How to Manifest Magic This Month


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How to Manifest Magic This Month


For those who feel they need a little extra dash of spark this month, we have some tips and tricks to help you wholesomely bring an angle of intention back into your sight. Reaching our goals and getting to a place where we mentally want to be can make us impatient. We live in a very yang world, and the yin of sitting and letting things flow towards us isn’t always an easy practice. While it's true that good things come to those who wait, it doesn’t hurt to align yourself with your true desires and to find space within to shine a light on manifesting that magic. Here’s how to get started…


Align Your Chakras


When your chakras are fully open and inflow it makes it so much easier for your desires to run through you and meet the universe. We have seven chakras scattered across the body and they each contribute to our spiritual health and wellbeing. Its common for one or more of our chakras to be blocked and this causes energy to stutter and not reach its fullest potential. You can bring your chakras into alignment with yoga, crystal cleansing, and reiki healing practices.


Ask for Guidance


When manifesting magic there is no reason to believe that we must ride out across these wild plains alone. There are plenty of places to turn to where you can ask for guidance. Whether it's picking a tarot card to show you the way, asking the universe to help guide you, or even taking five minutes in the morning to sink into your body and breath to encourage your intuition to reveal itself to you. Sometimes, we are so busy in our headspaces that we forget to sync up with our bodies and intuition – the place that usually holds all the wisdom we need.


Turn to Dreams


Try and get in the habit of keeping a dream journal and taking a few minutes each morning to record your thoughts and capture your nightly memories. Before you let yourself drift away into the land of nod try and visualize your dreams, hopes, desires and intentions. Truly lend some weight to visualizing them coming to being in our physical world. Any blocks, obstacles or guidance your subconscious wants to give may show up in the dreamscape and recording these fleeting images gives you time and space to unravel the messages.


Be Ready to Receive


To be ready to receive all the intentions you sent out into the world, you need to clear some space in body, mind and heart. Now is the time to develop those practices that invite you to let go of the things that no longer serve you. Whether its yoga, breathwork, or any kind of somatic healing, dropping what you are carrying helps you to open up your palms and welcome the embrace of new things in your life. Also, the practice of preparing for new things to enter your life may mean laying faith in ritualistic thinking for manifesting magic. For example buy new sheets to manifest new lovers, drop lousy clients to make time for high earnings (if in the financial position to do so).


Let Go of the Outcome


Sometimes when we hold too tight to a dream we can squeeze all the life and energy out of it. By being mindful to let go of a negative attachment to the outcome, we create natural space for things to flow the way they are supposed to go. Trying to control an outcome can come with shades of fear, possession, and being too rigid in your thinking. The truth is somewhere between the lyrical delight that ‘we don’t always get what we want, but if we try sometimes, we might just find, we get what we need.’

How are you manifesting this month and what are you turning your gaze towards? Share with us in the comments.


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