15 Crystals For Motivation: Change Your Life!


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15 Crystals For Motivation: Change Your Life!

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 On the brink of burnout? Struggling to pull yourself out of a slump? Maybe it’s time to turn to healing crystals to get a helping hand. These are tough times and it can be hard work to keep your motivation riding high. Whether you are mapping out your work week, kickstarting a creative project, or even trying to find the energy to tune in and connect with friends and family, radiant energy and motivation can be hard to pin down at times.

Many of us go through moments where we feel like we are running on fumes. We live in a very yang world where we overarch, reach high, push ourselves, and see the hustle as an element of success. This is a lot to keep up with and can keep us constantly running on a treadmill until we fizzle and fail and it can lead to burnout. Burnout can be subtle and it can make us feel stuck and unable to move forward with any real purpose. When this happens, you may need a shakeup, a new dose of divine energy, and to raise those vibrations to reconnect with your soul purpose. This is where these crystals for motivation can help. 

The Best Crystals to Push Yourself in the Right Direction

direction signs against a sunset

Crystals come packed with rich and radiant healing and can certainly help pull you out of a funk. These stones are not only awesome chakra cleansers ever ready to rid you of those body blockages that could be holding you back, but they are also known for helping to marry intention with manifestation. These stones are here to put you on the perfect path to living the life you truly want.

Tigers Eye for shaking off lethargy and taking life by the reigns.

Clear Quartz for cleaning out your spiritual and emotional closet.

Rose Quartz for helping us feel held, loved and supported.

Citrine for a mindset shift and finding the fun in life again.

Amethyst for purpose-filled steps to your next destination.

Selenite for a soul reset.

Carnelian for diving back into a creative project.

Aventurine for shaking off the past and finding your place.

Lapis Lazuli for consistency and inner truth.

Calcite for cutting out weighty pressure and finding the lightness in life.

Apatite for dissolving apathy.

Fluorite for keeping focus strong.

Garnet for when you need confidence and commitment.

Pyrite for attracting abundance

Bloodstone for physical strength and vitality


1) Tiger's Eye 

tigers eye

What it looks like: Like the big cat peeking at you from the jungle, this stone is all black and gold and banded orange.

What it does: The stone of survival, the Tigers Eye is all-seeing and knows exactly how to boost your instincts and get you back on your feet. Like the animal after which this gem takes its name, Tigers Eye is quiet energy, confidence, and the intricate self-possessed power of knowing when to pounce. Find out more about the meaning of Tigers Eye.

When to use it: When you feel like something in life is getting away from you, Tigers Eye reconnects you to your sense of self, strengthens your personal power, and helps you shake off the lethargy. It’s a great stone for when you need the motivation to go and grab life by the reigns.


2) Clear Quartz 

clear quartz

What it looks like: White and icy bright, like a hunk of glacier from the ends of the earth.

What it does: Clear Quartz is a kickass amplifier and is forever ready to turn the dial up when it comes to your energy, motivation, and the power of positivity. Also known as the Master Healer, this gem is here to shake out the dust of old patterns, negative energy, and even a wisp of self-doubt. It fills you up with a can-do attitude and invites you to manifest and visualize the very best of your dreams. Find out more about the meaning of Clear Quartz.

When to use it: Turn to Clear Quartz whenever you need to clean out your emotional and mental closet. This gem is here to spring clean your aura, shake out your chakras, and get the good stuff flowing again.


3) Rose Quartz 

rose quartz

What it looks like: Pretty and pink and with a slight shimmer, this stone is all feminine energy and love.

What it does: The pretty pink quartz is a dab hand at helping to raise you up in the light of love and self-compassion. Sometimes finding your feet isn’t about forcing something but is more about being that quiet confidence and belief in the self that comes with radical empathy. Rose Quartz is a heart healer and is always here to bring gentle nourishing encouragement. Find out more about the meaning of Rose Quartz.

When to use it: If you are being hard on yourself because you have lost all willpower, Rose Quartz will stimulate a sense of loving care deep in your heart. When we feel held, loved, and supported we are better equipped to take risks and reach for the stars, knowing that success doesn’t define who we are.


4) Citrine


What it looks like: A sunbeam captured in the palm of your hand, this golden stone sparkles with positivity.

What it does: Getting back into the swing of things sometimes requires radiant energy and a happy go lucky streak. This is exactly what Citrine can do for you. Also known as the lucky merchants stone, Citrine sweeps in and brings a positive mental mindset. It opens up your solar plexus chakra and helps you to find the fun in life. With Citrine you forever have a spring in your step. Find out more about the meaning of Citrine.

