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Gifts For Crystal Lovers

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Imagine giving the gift of serenity and spiritual alignment, of inviting those you love into deep healing and balance. Imagine giving someone all the tools they need in order to shine. This is the joy that comes with giving crystal gifts. In a world where gift-giving can seem trite and highly pressurized, finding small personal things that matter can be tricky. This is where crystals come in.

Take a look at our essential guide to healing gemstones and find a crystal that captures you.

 These sparkly stones and shimmering minerals are not only aesthetically beautiful, but they brim with incredible power that can help those you love to find their inner sanctuary. One of the best things about crystals is they can be truly personalized; you just have to find the stone that suits the receiver. With crystals, you can give the gift of open-hearted love, nurturing energy, high vibrations, and even tailored health benefits. 

We have rounded up some of the best crystal gift ideas to bring a little more sparkle and spirituality into the lives of those you love. 

Bracelets woman wearing gemstone bracelets and reading

Check out our Gemstone Bracelets

Gemstone bracelets are one of the best crystal gifts you can give. For those who want to make the most of crystal healing, it’s always best to have the stones pressed close against your skin. This way, the healing vibrations of the crystals can sync with your own energy, and this is how chakra blockages get shaken loose and how the healing starts. Bracelets are awesome as they press against pulse points making them one of the more effective ways of wearing gemstones. You can get practically any gemstone in jewelry form. Pick a Clear Quartz bracelet for chakra alignment, clarity, and overall healing or choose Jade for wealth and good luck or Black Obsidian for grounding and healing. You can even pick gemstone bracelets that come in intention packs or to suit zodiac signs.

Crystal Water Bottle

crystal water bottle

Check out this Crystal Water Bottle

Crystal elixirs are an easy way of working with crystals and raising your own vibrations. This water bottle studded with a healing stone naturally infuses the water with healing energy to naturally promote health and wellness. You can pick a crystal water bottle with Rose Quartz for heart chakra healing and raising your own loving vibrations or you can go for Amethyst for strengthening those crown chakra vibes. Not only do you get to sip something radiant with rejuvenating energy, but you also stay hydrated, fresh, and supported in body, mind, and soul. 


amethyst ring

Check out our Crystal Rings

Crystal rings capture the subtle art of always carrying a healing light. Pressed upon the finger, these gemstone rings hold magic energy that helps manifest healing with every moment. We use our hands to create, to express, to hold, to love, and in all those tiny self-care tasks. By adding a gemstone into all those moments, you are welcoming sacred wellness into everything you handle. Crystal rings can also be highly romantic and wonderful for celebrating love and friendship thanks to the connotations that rings carry. Remember that some crystals can be delicate and may not handle roughhousing and everyday wear and tear, especially if you tend to use your hands a lot. 

Candle Holder/Tea Light 

crystal tea light

Check out this Crystal Candle Holder

Oh my. Who doesn’t want to bring cozy high vibes to their home space? We can’t think of a better blend than the flickering light of candles and the shining beauty of crystals - this is how you create a sanctuary space for your soul. We love this rose quartz lotus candle holder for bringing the light of self-love and romantic compassion into your bedroom. For those wanting warmth and protection - the Tigers Eye version is golden glory. These tea light holders are a dream for when you set the scene for practicing your psychic powers or simply when you want a little recharge. 


aquarius zodiac pack

Check out our Zodiac Crystal Bracelets

Do you have a flighty Gemini friend or a passionate Leo lover? Celebrate their Zodiac sign by gifting them a zodiac bracelet set that intuitively works with both their hard and soft edges. The alignment of the planets on the day we came into this world can have a big effect on our personality traits and the ways in which we carry ourselves through this world. Different crystals can be linked to certain Zodiac signs as they can share ruling planets, chakra colors, elements, and energies. By wearing Zodiac crystal bracelets, these stones can elevate certain traits in the wearer and support some of the more challenging aspects of a person. 


amethyst geode

Check out these Amethyst Geodes

Gorgeously dramatic, crystal geodes are ripe with precious energy and simply spectacular to look at. Geodes come in all shapes and sizes and the bigger geodes are awesome at stirring up chi. Amethyst geodes tend to be the most popular as they ooze serenity and can instantly bring calming vibes to whatever environment they are placed in. Geodes create an area of intention and can be used to raise the vibrations of your altar, as a tool in meditation, or even when it comes to decision making. Whether you give a geode to be a spiritual assistant or a decorative item to admire, these rock caves glittering with crystals are a vision of peace and perfection.

Crystal Hearts 

rose quartz crystal heart

Check out our Crystal Hearts

The heart shape goes beyond the confines of love and romance, it represents the core of our emotional self and the center of the lotus. Lord of breath and spirit, the heart shape is a symbol that keeps us connected to our truest most authentic self. When crystals are carved into a heart shape, they have the power to light up our lives. A Rose Quartz crystal heart is an amazing amulet and a unique gift for celebrating all shades of love but if you want to take a different direction to the soft pink heart, you can opt for sunny Citrine to bring a radiant bright light of optimism and to be good luck talisman. A Black Obsidian crystal heart can bring protection and keep your whole being grounded even when you feel lost in the folds of love. Whatever crystal you fall for, the soft curves and sweeping lines are a succinct reminder that this is the life force that keeps you beating. We can't think of a better high-quality gift for your loved one. 

