Online Spiritual Workshops We Are Loving


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Online Spiritual Workshops We Are Loving


Spiritual growth can be a glorious thing and there are no limitations on what you can learn and where you can learn it. Whether its inviting meditation, breathwork, or going deeper in on your spiritual journey, we have selected a handful of short-term courses that can help you to bloom. Take a look at these online workshops we are loving right now…


The Wim Hoff 10 Week Course


The infamous Ice Man is offering his ten-week course at half price right now to help people through the current climate. Blending his signature breathing technique with cold water therapy and stretching, the course promises a whole range of health benefits – from cardiovascular health to spiritual strength and boosting immunity. The Wim Hoff course is taught online via video meaning you can invest when you feel ready to dedicate the time.


Activate Your Inner Jaguar


Kimberley Ann Johnson is a bodywork practitioner and somatic healer; her work focuses on healing boundaries and getting to grips with your nervous system. Her course Activate Your Inner Jaguar pays homage to this by inviting us to tap into our bodies and find that inner energy to communicate our own boundaries to the external world. Taught online but with live interactive classes, it's great for growing spiritually if you are someone who struggles with demystifying boundaries and the nervous system.


Alchemy of Breath


It all comes back to the breath and these short one-time courses from Alchemy of Breath invite you to take part in the workshop that speaks directly to your needs. Whether it's taking an hour for a full breathwork session or five-minutes in the morning, the aim is to always come back to the breath. The best thing about these spiritual workshops is they don’t require any long-term time investment meaning they are great for little pick me ups and daily directional changes.


Steph Magenta Burnout to Bliss


Whether you sign up for her online breathwork sessions, her one-off spirit animal adventures, or her eight weeks From Burnout to Bliss course, Steph Magenta creates a sacred safe space for you to do your healing. Her down to earth methodology, warm vibes, and no-nonsense approach feels like a breath of fresh air in spiritual practice and she is all about settling into your body and reminding yourself that you are never too much nor are you not enough. Her eight-week course covers everything from nutrition to daily routine, spirituality and even sex.

Which workshops are you turning to right now? Share your favorite teachers in the comments and let's build our list of spiritual guides together.


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