When to use it: When you feel like all the joy has been drained from life and you can’t get out from under the rainclouds, Citrine is your dose of sunlight, feeding you all that feel-good energy you need. Turn to it when your moods are low and you need a mindset shift.


5) Amethyst 


What it looks like: The crown chakra stone is all vibrant purple hues and spiritual promises.

What it does: Motivation doesn’t always have to feel like get up and go. Sometimes it can be sitting quietly and letting the light shift through you. Amethyst is an incredible stone for contemplation, wisdom, and finding your own sense of serenity. It opens our third eye and crown chakra, helping us to connect our authentic self with our true purpose. Find out more about the meaning of Amethyst.

When to use it: When you feel like life has lost its meaning or if you are feeling at a crossroads and don’t know which way to go, Amethyst can be an amazing stone for helping to guide you. Using its calm sense of purpose it can assist in meditative decision making, a crucial element of taking purposeful steps to your next destination.


6) Selenite 

selenite stone

What it looks like: Pale and white with hints of yellow in its raw form.

What it does: Selenite is here to be your angel. This stone is known for clearing away unwanted energy andcleansing your palate so you can paint the life you want. Selenite is all about peace and progress and it paves the way for this to be possible. It fills you up with a cup of clear calm and brings high vibrations so you can step right into glorious growth. Find out more about the meaning of Selenite.

When to use it: Turn to the angelic power of Selenite when you feel like you are thrashing against the world. Sometimes negative energy can block the way and fills our hearts with uncertainty and fear. Selenite is a reset for the soul.


7) Carnelian 


What it looks like: Racy in red with a warming orange glow, Carnelian is a fiery kiss.

What it does: Always ready to kickstart your motivation, Carnelian brings passion and fire all while keeping you gloriously grounded. This gem is awesome at encouraging movement especially if you have been feeling stuck in the mud. It also comes with tons of creativity making it an apt stone for problem-solving and thinking outside the box. Find out more about the meaning of Carnelian.

When to use it: Turn to Carnelian whenever you feel like your energy for a project has been drained away. It's great for creative types who are trying to overcome fear and self-doubt when finishing something they have already started.


8) Aventurine 


What it looks like: Vibrant green and all mineral magic, its no wonder Aventurine is such a cool cat.

What it does: Green Aventurine is a vision stone, ever ready to help you see deeper into your dreams. Sometimes we lose our sense of motivation because we don’t know which way to turn and whether or not we are on the right path. Aventurine connects to the heart chakra, invites you to let go of old stories that aren’t serving you, and increases your sense of being part of this world. Sometimes that’s all we need to boost our spirits. Find out more about the meaning of Green Aventurine. 

When to use it: Use Green Aventurine when you feel like you don’t have a clear purpose in the universe or when you feel stuck in the past. This stone will grant you that insight and courage you need to move forward.


9) Lapis Lazuli 

lapis lazuli

What it looks like: Blue and white and scattered with starlight, Lapis is a stone that still whispers of mystery.

What it does: We have all the knowledge that we need to make the right decisions for ourselves, sometimes we just forget it or get off track. Lapis can put us back on that path of intuition and rekindle our sense of self. When we are able to own our truth and speak our mind, we may find that our motivation works at a consistent level rather than these bumpy peaks and troughs. Find out more about the meaning of Lapis Lazuli.

When to use it: If you are feeling pulled in different directions or like you are doing too much fence-sitting, this can totally slow down your motivation and make you feel lost. Turn to Lapis in these times to visualize and reconnect with what you know to be truly you.


10) Calcite

orange calcite

What it looks like: Like soda pop shades of fizzy orange, this stone is pure strength.

What it does: Orange Calcite glows with citrus shades and is an awesome energy amplifier. If you feel like you can’t be bothered or if you aren’t sure you have what it takes in life to succeed, the soft bright energy of Calcite reminds you not to take life too seriously. Sometimes, its in that pinch of lightheartedness that we find joy again. Find out more about the meaning of Calcite.

When to use it: Call on the glowing orange hues of Calcite when you feel the weight of life weighing heavy on your head. This stone will shift that sense of pressure and help you to stir into spring energy once more.


11) Apatite 


What it looks like: Beautiful in blue with ribbons of green, Apatite is all ocean shades.

