12 Best Crystals to Increase Focus and Clarity


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12 Best Crystals to Increase Focus and Clarity

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  • A thousand things compete for attention in the modern world
  • Makes us feel lost, untethered, and disconnected
  • Crystals can help us tune in and focus on what matters

It’s been a crazy time recently and with all the confusion and changes happening in the world right now it’s no surprise that our focus levels can become foggy and our direction can seem anything but clear. But even in hard times, it is possible to raise your vibrations, reconnect with your true self, and forge new pathways and goals in order to get back on track.

The monkey mind seems to be very much a part of our 21st-century modern living. There are a thousand things all vying for our attention and it’s no wonder we leap from branch to branch and never finish a thought, or we get so overwhelmed that we simply ‘zone out’. This all leads to erratic thought patterns and an inability to commit to task. It can make us feel lost, untethered, more anxious, terrible at time management, and disconnected from the life we want to live. It’s not too late to come back to clarity and to find your focus. We have picked a handful of crystals that help you to stay clear and attuned to the moment, take a look at these crystals for focus and find your way once more…

Here Are The 12 Amazing Crystals for Focus and Motivation

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Push through the fog and get ready for the clouds to shift as we plug in and elevate our mindset with these focus and motivation crystals. Whether you are on the fence trying to make a plan, struggling to finish a project, newly working from home and failing to meet a schedule, or just wanting to connect with a direction in life – these crystals can be an awesome help. Even just having a healing crystal close by works psychosomatically by sending an intention straight to your heart. They serve as a spiritual and visual reminder to stay focused, to listen to the body, and to cut through the noise to get to what you want. Let’s delve a little deeper and discover just how these crystals for focus and motivation can guide you to glory…

Rose Quartz for unblocking the heart.

Rainbow Fluorite for a burst of positive energy.

Malachite for a productive and powerful mindset.

Red Jasper for a new lease of life.

Obsidian for keeping your mind and heart in the clear.

Amazonite for soothing and problem solving.

Hematite for standing solid and safe.

Sodalite for a heavenly head-clearer.

Smoky Quartz for taking your foot off the stress pedal.

Amethyst for spiritual focus.

Clear Quartz for instant clarity.

Citrine for shaking off brain fog.


Rose Quartz


rose quartz

What it looks like: As pale and pink as the dawn sky, the Rose Quartz stone is forever lush and lovely to look at. This heart chakra healer is all about humming vibrations, soul connections, and boosting your self-esteem so you can put your mind in the place of doing what’s right for you.

What it does: Those who feel drawn to Rose Quartz often find it’s the promise of heart chakra healing that have them reaching for the shimmering pink gem. Our heart chakra may not seem connected to our sense of clarity and purpose but a blocked heart can send everything else skittering. When our heart is closed like a fist we may struggle to see things clearly, to trust openly, and to find the right direction. Rose Quartz clears away the fog and fills you with unconditional love and the intricate knowledge you need to make good decisions for yourself. Find out more about the meaning of Rose Quartz.

When to use it: Call on Rose Quartz when you feel yourself closing to the powers of possibility and purpose. The soft nature of the Rose Quartz can help you to stay compassionate and kind to yourself during stressful situations. This healing energy is essential for staying on track rather than going down with the ship of self-doubt.

Rainbow Fluorite

rainbow fluorite

What it looks like: Pale and bright and enriched with shades of purple and green, this luminescent stone is a dazzling display of energy. Rainbow Fluorite captures the feeling of clarity but also acknowledges the colors that creep through our own neural pathways too. It reminds us that even when there’s room for dreaming and distraction, that ultimately our true intention is clear all along.

What it does: Aptitude and judgement are the two words that best describe the divine energy that Rainbow Fluorite brings. This is one of those earth meets heaven robust and radiant stones. Fluorite removes blockages in your creative thinking and brings a burst of positive energy to put you back into flux and flow. It also builds resilience from inside out and reconnects you to your sense of intuition, ensuring that you always make decisions that tether straight to the heart. Find out more about the meaning of Fluorite.

When to use it: If your mind has been feeling muddied when it comes to making a decision, just sitting with Rainbow Fluoride can be enough to put you back in the driver's seat of your own life. It is also a great stone to have close by when working on a creative project that has hit a brick wall.




What it looks like: Green and gorgeous and swirled with bands of black sometimes, Malachite is all silk and stone. It takes its name from the Greek word for soft and while it certainly has a gentle joy about it, Malachite is also dressed to impress with self-assuredness and style.

What it does: The Egyptians and Greeks all loved this stone - it was even crushed down to a powder to adorn the eyes of Cleopatra. Can you think of anyone in the world who was more committed to their focus and purpose than the Queen of the Nile? Malachite is here to help you let go of behaviors that are no longer serving you and to step into productive and powerful mindsets instead. It’s a stone of transformation and it clears away unwanted energies so the vision becomes as clear as day. Find out more about the meaning of Malachite.

