The Crystal Meaning Of Sodalite: The Ultimate Guide


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The Crystal Meaning Of Sodalite: The Ultimate Guide


  • Meaning: Sodalite, often associated with communication and poetry, is a tectosilicate mineral known for its royal blue and purple shades, aiding in balancing the head and the heart to align individuals with their true selves.
  • Healing Properties: This crystal is revered for its ability to enhance self-esteem, boost communication, strengthen the immune system, and provide emotional well-being by promoting logic, truth, and inner peace.
  • Protection: Sodalite serves as an emotional anchor, providing a calming touch, clearing mental clouds, and fostering positive thinking, making it a soothing companion in turbulent times.
  • Usage: Sodalite can be worn as jewelry to absorb its energy, placed under the pillow to aid with insomnia, or used in Feng Shui to bring emotional balance and enhance communication in home and office spaces.
  • Care: To cleanse and recharge Sodalite, it's recommended to rinse it under running water, and for a deeper clean, it can be placed in water with charged rock crystals for twelve hours; it also appreciates being wrapped in silk for a sublime recharge or being placed in sunlight for about ten minutes to absorb a bright burst of energy.

What is Sodalite?

Sodalite is a tectosilicate mineral. It is part of the cubic crystal system and has a waxy luster. It is also part of the sodalite group with other stones like lazurite and hauyne. Sodalite has an opaque transparency and is a rock forming mineral too. It comes in shades of royal blue and purple with white calcite. Sodalite’s meaning is communication and poetry.


The Sodalite Healing Crystal

Where the surf surges into a frothy broth of blue and white; this is the salt whipped wonder of Sodalite. The blue gemstone blurs the line between mineral and magic, this is not your usual semi-precious stone but something ripe and rare. Sodalite may not be as ancient as Lapis Lazuli or Blue Lace Agate, but it certainly doesn’t fall short of those fresh and fabulous healing vibes. In fact, thanks to its heady dark blue coloring, Sodalite is often mistaken for being a piece of Lapis Lazuli, but on closer look you can see the white veins that ripple beneath the surface, marking it out as something completely different. Sodalite takes its name from the Ancient Greek meaning salt stone. It’s like holding a piece of the stormy sea directly in your hand. But, far from being a stone of shipwrecks and bruised skies, Sodalite is every inch a smattering of salty calm.

This beautiful blue mineral was only discovered in the 19th century, picked up in the remote wilds of Greenland where lonely mountains puncture the sky and icy waters dazzle. Also found in the snows of Ontario Canada, you would think Sodalite prefers breezes that blow cold, but the gemstone is also mined in the depths of sultry Brazil, the fragrant shores of India, and the sand dune wilds of Namibia.

Sodalite is a stone that triggers your survival instinct although not in a fear-based way. It’s a stone that reminds you to tap into those powerful instincts and to strike a balance between the head and the heart so you can always live in alignment with your truest self. For those who love to live a life aligned with their creative side, Sodalite is a stone that kindles the imagination and encourages artful expression. For those who want to delve a little deeper and unravel the secrets of the Sodalite meaning, here’s all we know about the beautiful blue stone shot through with white calcite…

Sodalite Meaning: The Benefits

woman standing in front of sea with hair blowing

Celebrated as one of the most powerful crystals for rinsing the body of toxic vibes most associated with fear and guilt, Sodalite pushes you higher to claim that confidence clarity and emotional intelligence that is needed for enhancing self-trust. As mentioned, this is a stone that wants you to not just survive – but to fully thrive to the best of your being. Here are all the amazing benefits you can expect when you bring the healing energy of Sodalite into your soul…

Physical Healing Properties

Sodalite is generous when it comes to upping your physical prowess. For starters, it’s a throat chakra stone making it an exceptional tool when it comes to boosting communication. As it enhances self-esteem and heightens your inner trust, it invites you to stop being afraid to use your voice and to stop second-guessing your own intuition.

