How to Release Limiting Beliefs and Find True Happiness


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How to Release Limiting Beliefs and Find True Happiness


Have you ever felt as though something deep inside was holding you back from hitting your full potential? There’s an old saying that we can all be our own worst enemy when it comes to putting obstacles in the way of our health and happiness. It’s tough to overcome limiting beliefs; we can live in a cycle of believing we are either too much or not enough and these doubts can haunt our every step. Learning to let go of self-limiting beliefs opens us up to the ability to live a more authentic life, to say yes to many great opportunities, and to finally hit your full potential and find happiness. Here are our tips on how to let go of self-limiting beliefs.


Write Down Your Beliefs


Knowing your limiting beliefs examples can help you to understand and recognize in which ways you could be getting in your own way. Overcoming beliefs can be hard and takes work, but like any journey, you need to know which direction to head in. If you think that your business won’t succeed or you aren’t good enough for someone, or you don’t have the capacity to move countries – then these are all examples of core beliefs that could be holding you back. Identifying them is the first step to change.


Follow the Trail


Knowing where your self-limiting belief could have come from can be helpful in making sense of your thought patterns and untangling how you got to this place. If you have negative or limiting beliefs about love perhaps it’s because you have been hurt before or witnessed relationships fall apart. If you don’t believe you can succeed at following your passion in life, perhaps this is because you were told this at some point in your life, or because you never allowed yourself to believe it possible. Follow the thread back and try to uncover the root cause of your belief system. Knowing where ideas came from means you better understand that these are taught beliefs and not truths, and you can start the work to unravel them.


Talk it Out and Explore


Whether you decide to pen it in a journal one day at a time or book in for talk therapy once or twice a month, part of unravelling those self-limiting beliefs is taking time to explore them and finding ways to challenge them. Remember, this is a process of unlearning and it doesn’t happen overnight. When trying to change out your belief system, you may feel as though you are faking it at first, because you don’t really believe it. But beliefs are habit-forming, so the more you challenge your old belief, the easier it will become to start letting the new positive belief sink in. It also helps to surround yourself with proof of the new belief – that you are worthy, that you are enough, that you are safe and loved.


Look at Your Language


Our language becomes the house we live in, so take some time to reconsider your inner and outer dialogue and look hard at how you talk about yourself. What words do you choose to describe yourself and your talents and abilities? How much room does your inner critic get to express their opinion? Language is a powerful tool and it actively gets tangled in our belief systems. Start considering how you use language and how it supports you or holds you back.


Practice Letting Go


Letting go of your self-limiting beliefs can be challenging, as we find it difficult at times to embrace the power of change. This is where spiritual and positive mental practice can come into play. Whether it’s working with crystals, meditating, working to unblock chakras and cleanse auras, or using affirmations and mantras to help us put down the weight, letting go is a practice we all must participate in.

Do you struggle with self-limiting beliefs? Share your experiences in the comments.



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