Angel Number Meaning - What They Are & Why They're Appearing


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Angel Number Meaning - What They Are & Why They're Appearing (A Beginner’s Guide)

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Numbers follow us through life and many people may find themselves plagued by certain sequences of numbers that continue to show up. Perhaps you look at the clock and its always 1.11 or maybe a quick glimpse at a license plate or a phone number means that 555 jumps out at you. Most people will just write this off as a coincidence but there’s every chance that you are missing messages from the universe and you are turning your gaze away from your angel numbers. 

Angel numbers are sequences of numbers that crop up not by coincidence but because the universe and your guardian angels are trying to communicate with you. Each sequence of numbers holds its own special meaning and each is bound in spiritual significance. We take a deep dive into exactly what angel numbers are and why they may be showing up in your life, along with offering a breakdown of the meaning behind some of the more common angel numbers. Next time you see a sequence of numbers catching your eye, it is well worth considering that there are no coincidences in this one wild life, only messages and deep meanings. 

What is an Angel Number?

Angel numbers are a form of numerology. Numerology is a belief that numbers have significant meaning and have a mystical or symbiotic relationship with human behavior and the events of our lives. Within this field of knowledge, angel numbers are a repetitive sequence of numbers that show up in our day-to-day lives and rather than us happening to stumble across these randomly, they show up when they have a message or meaning to impart to us. This message can come from the universe or from our guardian angels or other ethereal beings. 

Angel numbers aren’t linked to your birthdate, your zodiac house, astrology, the shifting planets, birth charts or anything like that. Rather than being linked to the why and how of who you are, angel numbers are most concerned with and linked to how you are moving through the world and what is waiting on the horizon. They aren’t a stagnant thing but instead are versatile, fluid, ever in flux, and working in accordance with what it is you are doing.

How do You Find Your Angel Number?


If angel numbers have piqued your interest, then it may be time to start keeping your eyes and your mind open to receiving any messages that could be coming your way. There is no special place to look for these numbers and you don’t even have to see them lots of times for it to be significant - basically, anytime a sequence of numbers catches your eye or taps into your intuition, you should be curious as to why you have connected to that number in that moment. Some popular places where people may see these sequences of numbers include looking at the time, checking bills and receipts, seeing registration numbers or license plates, addresses and phone numbers and price tags at stores and so forth.

What is so awesome about angel numbers is the fact that they show up in the most ordinary places and can be found in every angle of our everyday lives. They serve as a reminder that life is lush and mystical even right down to those things that we tend to consider as being mundane. Numbers are all around us and if your angels are trying to communicate with you, chances are - with open eyes and an open heart, you will see your angel number more often than not.

What Should You Do When You Keep Seeing an Angel Number?

Each sequence of angel numbers carries a different meaning and message so when you see yours, what you do about it may depend on the message it is bringing you. Familiarizing yourself with what the angel number means is the best first step. Afterwards, you can settle into a calm and quiet headspace and consider what the numbers may mean to you in your present life right now. Remember, our angels and guardians want us to live our best lives so when they send us these messages it’s usually with the intention of helping us to find the right path or encouraging us in some aspect of our lives. Deciphering the message from your angel number also means tapping into your intuition, being honest and authentic with yourself, and gaining a sense of clarity through the process. 

There are general meanings to angel numbers that help you to ascertain why numbers keep showing up, but as with all mystical elements in this world, everything is subjective and you may need to lean on your intuition and tap into your own wisdom and understanding to work out why these numbers are showing up.

Common Angel Number Meanings

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There are many angel numbers out there but knowing which repeating numbers hold significance and a divine message means understanding the most common meaning of angel numbers that are soaked in spiritual relevance and most likely to be a form of divine guidance from your spirit guides. Numerologists believe that the following series of numbers are rich in spiritual meaning and have importance when it comes to communication from the spiritual realm. From hinting that we need to up our levels of love, self-care, and self-expression to letting us know that a change or an important spiritual awakening is on the horizon, familiarize yourself with these repeating sequences of numbers and you can start to understand the reasons why different numbers keep leaping out at you.


Starting at the very beginning, it may come as no surprise that the sequence of 000 or 0000 is all about brand new beginnings, blank pages, fresh starts, and creating from scratch. This is a number of utter freedom as it means you aren’t tied into anything as long as you can release your mind from former expectations. This clear-headed sign is all about keeping an eye out for new opportunities and looking at the life you want to live. The series of zeros is also a message from higher beings, angel guides, and the universe that they are holding space and are ever-ready to support you in whatever new ventures you take on. 


Sequences with the number 1 and the number 11 are hugely powerful messages. Seeing these sequences of numbers together can be a sign of manifesting and manifestation. This could be your angels telling you that your vibrations are high and your connection to the law of attraction is strong right now. It can serve as a reminder that it’s a good time to start nurturing those positive thoughts, having a firm belief in yourself, and ushering in the energy of abundance. These numbers also serve as a call to new beginnings and a sense of leaving the past behind. Your angels have your back and they are here to support you through this brand new chapter. 


Seeing a sequence of 2s is a reminder that balance, trust, and harmony are essential elements along the road to peace. If you keep seeing 222 or 2222 cropping up then it could be your angel guides sending out a soft reminder to sit in the present moment, bring balance to where you are at right now, and cut out any comparison habits you may be secretly nurturing. The number 2 is all about harmony and balance, and it could also be a sign that now is a ripe time to reach out and forge a bond or a collaboration with someone.  