When to use it: For those who know they need to shift procrastination habits or stop with the endless social media scrolls, having Malachite on your work desk can be just the energy you need to get back to business.

Red Jasper

red jasper

What it looks like: Bright and bold without being overpowering or losing you in the flames of fantasy, Red Jasper is a kind of quartz that comes in various shades of deep red to fire-flickering orange. A glorious grounding stone, the energy of Red Jasper is supremely nurturing.

What it does: Also known as the stone of endurance, that title alone is an awesome clue as to how well Red Jasper performs when it comes to focus and clarity. A base chakra stone, Red Jasper is said to help awaken the Kundalini serpent at the base of your spine and can fill you with zest, power, and the ability to stand strong. Red Jasper is a passion project and always brings you back to endurance no matter what. Find out more about the meaning of Red Jasper.

When to use it: Tap into the Mother Earth energy of Red Jasper whenever you feel fatigued or tired by a project or situation. The radiant red energy, creative courage, and the stirring of the soul will bring a new lease of life and help you to fully engage with any situation all without getting side-tracked.




What it looks like: Born from pressure and raw energy, Obsidian is volcanic glass and is as black and dreamy as you would ever imagine. This shimmering hunk of heat is rich in protective properties and having been highly coveted by shamans and healers, Obsidian is here to keep your heart and mind in the clear.

What it does: While you may think the darker hues of Obsidian are something of a spiritual wall, this stone is actually a mastermind when it comes to putting things into focus. It's amazing how clear things can become when we feel protected in this world and this is exactly where Obsidian seems to thrive. It clears out the blockages in your solar plexus chakra so that you no longer feel off-balance, but instead stand steady on your feet and free from excess energy that could be taking up precious headspace. Find out more about the meaning of Obsidian.

When to use it: Call on Obsidian when you have met a block in the road and can’t find your way through. This stone will instantly tether you to the earth, throw onto your shoulders a cloak of protection, and put you in an easier place for connecting to choices and problem-solving. 


amazonite stone

What it looks like: Like plunging into an ocean of blue and green, Amazonite is endlessly calming and brings a cooling touch to those hot mess heads. This is a stone that feels solid and dreamy in the palm of your hand and connects to the throat chakra and invites you to find your focus when it comes to communication and to be clear with your words so you can get exactly what you need.

What it does: A soul soother and a speech stirrer, these are two of the most important aspects for those who are looking to get back to themselves in an anxious overbearing and wild world. Amazonite is a visual reminder that there is beauty everywhere and that the true route to focus and clarity can come from the practice of self-care. When we call into being the traits of sincerity, love, honesty, and integrity we may find that all the chaos seems to fall away and we are left standing in the solid light of our hopes and dreams. Find out more about the meaning of Amazonite.

When to use it: If you feel like your mind is racing a mile and minute and want a stone that feels like a cleansing shower on a hot sticky day, Amazonite is your gorgeous gem of choice. This healing crystal is awesome at soothing and problem-solving. It can take a problem and whittle it down to bite-sized pieces so you can fully digest and find your way.



What it looks like: A polished protector stone soaked in all the colors of a starry night, one glance at the strength of Hematite is enough to put you right on your feet. Hematite is all primary ore and pigment metal - it comes from the depths of the earth and helps us to feel solid and connected.

What it does: A smooth operator, Hematite is your newest coat of armour. This steel grey gemstone is known for fending off toxic vibrations and keeping energy vamps at bay meaning that no-one and nothing is going to suck an ounce of your precious energy. Hematite gifts you inner-strength, stability in the face of chaos, and aligns your seven chakras so you can constantly be in your full energy flow. Find out more about the meaning of Hematite.

When to use it: Call on the powers of Hematite when you need to reconnect to your foundation in order to find your clarity. We can easily be swayed by the thoughts, feelings, and plans of others and this can make it tricky to find our own true path. With Hematite, you can clear the room of other people’s opinions and stick steadfast in your own sense of purpose.



What it looks like: Stormy blue flecked with white, Sodalite is a stone that reminds us of crashing waves sweeping away the stagnant tide and bringing a new burst of energy. Sodalite is a throat chakra and third eye chakra stone.

What it does: That heavenly combination of intuition and communication can be exactly what you need to put you on course for getting in touch with what you want and making it happen. Sodalite is a head clearer. It mops up messy energy and muddled words and puts everything into order. It sparks the imagination, kindles memory, and gets you organized in an instant. Find out more about the meaning of Sodalite.

When to use it: If your to-do list is feeling more than overwhelming right now, call into power the energy of Sodalite. The instant boost of energy and the commitment to clarity can be all that you need to take a deep breath and plunge back into tackling the tasks at hand.