What it does: Gently encouraging your throat chakra to open, stimulating your intellect, and helping to bring balance to your yin and yang energy, there are many amazing traits that Apatite can bring to the table. This luminous blue stone washes away apathy and helps you to stay clear and focused on what you want. Find out more about the meaning of Apatite.

When to use it: Turn to Apatite when you have lost your appetite for ambition. Ambition doesn’t always have to mean climbing the career ladder or being a go-getter, but it can mean taking steps to live a healthy and fulfilled life. Apatite can put you back in the driver’s seat.


12) Fluorite 

rainbow flurite

What it looks like: Shot with rainbow hues of purple and green, Fluorite is forever a focused stone scattered with creative thoughts.

What it does: Motivation can ebb and flow especially if your mind is a racing river full of debris. Fluorite works to cleanse and clear the mind and to make sure that you stay fine-tuned to your focus and purpose.It’s also an awesome grounding stone and its tethering properties ensure you keep both feet on the floor. Find out more about the meaning of Fluorite.

When to use it: Rainbow Fluorite is an awesome taskmaster as it keeps you connected to the issue at hand and shuts out all distractions. For those days when you need to study or just get that job done, Fluorite helps to harness your concentration without compromising on creative fun.


13) Garnet 


What it looks like: Deep in shades of velvet red, it’s no surprise that this precious gem is compared to the jewel-like fruit of pomegranates.

What it does: A bold stone that isn’t afraid to push you to the next level, Garnet is all about igniting your passions. Garnet comes soaked in the spirit of motivation, energy, and fire. It is a great stone for raising confidence levels and shaking off those chains of doubt and disbelief. When you have Garnet on your side, you can do anything. Find out more about the meaning of Garnet.

When to use it: Turn to Garnet when you feel like your spark has gone out. When you feel dark and dreary and as though nothing can be done, this stone will reignite that fire and make you feel bright and bold and ready to conquer all.


14) Pyrite 


What it looks like: Glimmering in gold, Pyrite is all fire and fantasy.

What it does: This golden nugget is a powerful stone for manifesting all that you desire. Pyrite comes from the Greek word for fire, and this gives you a glimpse as to what this glittering gem is capable of. Pyrite can help you to manifest money, bring in abundance, own your desire, and finetune those inner goals and that sense of strength. Find out more about the meaning of Pyrite.

When to use it: If you have been feeling that your life doesn’t exactly look like the life you wanted, Pyrite can put a pin in that and help to change the landscape. It is a great tool for attracting abundance.


15) Bloodstone 


What it looks like: Dark as iron ore and mingled with shades of red and green, Bloodstone is a vision of vitality.

What it does: Bloodstone is the gem that was handed to warriors out on the battlefield. It was said to revive their spirits and fill them with a renewed sense of energy so they could reach success. For those who feel like they don’t have the energy to reach for what they need and that all the fight has gone out of them, this stone will bring invigorating strength so you can get back out there. Find out more about the meaning of Bloodstone.

When to use it: Bloodstone is great for refueling you when your physical energy has taken a hit. It’s not always mental clarity that carries us forward but also stamina and a strong spirit. With its vitality and vivacious power, Bloodstone supports you wholeheartedly.

 How to Use these Gemstones for Motivation

orange calcite crystal pyramid

Now you have an awesome list of inspiring stones to pick you up from your slump, it helps to know how to connect with their energy so you can raise your game. These tips can help you to get a handle on your crystals healing energy and connect with exactly what the universe has in store…

  • Wear crystal jewelry to stay connected to your purpose and a powerful sense of self.
  • When feeling in a slow funk, sit with your crystal in hand and visualize syncing up with its vibrations and letting it's light and energy sink into every corner of your being.
  • Place crystals in your workspace or creative studio to rouse you when you sit down to work.
  • Create a crystal grid to surround yourself with positive energy.
  • Practice morning affirmations while holding your crystal to channel and direct your energy.

Other stones that also work well for motivational energy include Obsidian, Onyx, Black Tourmaline, Red Jasper, Sunstone, Topaz, Sodalite, and Labradorite too. 


Remember, motivation is awesome and incredibly important to help us stay on task and steer clear of procrastination. However, it’s always good to remember that the body also craves balance and rest. Being in a constant state of can-do and striving to get things done will lead to burnout if you don’t balance it with rest and softness. But don’t worry, these crystals know exactly what you need and will make sure that you stay tuned in to your body and soul.

What are your fave healing stones for pulling yourself out of a slump? Share with us in the comments.


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