How to Find the Right Healing Bracelet for You


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How to Find the Right Healing Bracelet for You


Crystal healing has been around for centuries. From using Amethyst to connect to the higher gods to Jade in the art of Chinese medicine, Mother Nature’s most potent stones have a long and illustrious history when it comes to soothing the body, mind and soul.

In the modern world, crystals and rare stones are often used in healing bracelets or other types of jewelry, but you can also pick up singular stones to keep stashed away in your pocket. The aim is always to carry your healing stone with you, so it continues to protect and provide assistance no matter where you step in this world.

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What Are Crystals?

Crystals form naturally across the earth; from the icy snow blasted corners of Scandinavia to the humid jungles of Indonesia, these natural rock formations come in a myriad of shapes, colors, sizes, and each hosting its own utterly unique properties. They are a makeup of minerals, salts, carbon, and liquids that have cooled over time to create such fascinating patterns and dazzling colors. Crystals are so powerful they are even used by technology companies in the creation of things like satellites, cellphones, and computers thanks to their ability to convert electrical pulses. They are used in ceremonial events across the world, and they are used of course, for cleansing the chakras, nurturing deep intuitive healing, and balancing out the body, mind, and soul.

How Do We Use Crystals in Healing?

Healing crystals and gemstone bracelets are born with potent healing powers, mainly due to their mineral makeup and close connection with Mother Earth. As these crystal clusters are made from structural compositions of nature, they are able to conduct organic vibrations at certain frequencies. They generate energy and mirror our own innate power, making them a magical manifestation tool. They also form symbiotic energetic bonds with those who hold or come into contact with them. In short, crystals are a divine force of deep healing.

Which Gemstone Bracelets Connect to the Chakras?

A good way of picking a healing bracelet is to choose one that is connected to the chakras. Chakras are energy points in the body that can become blocked. When they become blocked, our energy doesn’t always flow right, and it takes stimulating and cleansing these chakras to bring us back into balance – across the holy trinity of body, mind, and spirit.

One of the best gemstone bracelets to choose is one that has a stone to represent each chakra. Choosing a healing bracelet that covers all the chakras means that you are paying homage to each healing point and making steps to tune in and clear the pathways for perfect flow. There are seven main chakras and these are the crystals or gemstone bracelets that complement each area:

Base Chakra

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Grounding you deep into the earth, the base chakra serves as your root in life. It is a red chakra and deeply connected to our feelings of survival and security. Good crystals to help your base chakra stay in flow include Black TourmalineRed Jaspar, Hematite, and Bloodstone.

Sacral Chakra

set of gemstone bracelets for the sacral chakra

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There’s a fiery orange glow that is associated with the sacral chakra. This is one of the most important chakras for allowing your vital energy to flow in uninterrupted splendor. It sits below the belly button and is associated with pleasure, sex, and the creative self. The healing bracelets that match this mood are Carnelian, Amber, and Sunstone.

Solar Plexus

set of gemstone bracelets for the solar plexus

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The sweet solar plexus is as yellow as the sun. Its where your true authentic self sits radiating all that bright self-confidence. You can feel the solar plexus at work just below the breastbone. Citrine, Yellow Jasper, Pyrite and other such stones with a positive disposition help you to stay stunningly connected to your solar plexus.

Heart Chakra

Set of gemstone bracelets for the heart chakra

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The harmony of the heart chakra is an important note to hit when it comes to how we learn to love. This is where all those tangents of love, trust, compassion and how we hold our understanding for others sits. The heart chakra isn’t just connected to our view on romantic love, but all avenues of relationships. The color is pink and green and its favorite crystals include Rose Quartz, Emerald, AmazoniteGreen Aventurine, and Jade.

Throat Chakra

set of gemstone bracelets for throat chakra

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As blue as the sky on a soft summers day and the center of all our communication, the throat chakra needs to be balanced for us to own and speak our deepest truths. Sitting at the base of your neck, the throat chakra is the first step before you get close to the spiritual chakras – or those that help us leap to our higher selves. Lapis Lazuli, Blue Apatite, Blue Lace Agate, and Turquoise are three examples of stones that resonate with the throat.

Third Eye

set of gemstone bracelets for the third eye

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The third eye is another name for the epicenter of your intuition. A glorious deep indigo color, the third eye chakra is all about connecting oneself to higher plains of being and even tapping into your own psychic abilities. Labradorite, Amethyst, and Shungite are all excellent nurturers of the fabulous nature of the third eye.

Crown Chakra

set of gemstone bracelets for crown chakra

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The highest of the chakras and the most mystical; the crown chakra is the gateway to your higher consciousness and all about connecting with the divine. It sits like a crown at the top of your head and is a lovely shade of deep purple, violet or streaked silver and white. Amethyst is the stone most commonly connected with the crown chakra, although Clear Quartz and Diamond also work.

How Do I Pick the Perfect Healing Bracelet?

Knowing which healing bracelet or individual crystal will work best for you comes from a place of deep intuition and it makes sense to tap into that. We all have some understanding as to where we feel we may be falling short in life or have some idea as to the areas which crave a little pick me up.

Your intuition is your sharpest tool when it comes to choosing which healing bracelet will work for you. Sometimes just the name of the crystal will send a murmur of acknowledgment through the body, other times you will just feel drawn to the mood of the stone. You don’t even need to hold a crystal in your hand to know if there’s a connection, even when looking at a photo or a website just pay attention to where your eyes are drawn. There is no right or wrong way to pick which crystal you want in your life, and indeed, over time you will become an expert in recognizing a certain connection.

Knowledge of crystals can be a helpful step. While you don’t need to go into too much depth to study the science and art behind each crystal, an overall view of which crystals are linked to which traits and powers can help you to narrow it down. For example, if you are looking for a crystal to heal anxiety then Amethyst can help, whereas if you are looking for a mood pick me up, the golden glow of citrine oozes joy.

How Do I Care for my Crystals?

Keeping your crystals cleansed and charged is all an important part of the healing process. Before slipping on your gemstone bracelet or working with your individual crystal, you may want to work to reset its vibrations. You can do this easily by using a smudge smoke or even by soaking the crystal in water. Other ways to cleanse your crystal include leaving it out beneath the light of a full moon and even burying it in the earth for a night.

When your crystal is cleansed, you can hold it in your hand or slip your healing bracelet on your wrist and meditate on your intention. Seek deep and visualize how you wish to be healed. Maybe, you want to find the strength to let go of the things that aren’t serving you in life any longer, or perhaps you want to overcome an old heartache or addiction. Maybe, you want to attune to your inner voice or have the courage to live life in harmony with your boundaries. Send your intention into the crystal and let it absorb all that desire and energy.

Crystals are not stagnant things; they move with energetic makeup and will carry you to unexpected places. Engage with your crystal and trust it. When you feel like it has slipped into a different frequency, you may want to recharge and cleanse once more – either by washing, smudging, planting, or placing beneath the moon.

Crystals are in our life to soothe the soul, heal, and help us reach our fullest potential. They are warriors of wonder and they invite us to be our very best selves with beautiful balance and full chakra alignment.

Do you have a healing bracelet? Which crystals call to you? Share your experiences with gemstone bracelets in the comments.


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