If you tend to suffer from throat problems, if you are dealing with vocal cord damage and if you are struggling with hoarseness or other larynx issues, Sodalite soothes all issues connected to the throat so you can speak your truth and sing like a bird. It’s also a great gemstone for strengthening the immune system, cooling fever, lowering blood pressure, and encouraging the body to soak up all the fluids it needs, not to mention lending a healing hand when it comes to the lymphatic system.

Emotional Healing Properties

Logic, truth and inner peace pave the way for wonderful emotional wellbeing with the Sodalite stone. Being connected to the heart means that all those who sport Sodalite can feel the calming touch of this crystal. When the clouds of the mind are cleared away, this leaves time and space for logical thinking and problem solving that doesn’t come from a pit of despair. Those who are planning the steps to take in life come to understand that it doesn’t matter if the glass is half full or half empty because the glass is always refillable. Also called The Poet’s Stone, Sodalite invites you to see the beauty in life and to communicate this grace in the most eloquent of ways. For writers, it is a striking stone to bring to the table as it encourages you to pick up a pen and let it flow. It’s an amazing stone for being a muse especially if you pair it with its favorite creative friends like Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine and other such shimmering and mystical minded blue stones.

Sodalite also has a penchant for positive thinking and invites all those who wear it to see the best in people. Like a beautiful blue washed-out sky after the storm, Sodalite is that big deep breath after the rain has passed, when you feel still and soft and born again. If you find the world is too temperamental for your soul, Sodalite could be the emotional anchor you need.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Sodalite is linked to the throat chakra, but it also has connections with the heart and the third eye chakra. It’s a highly spiritual stone that invites the wearer to strengthen their connections so they feel the grounding force of the earth beneath their feet, even when turning their eyes to look higher into the heavens above.

Sodalite is said to tap into the pituitary gland which taps into spiritual perception and serves as the gateway to enlightenment. Lofty perceptions aside, we all know that the path to higher thinking comes from deeply knowing oneself and having the wisdom to see deep into your own soul so you can live out all your days in authentic truth. Using Sodalite when playing around with your tarot pack also helps your own spiritual foresight unfold. It’s a gemstone ripe with crystal healing and can help you tap into those stashed away psychic abilities.

Zodiac Birthstone

Sodalite is a perfect match for the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Sagittarians are honest by nature, along with being restless, progressive in thought and always ready for an adventure. It’s common that these active members of the zodiac will find themselves in the center of a whirlwind storm and that’s where the soothing nature of Sodalite comes in. Being honest is an amazing trait, but it’s not always welcome when served up with blunt force. The poets stone can help Sagittarians to be a little more tactful with the truth so it is delivered and received with the best intentions at all times.

Sagittarians are a highly philosophical bunch and tend to think in favor of being ruled by feeling. While this is an honorable and intellectual trait, it also helps to have some empathy and heart-led decisions woven in instead of just being led by the analytical mind. They are a fire sign beneath that cool exterior, and this is why the cool touch of Sodalite (a stone that surges and swells with water and air) can quickly come sweeping in and ready to rescue – not to douse the flames but to bring some balance back.

How to Use Sodalite

Sodalite energy bracelet

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Bringing Sodalite into your everyday life is an excellent way to bring out the best in your self-expression in a way that doesn’t put your mind and soul on the line. Creative types will love having this stone pressed against their skin to awaken dormant forces and bring about a calming effect and incredible levels of self-acceptance. It can also be placed beneath the pillow to aid insomniac tendencies and can be used in Feng Shui fashion around the home. Here are all the wonderful ways you can make the most of your sublime Sodalite stone….


The deep blue hues of Sodalite always look stunning when pressed against the skin and it’s the type of regal hue that matches anything. Those who turn to Sodalite gemstone jewelry will be wooed by the look of this healing and happening stone. But beyond the fabulousness of fashion, wearing Sodalite is one of the most potent and powerful ways to make the most of its healing nature. When making direct contact with the skin, the body is able to best absorb the energy of the Sodalite stone, to soak up those vibrations.

