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18 Gorgeous Grey Gemstones You Should Know

norwegian grey labradorite

The color of cashmere, starry nights, soft energy, silver wishes, and water beneath the moonlight - shades of grey have a long history of balance and neutrality. While some may consider grey to be one of the duller colors, this is the ultimate symbol of balance and fusion. It is where white meets black, it is where the shadow meets the light, and it is where we are able to take a deep breath and be calm without wild levels of overwhelm. 

Grey gemstones are soft and subdued, they have no need to be flashy or brash - they ooze sophistication and surrender to being what they are. They are forever playing with the light but also know when it’s time to hold steady and be a little serious in helping you achieve what you need. They can be anything from the pale wool-like grey with hints of light-blue, or even as dark grey as a stormy sky, they can be blue green with inclusions of gorgeous grey color or inky with a grey-black sheen, and they can sparkle with the starry-eyed luster often seen in stones like diamond or zircon. Grey stones look sublime and super muted and grown-up when placed in pendants or used in engagement rings. Because of their understated elegance, they are a great choice for those who don't like to be too flashy with their gems. 

Grey gemstones can hold all kinds of shades beneath the surface - from cooling blues to precious golds, protective blacks and cleansing whites, a grey gemstone gives you so much to work with. 

  • Grey moonstone
  • Agate
  • Labradorite 
  • Tourmaline
  • Hematite
  • Apatite
  • Obsidian
  • Aquamarine
  • Grey Chalcedony
  • Fluorite
  • Garnet
  • Grey Tanzanite
  • Grey Diamonds
  • Onyx
  • Smoky Quartz
  • Star Sapphire
  • Platinum Rutilated Quartz
  • Grey Amethyst

      The Major Grey Gemstones 

      Grey gemstones are here to solve and soothe. These enigmatic and comforting stones are a beautiful balancing act and are here to bring you into alignment. Whether you are working through your hard stuff or if you are just looking for soft calming energy and endless protection, these are the loveliest and most popular gemstones you could wish for.

      1) Grey Moonstone 

      grey moonstone

      Like a wisp of cloud trailing across a harvest moon, the Grey Moonstone is a stone of silence, wonder, and ethereal energy. Moonstones are one of the most mystical and feminine magick stones out there. While Moonstones tend to be white with wonder, tinted yellow or pink, the Grey Moonstone is a faceted gem of serene grace, lovers' energy, commitment, and pulling back the veil so you can see what shimmers behind the curtain. It’s about dropping your guard, owning your spirit, and making deep connections with yourself and Mother Nature. 

      2) Agate 

      blue lace agate gemstone

      Agate comes in many shades and spectrums, from deliriously dark Black Agate to soft and serene Blue Lace Agate. We love the Grey Agate because it has cashmere vibes that are full of coziness. There’s a mineral kind of magic to Agate and this shows up in its deep-seated grounding energy and its sense of courage. Grey Agate is a gem that ebbs towards endurance and focus, and it helps us to occupy a more productive space.

      3) Labradorite

      labradorite gemstone

      The iridescent hues of Labradorite are always a delight. Ruminating in shades of blue and green, gold and grey - it’s as though this stone was born from enchanting realms and otherworldly pleasures. Labradorite is a stone of thought and illumination. It is equal measures cosmic consciousness and earthly splendor. As a stone of transformation, Labradorite can pull you out of a rut, align your throat chakra and your third eye chakra, and put you back in touch with your own infinite wisdom. 

      4) Tourmaline 

      black tourmaline gemstone

      Time to say farewell to negative energy as you bliss out on the cleansing and protective energy of Tourmaline. Inky in shades of black and grey, this weighty grounding stone is here to mop up bad feelings, soak up any ill effects from EMFs, and clear out anxious vibrations to make way for your true unfettered awesomeness to shine. For those who want a stone that offers support, the smoky shade of Tourmaline is tried and tested. 

      5) Hematite 

      hematite gemstone

      Sourced from the lava rich crust of the earth, Hematite is iron ore and sparkle. Known as the iron rose, Hematite is all about providing stability and success. It helps us to root down in our power so we can build a solid foundation on which to thrive. With a divine dose of courage, strength, and willpower, Hematite clears you of any qualities that are holding you back. Whether it's people-pleasing, addiction, or being out of sync with your yin and your yang, Hematite is here to bring you into steady alignment

      6) Apatite 

      Often associated with swirling shades of blue and green, Grey Apatite takes a warmer approach. This gemstone celebrates all things intellect, manifestation, and finding new ways to live in peace and harmony. Apatite connects the past to the future and the here and now. It helps us to create coherent stories without getting stuck in one place or another. For those who struggle with being present or for those who want to learn from the past and look to the future without feeling like they are lacking or locked in frustration, this gentle stone stimulates in all the right ways.

      7) Obsidian 

      snowflake obsidian stone

      As grey and black as the stormy sky, Obsidian may seem fierce, but this protective stone comes with myriad magic. Obsidian is such a great stone for those who want to face their demons and do so with a shield in hand. It’s a stone that certainly encourages you to seek out truth but also makes sure that you aren’t in a place of heartache and vulnerability. Obsidian keeps your heart beating loud and healthy, it stops negative emotions from sticking to us, and it grants us all the bravery we need to step into the unknown. 

      8) Aquamarine 

      aquamarine stone

      Aquamarine is all shimmering ocean shades of green and blue and grey. This watery gem invites us to move with the flow, to learn to let go, and to trust in our own selves. This stone is a gem of courage and commitment to your own true heart. It’s also a gem that soothes the throat chakra, regulates hormones, and helps us to quiet an overactive mind. For anyone who has big fire energy or for those who are sensitive souls, Aquamarine cools and strengthens and helps you to find your pace in this fast-moving world. 

