Merkaba: Sacred Geometry, Spiritual Healing, & Meditations


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Merkaba: Sacred Geometry, Spiritual Healing, & Meditations

womans hand holding gemstone merkaba

So much more than the simple shape of a star, the Merkaba holds deep spiritual meaning. This three-dimensional star has eight points and it takes its name from Mer for light, Ka for spirit, and Ba for the body. The Merkaba is believed to be a divine vehicle for keeping you balanced. 

Since ancient times, people have been unraveling the mysteries and meaning of the Merkaba. It’s impossible to capture all of this depth and scope in a fleeting paragraph, but we will do our best to offer a brief insight into the spiritual healing of this star of sacred geometry. 


The Merkaba has a long and complex history. The word Merkaba is a Hebrew word and is associated with the Hebrew Bible text from Ezekiel 1.4-26. While the word itself may not appear explicitly, the word chariot appears numerous times and Merkaba means chariot. The term Merkabah (also known as Merkavah) actually relates to the chariot of the throne of God in Ezekiel's vision. Scholars say that the throne or chariot isn’t to be taken literally but more refers to how god and his archangels are revealed in this world.

The word Merkaba is actually believed to be an Egyptian word (broken down into the three parts of Mer, Ka, and Ba). As you can see, the Merkaba has both religious and spiritual connotations attached to it. But as the Chaddissic Jewish people believe that the Merkaba is a symbol of contemplating how to be a better person, this is something that flows into the beauty of spirituality and shares weight with the ideas behind sacred geometry too.

Sacred geometry

The history of the Merkaba is a strong symbol in Judaism and has roots in the Torah, but it’s also connected to sacred geometry. It looks like a three-dimensional version of the Star of David. It is a star tetrahedron and with its geometric shapes spinning in opposite directions, it has the power to create a perfectly unionized and balanced energy field. Made up of tetrahedrons, we see straight away that the Merkaba star pulls together themes of balance and stability. These are the first of the platonic solids and with four triangular sides, the sides sit flat no matter what meaning that structure and stability become unshakable forces. The tetrahedron is also linked to the energy of the solar plexus - grounded, glorious, and ready to rise - this shape knows how to hold its personal power. 

The top tetrahedron is said to represent the masculine force, whereas the lower one represents the feminine. This can also be applied to the earth and the cosmos, with the top shape being the cosmos and the bottom shape being the earth. It can be applied to the physical realm and the spiritual realm, or the existence of dark and light. It is opposing forces coming together to create harmony. The idea that these energies are always spinning in opposite directions but that this energy creates balance is a beautiful idea to hold on to. This balance creates the chariot or vehicle of light that can carry your body and your spirit into higher consciousness. 

The Merkaba shape can be found in everything. It is in our water, our cells, our plants, our animals, and is designed by the universe itself. Its origins also relate to the flower of life, the mandala, and the tree of life. These tetrahedrons are associated with the divine and can take us closer to ‘god’ or higher consciousness. The upward point takes us higher while the lower point keeps us connected to the earth and grounded on our astral journeys. 


merkaba star and orgone pyramid

As a powerful protection tool, the Merkaba can be used in light-seeking and deep healing. From helping with the activation of your third eye chakra to encouraging you to access higher dimensions and embrace unconditional love, there’s a lot in store for those who welcome the Merkaba star into their life. Here are a few ways in which Merkaba can bring balance, spirit, and the flow of prana into your presence. 

Opening the Pineal Gland

When the Merkaba is used in symmetry with ancient prana breathing techniques, it can help restore prana flow into the pineal gland. This gland sits at the center of our forehead and is also known as the third eye chakra. When this gland is activated it can help us to reach our full potential, encouraging us to access higher realms, tap into the powers of visualization, and heighten our spiritual awareness. 

Balances the Brain

The Merkaba is all about balance. This intricate and sacred star brings our being in balance and it does this by restoring and igniting the activities on the two sides of our brain. By lighting up both sides of the brain, we can tune in deeper, enhance our understanding, and open up to new pathways of spiritual growth. 

Opens the Heart

Crack your heart right open and welcome the wonder of unconditional love with the magical presence of the Merkaba star. As this star is all about sacred geometry and harmony, it can nurture all shades of love and invite your kundalini spirit to rise. 

Connect with the Source

Merkabas are connected to source energy and as they call on you to touch in with your soul intention, you have the chance to create any kind of reality you wish. When programmed, the Merkaba can spin bright with active yang energy and this encourages you with the support of this star to start crafting the kind of life you want to lead.

Raise your Vibrations

Merkabas can also help to raise your vibrations. The energy of the Merkaba can remove stagnant and negative energy and can also stimulate a fresh flow. This can light us up from tip to toe and also helps us to feel more connected, aligned, and at one with our true desires. With that fresh flow of energy also comes a feeling of joy and rejuvenation. 

Cleanses the Chakras

As the Merkaba is full of protective powers, it also has the energy to remove any chakra blockages that could be getting in the way of your full potential. For our energy to flow, it helps to have a clear line across all seven points of the body. Sometimes this energy can get stuck or blocked which can put us out of sync. The Merkaba is a powerful force and it encourages us to release feelings of fear and unworthiness which could be holding us back.