Worry Stones

selection of worry stones

Check out our Worry Stones

Helping everyone to ride the waves of anxiety, crystal worry stones are here to mop up excess energy and put you on the track to calm and balanced thinking. Smooth, polished, and able to sit comfortably in the palm of the hand, these stones are a sublime tool for savvy fidgeters who want to channel their thoughts and work through those scattered thoughts. These crystal stones can be used for everything from meditation to chakra cleansing and relieving our physical selves of stress. Worry stones come in many kinds of crystals and you can pick the shade or energy that suits the person. Clear Quartz can bring master healing, Amethyst can call in an instant calm, Carnelian can arouse passion, and Lapis Lazuli can help channel wisdom. 


pocket baby ganesha

Check out our Pocket Baby Ganesh

One of the richest spiritual symbols out there, Ganesh is the Lord of New Beginnings and the Remover of Obstacles. Give someone a pocket baby Ganesh statue to stash in their pocket or purse and let them carry a constant reminder of having the knowledge, wisdom, and power to move forward in life. The Ganesh is full of hidden meanings. His elephant ears remind us to listen, his tiny mouth tells us not to pass judgement, his large stomach invites us to digest life and his oversized head inspires us to think big. This deity is a dream especially when carved from a favorite crystal for extra healing energy or even crafted from healing brass. This pocket-sized statue is a token or talisman that keeps us strong and ever open to all the lessons of life.

Crystal Cookie Cutter 

crystal shaped cookie cutter

Check out these Crystal Cookie Cutter

For the crystal lover in life who seems to have everything, you can celebrate their stony love with this utterly unique and fabulously fun crystal cookie cutter. Bake and wake to a higher level with this charming crystal-shaped cutter that can be used on everything from cookie dough to fondant and even play dough for younger participants. Whether making sweet treats for a soulful sister gathering or festival or just wanting to play with crystal power, this delightful handmade gift reminds us that magic is all around. 

Selenite Crystal Lamp 

selenite crystal lamp

Check out our Selenite Collection

Up your glow with this Selenite Crystal Lamp. First and foremost, Selenite is one of our favorite stones as it is all about that divine feminine energy and communicating with angelic beings. This makes it the perfect crystal to be used as a lamp as it oozes with connotations of bringing light to the darkness and rejuvenating our souls. In the form of a crystal lamp, it’s bound to be a dab hand at removing toxic energy, calling in calmness, and cleansing the mind, body, and soul. This lamp would be awesome to use during meditation practice or even just after a long hard day when you crave balance and space to process and think. As Selenite is a naturally clearer crystal it’s ever ready to let the light shine through. Raise vibrations and protect your space with the soothing shine of Selenite.

Crystal Coasters 

 agate crystal coasters

Check out these Crystal Coasters

Get ready to swoon over the idea of gorgeous crystal coasters that remind us to be meaningful in every small moment. Not only do crystal coasters look stunning when dotted around your home but they also have the added element of bringing healing vibes into the space. Agate slices look awesome as coasters as they have natural one-of-a-kind patterns and color schemes that show up especially when sliced into a circular form. Agate is also a stone known for being grounding, balancing, and protective too.

Crystal Rollers 

rose quartz roller

Check out this Rose Quartz Roller

From sipping crystal water to holding crystal worry stones and wearing crystal jewelry - there are a thousand and one ways that crystals can be ever-present in our lives. While crystals are ripe with emotional and spiritual healing, they can also bring their radiance to our physical selves too. These beauty tools are often handheld wands with crystals attached to both (or one) ends. There’s a larger oval-shaped stone for rolling over cheeks and forehead and a smaller rounder one for massaging under eyes. Crystal rollers have been used since the 7th century and are said to bring a natural collagen boost to the face, reduce puffiness and wrinkles, eliminate toxins, and improve circulation to the face. The result is a gorgeous glowing look. The most common crystal rollers are Jade and Rose Quartz although you can find them in other stones too like Amethyst, Aventurine, Sodalite, and so on. For those who want to give the gift of being wide awake and radiant, the crystal roller is it.

  • Rose Quartz will soften fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Jade will cool irritated skin. 
  • Sodalite will hydrate skin cells.
  • Aventurine will control inflammation. 
  • Clear Quartz will draw in positive energy.
  • Amethyst will soothe and balance. 

Crystal Comb

crystal comb

Check out this Crystal Comb

Another beautiful beauty product that makes the simplest choices in life even more mindful - a crystal comb can bring the art of meditation into brushing your hair. If you truly want to up your beauty game, then find a crystal comb carved from Amethyst or any other crown chakra gemstone so it can open your crown chakra while you brush your hair. Connecting crystals to the scalp and the crown are truly healing and help you embrace your A-game when it comes to the art of self-care.

Gemstone Tree

crystal chakra tree

Check out these Crystal Trees

Celebrating the highly spiritual tree of life with the pure power of healing crystals, the gemstone tree can bring positive energy into your space and emit healing vibrations. Trees are rich in stunning symbology - deep roots, endurance, branches that stretch to explore different spaces, stability, growth, embracing cyclical change and long, beautiful life - all these elements can help us along our own journey. You can choose a gemstone tree in serene shades of purple Amethyst, or you can opt for a multi-gem tree with stones in all the chakra shades to bring balance and alignment to your life. 

Crystal gifts are loving, deep, and take a person’s full and balanced wellness into account. From beauty products to meaningful trinkets to dress one’s altar, intricate gemstone jewelry, and adornments to uplift a room – there is no shortage of spiritual inspiration when it comes to these charming gifts for gemstone lovers.

Which gifts will be making your wish list? Do you have any perfect gift ideas to share? Let’s curate all our favorite crystal treasures together so we have an awesome go-to list to get the best gift for all those birthdays, anniversaries, and Mother’s days to come. Share in the comments.


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