but the cool lacy hues of Blue Lace Agate is soft and serene

What it does: A throat chakra stone, Blue Lace Agate invites you to express yourself with ease and grace. When it comes to love, relationships, and all things intimacy, communication is key for healthier and more harmonious connections. Find out more about the meaning of Blue Lace Agate.

When to use it: If you struggle to speak your mind or ask for what you desire, wearing this stone helps you to overcome shyness or fear of expressing your deeper desires.


2) Clear Quartz

clear quartz for sex

What it looks like: White ice with shards of starlight

What it does: Bringing the body into balance and clearing your heart, head, and soul, there are so many ways in which this master healer can clean up your life. For those who want to bring more energetic grace to their life, Clear Quartz helps you get clear in your desires and keeps your chakra and aura crystal clear too. Find out more about the meaning of Clear Quartz.

When to use it: There is no bad time to have even more Clear Quartz in your life. Keep this stone at home, on your body, or as a constant amulet during meditation to work through muddied thoughts.


3) Rose Quartz

rose quartz for sex

What it looks like: As pink and potent as a heart

What it does: The heart chakra crystal, Rose Quartz is always ready to fill your cup with love. For those who struggle to give themselves to love and intimacy, Rose Quartz makes sure that your heart is cleansed and clear and ready to receive love and give trust. Find out more about the meaning of Rose Quartz.

When to use it: If you feel like a former heartache is holding you back or if you have lost your faith in all things love, this stone will help you heal and fills you with confidence.


4) Citrine

citrine for sex

What it looks like: Sunshine splash, Citrine is sheer joy

What it does: This sunny stone is full of play and for those who struggle to find the fun in sex, this stone can tap into that explorative side, encouraging a lightness and laughter to be added to your pleasure. Find out more about the meaning of Citrine.

When to use it: If you think you take sex too seriously and want to lighten that load, the bright citrine stone can bring a buzz.


5) Amethyst

amethyst for sex

What it looks like: Purple crown and silver shimmers

What it does: A magically meditative and calming stone, Amethyst heals in a thousand different ways. For those who want to cleanse their inner love and sex space from negative thoughts or attachments, Amethyst is the way to go. This stone helps calm the body, eases anxiety, and invites you to leap higher with its crown chakra energy. Find out more about the meaning of Amethyst.

When to use it: Keep Amethyst on your person if you have rising anxiety around sex or want to elevate your experience even higher.


6) Selenite

selenite stone

What it looks like: Cloudy white and baby blue

What it does: Take your love and libido to the next level with the healing light of Selenite. This stone is all about cleansing purity, protection, and boosting fertility too. Find out more about the meaning of Selenite.

When to use it: Bring a slice of spiritual action to your sex life and for those who are taking a step towards parenthood, this pale soothing stone can lend a helping hand. Use Selenite in meditation or visualization practice.


7) Garnet


What it looks like: Dark red and regally fit for a queen

What it does: The master tantric stone is pure passion but not in a quick and greedy way. This gem is all about going slow, connecting to your dharma, digging deeper, and using your sexual energy as a creative force. Find out more about the meaning of Garnet.

When to use it: Keep Garnet close by when you feel like your sex life has fallen into a tired slump.


8) Calcite

orange calcite for sex

What it looks like: Lemons and oranges, Calcite is sunny citrus vibes

What it does: Orange Calcite is closely linked to sexuality and is fresh with energy. This soda pop stone stirs up confidence and encourages sheer indulgence when it comes to play. Find out more about the meaning of Calcite.

When to use it: If you are longing for that bare skin, sunshine, vacation fling fun of life, tap into this stone to manifest that power into the here and now.


9) Smoky Quartz

smoky quartz for sex

What it looks like: Smoke and water and silver wisps

What it does: For those who feel slumped by a low libido, Smoky Quartz can pick you right up. This gem works wonders at aligning our spiritual and sexual needs and shaking off any sense of shame or past trauma that could be related to the art of love and touch. Find out more about the meaning of Smoky Quartz.

When to use it: Use Smoky Quartz to help you heal from any sexual or intimate hang ups that could be holding you back. Meditate with this stone or wear it close to the skin to let it do that gentle work.


10) Tiger's Eye 

tigers eye for sex

What it looks like: Golden brown, black, and banded orange, just like the eye of the tiger

What it does: The big cat energy is actually perfect for balancing out your sexual powers. If you want to shift from submissive energy into ownership, then this stone is for you. Tigers Eye helps you to feel empowered and protected. Find out more about the meaning of Tigers Eye.

When to use it: Use Tigers Eye alongside your affirmations to reclaim your power and beautiful sense of self-worth.


