Who Invented Angel Numbers? The Truth & Origin


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Who Invented Angel Numbers? The Truth & Origin

Far from a new age funk, angel numbers have been around for centuries and are rooted in ancient philosophy and lore. These repetitive sequences of numbers are believed to be divine messages sent from guardian angels to help lead you along your life path. Your guardian angels are always with you, and from time to time, they may need to communicate with you. Whether it's strengthening your inner compass, lending comfort and compassion, or drawing your attention to something important, spiritual guidance in the shape of angel numbers are always here to help. 

Angel numbers show up in everyday life and often without fanfare. Unless you have your mind and your heart open to their appearance, you may not even recognize that you are looking at messages from the spiritual realm. Common places to see angel numbers are on license plates, addresses, billboards, street signs, documents, digital clocks, and more. If you keep seeing the same number sequence and feel drawn to it - odds are it's your ascended masters sending you a message of divine guidance. But where do the origins of angel numbers and their meanings come from? We take a deeper look at how this form of divine communication has been around since the dawn of time.

Early Mystical Traditions and Numerology

Before numerology there had to be numbers. The first recorded use of numbers dates all the way back to some of the earliest civilizations as far as the sumerians in 4000 BC. The Ancient Egyptians then created numerical symbols and used these for counting and measuring in their day to day lives. And then we come to the Ancient Greeks and the Greek Mathematician and famous philosopher - Pythagorous. 

The ancient mystical practice of numerology can be traced back all the way to the sixth century and starts with the Greek philosopher Pythagoras - also known as the Father of Numerology. In Pythagorean numerology, it was believed that each number had its own unique vibrational energy and that 'numbers rule the universe.' This ancient practice also believed that numbers were intrinsic to a person's life path. By understanding which numbers played a role in your life, character, and spiritual path - a person could work with that divine energy and influence to shape and welcome more positivity into their life. While numerology, as we understand it in the West, has been dated back to Ancient Greece, there are other ancient cultures that work with their own mystical movements around numbers, including the Babylonians, Hebrews, and Ancient China too.

The Influence of Spiritual and Esoteric Movements

In the 19th century, L. Dow Balliett studied Pythagorean Numerology and took the concept of number energy even further. While Pythagoras had linked individual numbers to certain energies around creativity, masculine and feminine energy, and more, L. Dow Balliett started to apply other concepts around numbers - believing that each number also had its own vibration, color, music, and other energies that ascended the physical plane.In her book 'The Science of Numbers', she helped to pioneer the thought pattern that the energy around individual numbers had an impact on everything from people's individual personalities to their relationships, life choices, and the ways in which they experienced the world. Her approach was a practical one - encouraging people to use the energy of numbers to achieve personal and spiritual growth. 

In the 20th century, Doreen Virtue was the first to coin the term angel numbers. Coming from a born-again Christian path and with a psychology background, Doreen Virtue believed that in a past life, she had studied under Pythagoras and felt drawn to going deeper when it came to deciphering the connection between numbers and the divine realm. The teachings of Doreen Virtue and her numerous books on the subject had a big impact on how we understand numerology in the modern world. However, in the later years, Doreen Virtue turned away from their work on the concept of angel numbers as she felt it was in conflict with her Christian teachings. 

But her teachings have changed our understanding of angel numbers. One of the most important lessons she shares on angel signs is paying attention to what we are doing, our thoughts and feelings, and leaning into intuition and personal knowledge when these numbers show up. Keeping that awareness of what is happening when we receive angel guidance can help us to understand why this number is showing up for us and helps us to better decipher the personal meaning behind these angelic messages. 

Carl Jung and Synchronicity

Carl Jung is one of the most famous psychologists in modern history, and at first glance, you may not immediately associate him with the concept of angel numbers. Yet, Jung believed in synchronicity, and this is closely related to the meaning of angel numbers. Synchronicity refers to meaningful coincidences that occur in our daily lives. While we may be quick to write off coincidence as random, synchronicity sits in the belief that these encounters and connections are more than random and, in fact, they are a pattern of consequence that has something to do with the order of the universe. Jung believed that the unconscious collective also shared synchronicity with the universe and that these patterns influenced our thoughts and choices for a reason. 