Merkaba meditation

amethyst merkaba

Using Merkaba in meditation is a surefire way of tapping into those harmonic healing powers. Your aim is to get your star energetically spinning so that it can activate its divine potential and lift us up to new heights. The beauty of the breath, the power of visualization, and the magic of meditation are the best ways to get your Merkaba moving. The Merkaba meditation can expand your awareness, cleanse your chakras, nurtures the intuitive elements of the brain, and puts you back in touch with your own deeper sense of self. Here are a few ideas to kickstart your Merkaba meditations…


Tap into a simple visualization meditation to get your Merkaba moving. 


First, you must find a quiet spot where you can sit and feel safe in your sense of comfort. 

Take a few deep cleansing breaths and visualize your Merkaba star. Don’t get too caught up in the details here as everyone’s star will look a little different. 

As you clear your mind and hone in on your star image, you can start to imagine it spinning.

Try and see it spinning in a synchronized manner with the top of one pyramid pointing towards the heavens and the other towards the earth.

Stay connected to your breathing and as the stars spin faster, envision yourself being lit up by rays of luminous energy. 

Imagine it turning faster and faster and try to feel your rising vibrations. 
If you tap into your vibrations, you may feel a surge of joy, energy, or power. This is a surefire sign that you have awakened your Merkaba and its vibrations are flowing through you. 

It may feel overwhelming for a second and you may want to pull back, but surrender to the energy that pulls you and see where it leads.

The Breath

trio of orgone merkaba stars

The breath is another wonderful way of connecting with your Merkaba and calling on its cosmic energy. This breathing meditation calls on seventeen steps to connect you and your star and awaken those harmonic vibrations through the power of the breath. 

First breath - turn your palms to the heavens, touch your thumb and the first finger gently and take a deep inhale. Imagine a cleansing white light surrounding you. Breathe deep in a yogic manner (exhaling through the nose) and envision the root chakra opening as you visualize a red light. 

Second breath - keep palms upwards and now the second finger and thumb touching. Take a deep inhale and imagine an orange light that is your sacral chakra opening. Exhale. 

Third breath - In the same seated stance, palm up and now your third finger and thumb touching, you can visualize the color yellow. Feel your solar plexus opening as you exhale. 

Fourth breath - The fourth breath sees you placing your fourth finger and thumb together and witnessing the color green. Feel your heart space crack open as your heart chakra flows. Exhale. 

Fifth breath - Put the thumb and the first finger back together and envision a beautiful blue light. Feel your throat chakra opening as you exhale. 

Sixth breath - Place your thumb and second finger together, imagine the color of indigo. Feel your third eye-opening as you exhale.

Seventh breath - Move your thumb to press against your third finger. Imagine the color of violet and feel your crown chakra shine out. Exhale

Eighth breath - As you go into your eighth breath, visualize the energy of prana flowing through the top and the bottom of your spine. Inhale. Watch this light meet at your navel and bloom into a beautiful sphere of light. Exhale.

Ninth breath - Feel your heart chakra expand with love as your prana sphere grows larger and larger. Place your longest finger at the center of your body below the naval.

Tenth breath - Inhale and visualize your prana sphere ever growing. As you exhale, release a little air through your lips. Imagine a golden light surrounding you and flowing from your fingers as you release any air.

Eleventh breath - Relax into your body and fall into a gentle rhythmic breath. Feeling your heart opening to love as you do so and imaging prana flowing through.

Twelfth breath - Feel this love in the center of your prana sphere

Thirteenth breath - Inhale and feel any negativity moving outside of the light, exhale and let the light fill in all those gaps.

Fourteenth breath - Place your palms together in the prayer position and inhale. Feel the light moving up to your fourth chakra. Breathe from here and feel your prana flow.

Fifteenth breath - In your mind, see the tetrahedrons of light rotating. Inhale and exhale.

Sixteenth breath -Inhale and see the tetrahedrons in your mind spinning at equal speed. Exhale and blow with force.

Seventeenth breath - Imagine it spinning at the speed of light and let this breath take you to any cosmic places it wants to.

Other Methods

You can also use your Merkaba star in other spiritual practices like advanced reiki or even building crystal grids. It works wonders when combined with crystal grids like the Metatrons cube. As crystals are known to amplify intention, cleanse chakras, and raise vibrations they make a glorious match for the Merkaba star. Simply wearing a Merkaba star or keeping it close by can also surround you with healing light and remind you of your own intuitive power. 


The Merkaba Star is a mystical symbol that has been around since the first century AD. It has served as a symbol in both religious and spiritual practice but rippling through its center seems to be the shared idea to garner a deeper connection with body, spirit, and light. Just having it in your presence can help protect and lift you up and for those who want to participate in deeper spiritual techniques, the visualization, breathwork, and meditation techniques can carry you to a whole new universe. 

What are your thoughts on the Merkaba Star? Are you drawn to its spinning energies? Share your experiences with us in the comments.


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