11) Pyrite

pyrite for sex

What it looks like: Not all that glitters is gold as Pyrite proves

What it does: Pyrite comes from the Greek word for fire which is exactly what you need to inject a little heat into parts of yourself that may feel cold. Not only can Pyrite rekindle a sense of passion but it also keeps your blood in healthy flow and helps with fertility issues too. Find out more about the meaning of Pyrite.

When to use it: Place Pyrite on your lower chakras to stir up any blocked energy and awaken your life force. You can also use Pyrite in visualization techniques when it comes to matters of fertility.


12) Moonstone

moonstone for sex

What it looks like: An orb of luminous light dressed in goddess energy

What it does: All that gorgeous goddess energy is amazing for tapping into the kundalini spirit and helping you to own your sexual self. It is also intuitive, emotional, and loving helping you to embrace these traits in all your relationships. Finally, Moonstone is the ultimate fertility symbol so perfect for those looking to welcome the seed of life. Find out more about the meaning of Moonstone.

When to use it: Keep Moonstone close to your bedside table or on your person whenever you feel the need to fill yourself up with the feminine spirit or if you want to be more led by your wise woman intuition.


13) Carnelian

carnelian for sex

What it looks like: Glowing red and orange like the flicker of a passionate flame

What it does: Full of radiant red hot energy, Carnelian is awesome at igniting those lower chakras which can be the perfect remedy for rousing your sexual energy. This is where your creativity, joy, and passion sit and when these chakras are aligned those traits can freely flow. Find out more about the meaning of Carnelian.

When to use it: If you are feeling blocked in passion and joy, place this crystal on your lower chakras during meditation.


14) Obsidian

obsidian for sex

What it looks like: Dark and dreamy, Obsidian is your anchor

What it does: Intense power and amazing anchoring are just some of the benefits of having your Obsidian close by when it comes to matters of the physical self and the heart. This stone is awesome at clearing out negative energies and aligning you with your authentic self. Find out more about the meaning of Obsidian.

When to use it: Create a sacred sensual space for self-discovery in the presence of Obsidian to stay protected and to have the courage to dive in a little deeper.


15) Tourmaline

tourmaline for sex

What it looks like: A thousand colors unite in the sharp energy of Tourmaline

What it does: Tourmaline is all glowing and gentle and amazing for encouraging your erotic self to shine. This stone comes in many different shades and styles whether you want Pink Tourmaline for a soft and loving heart or Green Tourmaline for vigor and stamina. Find out more about the meaning of Tourmaline.

When to use it: Pick the Tourmaline that corresponds with your needs or grab several and make a crystal grid to activate compassion, self-love, strength, and moving out of passivity and into action.


16) Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline for sex

What it looks like: Beautiful in black, this kind of Tourmaline is pure protection

What it does: A base chakra stone with big protective energy, Black Tourmaline invites you to up your motivation and re-engage with the physical elements of life. Sometimes we can detach or check out but this stone helps you to connect safely and stay grounded. Find out more about the meaning of Black Tourmaline.

When to use it: If you are someone who tends to disassociate during sex and intimacy, Black Tourmaline can guide you back to your body and the moment without the overwhelm.


17) Red Jasper

red jasper for sex

What it looks like: Red joy, this Jasper is playful power

What it does: Increases virality and prolongs sexual excitement, for those who feel like their intimacy needs a good stir, Red Jasper is here to activate those lower chakras and encourage longer lasting fun in the sack. Find out more about the meaning of Red Jasper.

When to use it: Keep Red Jasper in your bedroom or use in chakra healing by placing on your sacral and solar plexus for clearing any blockages.

How to Use Crystal Healing to Improve Your Sex Life

 red jasper worry stones for sex

Now you know which crystals can shake up your sex life, deepen your sense of intimacy, and bring more vivacious light and love into your world, it helps to know how to harness that power. Just having these gems close by can make a huge difference as their healing vibes get straight to work. But for those who want a more active approach, here are a few more ideas for using crystals to improve your love life…

  • Keep these stones under your pillow or close to your bed to bless the space with potent love power.
  • Buy a crystal wand, crystal yoni egg, or other sex toys made from crystal.
  • Place some crystals in a bath with you for a sensual soak (check the type of crystal is able to get wet first)
  • Place crystals on the body or use a crystal roller for a love massage


Everyone has a different relationship with love and sex but whatever our connection, its important that we feel empowered in the choices we make and to feel tuned in to our actions. Nurturing healthy and positive experiences around the body and the heart brings healing light and moves us closer to those we love and ourselves.

What are your favorite crystals for love and sex? Share with us in the comments.


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