The Beautiful Benefits of Gemstone Bracelets


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The Beautiful Benefits of Gemstone Bracelets


The soft serenity of Amethyst, the rare vibrations of Rose Quartz, and the shimmering Carnelian sunrise on your wrist — gemstone bracelets bring balance, luck, and longevity of spirit. Whether opting for a single stone or a multi-gemstone bracelet, the aim remains the same: wear something that doesn’t just bring joy because of fashion, but also because it helps you on your path to pure and complete healing. There are many gemstone bracelets out there and picking one, two or twelve that works for you is all about using your intuition, hearing which stones speak to you, and selecting something that will help set your spirit free. Here’s our gorgeous guide to all the beautiful benefits that come with gemstone bracelets.

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What Are Gemstone Bracelets?


When we talk about gemstone bracelets we are referring to healing stones worn in a bracelet around your wrist. You may be wondering why bracelets in the first place? Wearing gemstones close to your skin every day is an amazing way of tapping in and attuning to their natural healing properties.

A bracelet will often be in close contact to your skin, whereas other forms of jewelry (necklaces and earrings) may be trickier to keep close due to clothing, etc. Rings too, while they will be in close proximity to skin – being small they can’t utilize as much energy and power as a bracelet can. A bracelet can have multiple gems incorporated into its design, and these can all hum in harmony and send healing vibes up the pathways of the arm and into your whole body.


What Are the Most Popular Gemstone Bracelets?


There are so many amazing gemstones that bring a whole host of healing benefits. Sometimes it can be tricky to know where and how to start. Knowing some of the most popular gemstone bracelets and the benefits they bring can help you to whittle down which precious healing stones you want to adorn your own wrists.

Amethyst is a hugely popular gemstone bracelet. This stone soothes the body and the mind and even taps into your throat and crown chakra, inviting you to open up to higher spirituality and the universe.

Green Jade can be another crowd-pleaser thanks to its delicate look and the divine way in which it opens the heart and invites you to be more emotive and to seek out the path to true happiness.

Rose Quartz is all about love and passion. Not in a fiery out of control way but weaving in the harmony of soft and gentle healing. This stone doesn’t just soothe romantic love but unlocks your heart chakra so you can lend your adoration to all.

Amazonite is the stone of truth, honor, and self-discovery. It's delicate coloring instantly clears the mind and makes way for stronger forms of communication.

Finally, Brown Agate is another beauty – a great stone of healing protection, this stone works to give energy, courage, and strength which all feed into fabulous self-confidence.


What Are the Benefits of Wearing Gemstone Bracelets?


There are a ton of benefits that come with wearing gemstone bracelets. Gemstones can bring a wealth of emotional, spiritual, and physical benefits to the wearer. Of course, each gemstone homes in on its own area of healing which is why you may want to select a stone or series of stones that resonates with your needs. Here are just a few benefits you can expect when wearing gemstone bracelets


Chakra Alignment

Gemstones are famed for their healing powers. As you can see above, each unique stone is said to be connected to a different area of the chakra and can help stimulate these energy points into alignment. If you pick a multi-gemstone bracelet that holds a stone for every chakra, then you can encourage your mind, body, and soul into alignment, unblocking all that is blocked and cracking yourself open to receive all the gifts the universe has to offer.


Emotional Healing

Life is hard and this can leave a mark on both the body and the soul. Healing gemstones can help you to emotionally overcome your hardships. Many gemstones (like Amethyst) are celebrated for their soothing properties. When you pick gemstones that temper emotional discourse, you may find that levels of anxiety and depression recede in favor of higher self-confidence, deep intuition, and the power to live in your own truth.


Physical Wellbeing

While gemstones are deeply connected to the spiritual side, these stones have also been used in traditional healing for centuries. For example, Green Jade is said to help with lung problems whereas Rose Quartz has been used to alleviate blood pressure issues and keep the heart ticking. Mookaite Jaspar and Hematite can also block you from outside influence and some gemstones can form a protective barrier against the EMF.  


Get Grounded

It can be all too easy in the modern world to let our minds and emotions run away and to suffer feelings of overwhelm. Wearing gemstone bracelets can have amazing grounding properties and leave you feeling calmly in control. Not only do you have the emotional powers of the stone to ground you, but you also have the physical weight of a bracelet around your wrist which can assist in the concrete feeling of being anchored to Mother Earth.


Sustainable Style

Spirituality and emotional prowess aside, taking gemstone bracelets right back to basics – it’s the perfect gift for yourself or someone else if you are looking for a piece that holds sustainable style. A well-crafted gemstone bracelet will always hold its sentimental worth and can be something truly precious that stays with you for many years. As you can align your love of color with your personal emotional needs you can also choose a bracelet that marries these two things.


Which Gemstone Bracelet is Right For Me?


Choosing the right gemstone bracelet for your own personal needs is a balancing act between desire and demand. A good start is to consider which areas of your life you feel could use a little added enhancement or support.

Ask yourself which issues are keeping you up at night. Read about the chakras and try and understand which areas resonate with you in terms of strength and weakness. Perhaps you feel like you need a shift in your love life, or you need to let go of some old trauma or habits that are no longer serving you.

Consider not just your emotional needs, but also your physical needs – especially if you have some underlying or ongoing health problems. If you constantly have migraines, or struggle with heart issues – then it may be worth looking into gemstones that hold healing properties relating to your physical requirements.

Gemstones tap into that deeper spiritual desire and ultimately take you on a journey to bringing out your best self. Part of this comes from learning to trust deeply in your own intuition. Use your intuition to see which gemstones speak to you.

Also, it is rare that we walk down one path in life or grapple with just one struggle. This is why multi-gemstone bracelets can be such a giving choice. When you choose multi-gemstone bracelets you have the added benefit of addressing a few issues at once and this can be especially beneficial if you select stones that work in harmony together.


What to Look for in Gemstone Bracelets?


When seeking beautiful, vivid, and imaginative gemstone bracelets to adorn your wrist, you want to first make sure that you are purchasing from a reputable seller with a fair-trade ethos in mind. Even if they aren’t certified fair-trade you want to make sure that they source their gems in an ethical way.

Opt for Ethically Sourced

Unfortunately, some gemstone sellers don’t always find clear conscientious paths when it comes to providing the world with these gems. Look for brands that take an open and transparent approach to philanthropy as this will ensure that your gemstones come with good energy rather than at the expense of the communities and cultures from where these gems were mined.

Don’t Write Off Lab-Grown Gems

Lab-created stones can be another option. While they may not hold the same romantic storytelling magic as a gem mined from the foot of the Himalayas, these gems come with a lower carbon footprint, fewer flaws, and can even be much more affordable than their naturally sourced counterparts.

Now we have delved into all the delights that gemstone bracelets can bring into your world we invite you to tap into your intuition and illuminate your needs so you can find the gemstone that fits you best. Gemstones bring years of harmony, health, personal growth, and happiness for those who are ready and willing to tap into all the powers of the universe.

Which gemstone bracelet is catching your eye? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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