Whether you pick a pendant, ring, or a Sodalite Bracelet, one of the amazing benefits of choosing your crystals to wear in jewelry form is that its always with you. While stones can be forgotten and left at home, jewelry has the benefit of ensuring you always carry those healing vibes with you. Other crystals and gemstones that complement Sodalite can include Lapis Lazuli, Calcite, Pyrite, Aquamarine, Carnelian, Blue Lace Agate, Rose Quartz and Lazurite, among others. Look for healing stones in shades of blue and ones that boast strong metaphysical properties.

Home & Office 

Sodalite brings plenty of Feng Shui charm to your home and office. As a water element stone, it is all about bringing emotional balance and flow into your space. Its easy tranquil energy turns any room into a breath of fresh air and it excels exceptionally well in places where communication needs to thrive. Placing Sodalite in the office space can help you to use tact when it comes to tricky work matters, all without compromising your own sense of self-worth. As mentioned, the calming nature of Sodalite also works wonders when placed close to the bed, especially for those who struggle to get a decent level of deep shut-eye each night.

How to Cleanse Sodalite Stones

collection of stones including sodalite on blue silk

Keeping your Sodalite stone clean and clear and ready to transmute the best of its energy is essential if you don’t want to press down on the crystal healing. Being high in sodium content, the stone reacts really well to running water as this is its first element. Sodalite can become cloudy in color which can be a good hint that it's ready for cleansing and energy recharge. While some Sodalite will react well to warm soapy water. If unsure simply use running water to rinse and a cotton cloth to rub away the dampness from the stone. It also loves to be wrapped in silk for a sublime recharge and you can place it in the sunlight if you want a bright burst of energy to stream into the stone for about ten minutes.

If you want to do a truly deep clean on your Sodalite stone then you can place it in water (its favorite element) with charged rock crystals and let it sit for twelve hours. This will completely wash all the toxic vibes it has collected away and will leave it fresh-faced and ready for action again.

Geological Properties

Sodalite Rock Properties
Chemical Classification Tectosilicate mineral
Chemical Formula Na₈(Al₆Si₆O₂₄)Cl₂
Crystal system Cubic
Color Royal blue, blue, gray, green, yellow, white
Streak White
Luster Vitreous
Transparency Translucent to opaque
Occurrence Igneous rocks, such as nepheline syenites and phonolites, and also in contact metamorphic deposits.
Formation Formed in igneous rocks through the crystallization of sodium-rich magmas or in contact metamorphic deposits.
Diaphaneity Translucent to opaque
Cleavage Poor in three directions at 90-degree angles
Mohs Hardness 5.5-6
Specific Gravity 2.1-2.4
Diagnostic Properties Distinctive royal blue color, white streak, and poor cleavage
Chemical Composition Sodium aluminum silicate with chlorine
Crystal System Cubic
Optical Properties Isotropic, meaning it has the same physical properties in all directions
Refractive Index 1.483-1.487
Birefringence Isotropic, meaning it has no birefringence
2V angle 0-70°
Dispersion None
Other characteristics Fluorescent under shortwave ultraviolet light, and may contain white veins of calcite or other minerals

A Final Thought on Sodalite 

Crystal gemstones bring a wealth of healing and wonder and Sodalite is a sublime example of how healing crystals can elevate your life. While most stones come in striking shades of white and blue, there are many varieties of Sodalite stones including shades of yellow and orange, purple and grey or simply no color at all. Another variety of Sodalite is the Hackmanite stone; a truly rare and precious stone which seems the closest thing to magic thanks to its ability to soak up the sunlight and change color thanks to its sensitive nature to the sun, a condition also known as tenebrescence.

Sodalite is a stone of poetry and truth and the perfect choice for those who want to up their communication. When the throat chakra is cracked wide open, this gives so much space and freedom for the voice to soar. As mentioned, its also a crystal of pure positivity (not in that annoying spiritual bypassing way where everything is great), but in an authentic and gentle way, helping those who can feel impatient or ground down to see the best in people. When you need a heady dose of calmness, when you want to stimulate higher thinking, and when you crave a serious lightning bolt of creativity, Sodalite will be the stone that saves you.

What are your thoughts on the Sodalite stone? Does it fit with your mindset? Share your thoughts in the comments and let’s celebrate this piece of mineral-rich magic.


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