Smoky Quartz

smoky quartz

What it looks like: Like silver rain or clouds moving across the moon, you may think that Smoky Quartz isn’t a stone for clarity, but this dreamy piece of quartz can actually release negative energy and bring a sense of clarity.

What it does: Quartz stones are amazing amplifiers and the added bonus of this dark and clear variety will call in a sense of spiritual energy to elevate those earthbound thoughts. Smoky Quartz isn’t just about flying high though, its also a tightknit tethering stone that makes the earth beneath your feet feel very solid. It shakes off negative energy, brings protection, and teaches you to take your foot off the stress pedal so that you can cruise into rational thinking and approach tasks with ease. Find out more about the meaning of Smoky Quartz.

When to use it: When your mind is working overdrive with anxious or negative chatter it may be time to call into practice the grounding properties of Smoky Quartz. This stone loves a rational thought and will keep your thoughts clear and positive even in the height of chaos.




What it looks like: Soaked in serenity, the Amethyst stone is endless shades of spiritual softness and light. This style of quartz is closely connected to the crown chakra – our bridge between the spiritual and the physical world.

What it does: Sometimesour focus and clarity may need a little divine intervention from the universe. Our spiritual side isn’t just about cosmic thinking, it's about finding our own flow of energy and sending our intentions and manifestations out into the world. This comes from a place of centering and the capability to talk ourselves back to a calmer state of mind. Amethyst is the ultimate chill-out stone. It encourages relaxed thinking which can stop us from overcomplicating matters and keep us clear and level-headed (all while connected to the larger consciousness). Find out more about the meaning of Amethyst.

When to use it: Use Amethyst when you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed and need to get back to a state of clarity and calm. By meditating with this stone or even just holding it tight in your hand, you can be guided away from tense and tight thoughts and back to a space of surety and purpose.

Clear Quartz

clear quartz

What it looks like: The very poster child stone for clarity, the ice bright purity of the Clear Quartz is all streamlined focus and crystal-clear clarity. Known as the master healer, Clear Quartz is awesome when it comes to its ability to amplify mindfulness and is a one-man band for brilliant healing.

What it does: Clear Quartz is forever a spring clean for your mind, body, and soul needs. For those who want to go Marie Kondo on their chakras, Clear Quartz is here to spark your joy. It’s a glorious organization stone that can put your thoughts neatly into order and suddenly make the bigger picture seem so clear. Clear Quartz can stop you from getting distracted and give your mind a much-needed focus boost to get the job done. Find out more about the meaning of Clear Quartz.

When to use it: Whether in a deep period of study, trying to solve a problem, or needing to commit something to memory, Clear Quartz crystals can instantly swoop in and sort things out. It gives your brain a break from the buzz and instead commits to the task at hand.


citrine stone

What it looks like: Yellow and bright and bursting with positive feel-good fun, Citrine is like the first ray of sun after a long cold winter – when suddenly everything seems clear and good and your heart sings like a lark. This golden quartz is ripe with joy.

What it does: Also known as the merchants stone, Citrine is a magnet for all the amazing things that you can manifest into being. This slip of pure sunshine chases away the shadows so you can tap into that deep well of power and positivity. It also clears out blockages in your sacral chakra and your solar plexus chakra, calling into power your warrior spirit, creative zest, and confidence center to put you in good stead. Find out more about the meaning of Citrine.

When to use it: For those who forever feel like they are in an energy slump or can’t shake off the brain fog, Citrine is here to put the record straight. It instantly pulls you up by your bootstraps giving you that much-needed energy to find your focus.

How to Use These Healing Gemstones to Increase Focus

clear quartz worry stones against pale blue background

Check out our Clear Quartz Worry Stones

Looking for ways in which these healing crystals can help you to channel your mind into better focus? Take a look at these suggestions for calling these crystals into power and overcoming mental chatter.

  • Place a crystal on your work desk for those days when you need to commit yourself to a project.
  • Wear gemstone jewelry and carry the intention of clarity with you wherever you go.
  • When you feel the brain fog closing over, take a moment and sit with your crystal in hand and meditate. Visualize the path you need to take in order to get things done.
  • Place a crystal on your third-eye chakra to bring yourself back to a place of intuition whenever you are problem-solving.

Other stones that work well when it comes to clarity and focus include Tigers Eye, Calcite, Blue Sapphire, Blue Scapolite, Pyrite, Tourmaline, Selenite, and Aventurine. 

A Final Thought

Negative energy, chattering thoughts, and grasping at mental clarity doesn’t need to be the norm. When we turn to the healing power of crystals we can let them get to work on fine-tuning our focus and helping us to find a way to tackle the world with vigor and strength. Whether in work or play or even when designing our life to look the way it should – these clarity and focus crystals are here to heal.

What are your favorite crystals for wellness and what tricks do you have for getting back on task? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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