All of Jung's beliefs about synchronicity and deeper meaning fold into the mystical connection of numerology, angel numbers, and angelic communication. The appearance of angel numbers in our daily lives can be seen as so much more than a coincidence; instead, these divine digits have come into our life for a reason.  If you find yourself seeing a set of numbers time and time again, or even once - and feel like it has come into your life for a reason that is deeper than coincidence - this is synchronicity. Recognizing synchronicity can then allow you to consider angel number meanings and to think about what that number means in relation to your current experiences, relationships, inner belief systems, and other aspects of life. Within this recognition of synchronicity and an awareness of self we can start to unravel the guidance through angel numbers that is being offered. 

Modern Interpretations and Authors

After Doreen Virtue's book 'Angel Numbers: The Messages and Meaning Behind 11:11 and Other Number Sequences'  and her other works, attention to angel numbers and their interpretations spread far and wide. This also synced with some areas of culture becoming more interested in esoteric practices and like astrology birth charts, zodiac signs, crystal guides and gemstone bracelets, tarot, and other divinatory practices. Other modern authors who have contributed to the movement and modern interpretation of angelic messages and Western numerology include Kyle Gray,  Radleigh Valentine, Melanie Beckler, and multiple authors working behind the pen name of Joanne Sacred Scribes. But beyond the books, there are also many online guides and valuable resources that can help decode the hidden messages behind angel numbers. You may want to consider approaching modern authors and interpretations of angel numbers with an open mind and remembering that the concept of angel numbers is rooted in personal beliefs, experiences, inner wisdom, and intuition. 

The Role of Personal Experience and Cultural Beliefs

There is no right or wrong way to experience angel numbers, and while there is guidance out there to help you understand the spiritual messages stashed inside these celestial numbers, personal experience, cultural beliefs, and a sense of intuition, all play their role. 

Culture and religion will also play a part in how people understand numbers. For example, in Christianity, the number 666 is considered to be the number of the beast, whereas as an angel number, it is considered to be a number encouraging self-love and nurturing. In Chinese culture, the number 4 can also be considered to be bad luck, whereas, in angel numerology, it is considered to be a number of support and strength. 

Interpreting angel numbers is also a very personal thing which is why people are encouraged to use their intuition, inner wisdom, and personal life knowledge and to trust themselves when reading auspicious signs.  

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Angel Numbers in the Digital Age

As knowledge sits at our fingertips, the exploration of angel numbers and their meanings has never been easier. Not only can you find a ton of websites, whitepapers, ebooks, and other resources to learn more about the history of angel numbers effectively, but there are also forums and social media groups where followers share their interpretations of angel numbers. As technology can help bridge the gaps in knowledge and connection, it has also facilitated a place where people from different cultural backgrounds can share ideas, beliefs, and knowledge which also expands our understanding of angel numbers. 

There's also the chance to delve even deeper into angel number meanings and to keep them present in our mind throughout the day. There are angel number calculations and apps that can help you get real time guidance and references to angel numbers directly on your radar. There are also courses for those who want to read messages from angels at an expert level and there are angel readers offering their services online for those who want a full personal angel number reading. 

Conclusion: The Continuing Evolution of Angel Numbers

The origin of angel numbers has been around since the 6th century, and the mystical practice of trying to unravel their meaning and divine messages continues to evolve. That is part of the beauty of the mystical world and the spiritual realm - it keeps its mystical signature and encourages us to deeper into spiritual exploration. There has been important work on angel numbers over the last few centuries, and as we continue our journey through the digital age, hopefully, this knowledge will continue to evolve and grow.

The presence of angel numbers in our lives can help us to find comfort, direction, and guidance when we need it. Pay attention to angel numbers in your daily life, read up on the meanings of these celestial digits, and keep your head, heart, and eyes wide open so you can spot when angel signs are shimmering in your life. 


Is numerology in the Bible?

Numerology is not in the bible, although there is biblical numerology that works on a similar principle of applying deeper meaning to the appearance and use of numbers. In biblical numerology, the study is about finding numbers in the bible and using their hidden meaning to understand the text better.

What is 1111 angel number?

The angel number 1111 can be a sign that new beginnings are on the horizon. As the number 1 signifies fresh starts, new chapters, and even a change in your life path - this quadruple-digit number adds even more emphasis to this. It can also be a sign of spiritual awakening and strengthening your own sense of self. 

What does 1234 mean?

Seeing numbers in a sequence like 1234 can mean that you are building steadily towards something special. It's a sign from your spiritual guides that you are on a certain path. It starts with new beginnings, balance, stability, and progression. 

Is 777 God's number?

777 is considered to be a number of the angelic realm and is said to have deep spiritual meaning. It can also be called the god number as it showcases the number 7 (the number of perfection) three times. The presence of the number 3 also represents the holy trinity.


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