      9) Grey Chalcedony 

      grey chalcedony stone

      Gorgeous Grey Chalcedony has such soothing energy. This stone is all about bringing comfort to your body, mind, and soul and making sure that you are living in complete harmony. Grey Chalcedony is awesome at ironing and balancing out big emotions. If you feel like you are often quick to anger, frustration, overwhelm, or any big feelings that get in the way of you feeling like you are living in your bliss - Grey Chalcedony can mop them right up. This stone is also excellent at clearing the upper chakras, keeping your voice clear and your mind connected to the bigger picture.

      10) Fluorite 

      fluorite stone

      A neutralizer of all things negative, the Fluorite stone is awesome for those who want an energy detox. If you are finding that life feels a little cluttered and all kinds of baggage is occupying your all-important headspace, then turn to Fluorite to chase the clouds away. Along with neutralizing negative energy, Fluorite also helps you to find clarity, to cut out catastrophic thinking, and to cleanse that aura so its squeaky clean. With the softer shade of the Grey Fluorite, you can welcome themes of lucidity, dreams, and genius. 

      11) Garnet 

      grey garnet stone

      While we often associate the Garnet stone with being all fire and finery, the Grey Garnet takes a softer more nurturing approach without losing even an inch of that gorgeous Garnet energy. Garnet is an activating stone so a perfect choice for those who tend to sit on the fence. This precious stone brings bravery bubbling to the surface and makes sure that you remain connected to your worth and your wonder. Even the Grey Garnet has a wonderful warmth to it that can send a fiery brightness from tip to toe. 

      12) Grey tanzanite 

      grey tanzanite

      Tanzanite is one of those rare gems. It comes in a multitude of different shades from purple to blue and grey. Grey Tanzanite comes doused with mystical energy. It is a stone of splendid mysticism and a dab hand at bringing inner calm to every inch of your being. For those who want to delve deeper into their own souls or who are intrigued by journeys into meditation and dreams, Grey Tanzanite can stimulate all kinds of joy, purpose, and powerful thought patterns to manifest the reality you want to live. 

      13) Grey diamonds 

      diamonds on grey background

      While we tend to associate diamonds as being a sparkle of snowy bright light, the Grey Diamond is softer and hazier in both look and style. A grey diamond captures sophistication and class and while these may seem like shallow traits when you break them down, so they are about maturity, the ability to process one’s emotions and the poise that we sometimes need to carry ourselves with our heads held high. Balance and confidence and the belief that we can be strong without being hard - these are the lessons to be learnt from the Grey Diamond. Grey diamonds are beautiful and rare making them a coveted choice for those looking for a different angle when it comes to diamond rings.

      14) Onyx 

      black and white onyx cubes

      Smoky Onyx shares a lot in common with its dark and dreamy crystal cousins. Known for being a powerful protector stone, this gem doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to keeping you safe and sound. Onyx is always a fave when it comes to feng shui magic. This gemstone is not only a tonic for the nerves, but it has soft flowing water energy that can effectively cleanse and purify a space. Unsurprisingly, Onyx is a root chakra stone meaning that it's a gem that wants you to get grounded. Onyx will not only ensure that you keep both feet on the floor, but it will also help with keeping you safe and sound even when you are doing the highest spiritual work.

      15) Smoky quartz 

      smoky quartz gemstone

      Enigmatic and effortless in its anchoring nature, the Smoky Quartz stone is a glorious gem born from the purity and power of Clear Quartz. One of the things we love the most about Smoky Quartz is the feeling that you are taking a big deep breath when holding it. Forever soothing, the Smoky Quartz knows how to set the record straight. It helps cut through tension headaches, clears out toxic patterns, and invites you to harness your own wisdom and warrior energy to guide you to all the right places. Like Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz is an amplifier too, giving you more bang for your buck when it comes to energy and healing.

      16) Star sapphire 

      star sapphire stone

      The Star Sapphire is a head-turner for all the right reasons. This gorgeous midnight stone comes complete with a natural star spangling out beneath the surface of the gem. This effect is caused by Asterism and earns it the nickname - the stone of destiny. Star Sapphires are the ultimate guardian angel gem. Hailing from Madagascar, these stones are all about protecting against targeted thoughts, fine-tuning your focus, and helping you to strengthen those stunning traits of honesty, integrity, and inner strength too. Be as bright as the lights that burn overhead with the stunning Star Sapphire. Sapphire is the birthstone of September, a time when the summer's sweetness makes way for seasonal change and the deepening of one's intuition.

      17) Platinum Rutilated Quartz 

      rutilated quartz stone

      Filed to the brim with vitality, the Platinum Rutilated Quartz is a stone that turns up the dial on your abilities. For those who want to enhance their favorite traits, this stone instantly recognizes what works for you and does all that it can to boost those moods. It is also known as the ‘illuminating stone’ meaning that it does an exceptional job at helping you to see clearly, receive cosmic messages, and get to the core truth of your being. 

      18) Grey amethyst

      grey amethyst stone

      Forever soothing and stacked with serenity, we love Amethyst in every single shade. The Grey Amethyst comes with all that gentle and gorgeous energy too. Here to enhance your intuition, naturally talk you down off a ledge, and activate all kinds of spiritual awareness - the Grey Amethyst is a superconductor for all things good. Since ancient times, this stone has been used to heal the body and free the mind

      Which are your favorite grey stones? Do you love their subtle smoke and mirror shades or are you more into bright splashes of glowing gemstone color instead? Share with us in the comments. 

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