Creative, artistic, and full of expression - seeing the number 3 in a series can serve as a reminder to nurture, embrace, and fully lean into your unique gifts. The sequence of 3s can be related to good luck and a sense of ambition - both of which are important when it comes to propelling you forward. It’s also a number that speaks of rounding out your life so this could be the perfect moment to take a look at what areas of your life feel out of balance or like they are lacking. It can be a nod towards taking a step into self-correction and finding even more abundance than you ever thought possible. 


Sequences that are all 4s can be a timely reminder that our angel guides are here to love and support us in all our endeavours. When you see the number 4 crop up in a repetitive sequence, it can be a sign that the angels have seen the path you are taking and they want to assure you that you are headed in the right direction. It can also mean that a change is at hand or that close connections are about to be forged so you should be sure to keep your heart space open so you don’t miss these matches. 


If you see 555 or 5555 coming up then it could be a clear-cut sign that change is coming. While change can certainly be scary or uncomfortable, this angel number serves as a message to get you prepped mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for such a change. Resisting change can sometimes be our first reaction but the angels want to remind you that change is often a necessary step towards aligning you with the life you are meant to live and making that spiritual leap. It can also be a sign that inspiration is on your horizon and can come through the presence of another person or external force, so if you are seeking a shot of energy - keep your eyes and ears open.


While in pop culture the sequence of numbers including 666 and 6666 is often associated as being a dark number of the beast, it actually doesn’t link to that in numerology. In fact, all the 6’s can simply be a sign that you may need to face your shadow side and take responsibility for your own life or it can also be a gentle reminder that whatever is going on, you need to treat yourself with love, kindness, and compassion. In fact, the sequence of 6s can mean love on its deepest level and can refer to those closest to us or even those who passed over to the other side of our ancestors lending support and guidance even if we cannot see it.


Take a long exhale when you see a sequence of 7s as this is the universe letting you know that it’s time to simply release all those things you have been holding tight. A sequence of 7’s is a gorgeous reminder that it’s time to surrender and dawdle and daydream and stop trying to shape or control everything around you. It’s a sequence that is resplendent with yin energy so this could be the perfect time to dip into dreaming, creative projects and expressions, and to turn in on yourself a little and meditate to see what messages come through. All the sevens can also be a sign that a flurry of financial health is going to find its way to you also, so it may be worth saying yes to those short-term opportunities and gigs that can bring abundance. 


The angel numbers 888 and 8888 illustrate the endless loop and themes around infinity. The pattern of the number 8 is looped with flow and rhythm and connects to the divine realms in a very special way. Seeing all the 8s together is a big positive sign from your angels. It can mean that you are in flux and flow and rather than kicking against the universe, you are letting it lead and carry you to exactly where you need to be. It can also link to themes around destiny, karma, and supernatural energy so it could be a sign that now is the time to strike while the universal iron is hot - take action now and it will pay off tenfold. For those who believe in the afterlife, it can also be a message that those who have passed over are close by and lending their love and support. 


The final number in the numerology series, if you keep seeing all the 9s could be a hint that this chapter or project is reaching the end of its cycle and nearing completion. The 9s remind us that the finishing line is at hand and that should we require an extra dose of energy to see us through, we can find it within this sequence. It can also serve as a reminder that if we are ebbing towards the end of a chapter, now may be a good time to consider our next moves and to prep for the steps we want to take to get us to our next goal. It can be a great time to step back and assess and consider how we can level up. Maybe we need to reassess our inner balance, our relationships with the material world, and what we are doing to bring more justice into the world for the wider good. 


If you see all the 1s repeated four times then you can breathe a sigh of relief or crack open the celebrations. Bringing together the energies of gods number 1 and the master number of 11, seeing this number is a surefire sign that you are well on your way to complete alignment and all your endeavours are about to bear the juiciest fruit. Take all the 1s as being a thumbs up from the universe, your angels, and anyone watching over you. It’s a sweet sign that you are absolutely on the right track and that you can finally shrug off any fears, doubts, or self-criticism that has been holding you back. If you also see this number after taking action or making an executive life decision, you can take this as a sign that you absolutely made the right call. 


If you see the angel number 1212 crop up then pay heed as this could mean that a change is coming your way and its going to rock your world for the better. This is a sign from your guardian angels that they see you, they hear your desires, and they support you on the path to birthing those dreams and desires into reality. The number 1212 contains the god number of 1 and the harmonic number of 2. Together these numbers tie together themes of uniqueness, individuality, leadership, harmony, balance, and deep-seated love.1212 is a number that is filled with deep tranquillity, peace, and the promise of abundance. This can be in reference to any essential element of your life - family, career, emerging or established relationships, dreams, travel, and a surge in your spiritual growth. If you see this number when you feel out of balance, this can be a sign to make those changes to bring everything into equilibrium. 


If you keep your eyes, heart, and mind open you are sure to see your angel numbers at some point. These numbers are important as they carry messages that the universe wants you to hear. From bringing comfort and calm to chaos and change to lending love and support when you are feeling out on a limb, and encouraging you to keep on walking the walk when you are on the right path, angel numbers are here to lead you towards the light of your very best life. One of the best things about angel numbers is the fact that they are fluid and ever-changing in accordance with your vibrations, energy, and where you are on your life path. You could see the same angel number for years or it could be that you stumble upon it as a one-time deal when it wants to communicate something with you in that present moment. Being connected to your intuition, trusting that when you see these numbers it means something, and acting in accordance with the messages sent -  all these things will help you to make the most of these universal messages.


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