10 Ways To Cleanse Your Aura


Keeping your aura clean means finding ways to remove negative energies that can cloud our vision and deep innate wisdom. The world is a messy place, there’s plenty of different energies flying about and even for the most spiritually awakened person, it’s all too easy for your aura to become drained, muddied, or mired with a million outside influences. Finding ways to work in aura cleansing to your self-care package can take you out of a rut and keep you leaping high. Here are ten ways to cleanse your aura…


Plunge into Water


One of the easiest ways to cleanse your aura is to plunge into water. Physically cleansing and emotionally cleansing, our lakes, streams and oceans hold a deep power to purge the body and the soul. Being in nature’s water allows the world to bathe your aura and to neutralize the negativity.


Carry Crystals


Crystals are an incredibly potent and powerful tool for cleansing your aura and committing to your overall spiritual health and wellbeing. Some of the best crystals for aura cleansing are Amethyst, Moonstone, Blue Lace Agate, Lepidolite, and a general chakra bracelet. Basically, look for crystals that have a calming and neutralizing effect.


Smudge Your Soul


Just like you can smudge negative energy away from your home and your crystals, you can also do it from your soul and your aura. Sage, Juniper and Lavender are three of the best herbs for smudging. Simply light your stick, breathe deep with intention, and start to waft over the body inch by inch, visualizing all the negative energy ebbing away.


Soak Up Sunlight


Another way to beautifully neutralize negative energy is to step out into bright and warm sunshine. The sun has super healing powers, and it's cleansing pure light is able to simply wash away the darker thoughts of the day.


Mentally Cleanse


Find someplace quiet to sit for five minutes and bring in some gentle breathing exercises. With each inhale imagine bringing clean bright air into your body and with every exhale imagine the negative swirl of emotions being released. Imagine a bright white light surrounding you, shutting out the darkness, and keeping your aura bathed in brilliant clarity.


Give Yourself to Nature


Sometimes all we need in life is to step out and walk into the hills. Whether a big ramble or a short stroll, getting back to nature – a beach, the forest, mountains, can be completely healing for the soul. Let the bird song, the fresh air and the light clear out the pollution of the modern world, leaving you connected to our more primal senses once more.




Meditation and visualization are both powerful tools for clearing away negative energies. Meditation can also be used as a preventative method as common practice will reduce the bad vibes from sticking with you. Whether you have five minutes a day or five hours, take time to sit, clear the mind, and cleanse yourself with meditation.


Take a Healing Bath


If you don’t live near any wild spots for swimming, then you can still turn to water to cleanse your soul. Take a healing bath and fill with essential oils, healing herbs, and even flowers to bring about natural cleansing. Rose petals, lavender oils, and Himalayan sea salts are all excellent additions for cleansing the aura.


Practice Self Love


Constant practice of self-love will help you to stay soft and nurtured regardless of what negative energies are flying around all over the place. Daily affirmations, visualizations, changing your inner dialogue, and working with crystals are all ways of weaving more self-love into your world.


Look to Your Surroundings


If you want to keep your aura cleansed and clear then take a look at your surroundings and opt to spend time with people who bring light and energy into your world. If you are in environments that are negative and tend to be a drain, the chances are that you will be battling to keep your aura clean more often than those who surround themselves with love and light.

What are your tips for how to remove negativity from your aura? Share in the comments.

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