Twin Flame Meaning: What It Is & How To Know if You Found One


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Twin Flame Meaning: What It Is And How To Know if You Found One

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Every relationship and connection in our life comes with some kind of lesson and not all are necessarily the lessons we want, but they are essential to our spiritual growth. Lovers, friends, companions, and even what we deem to be soul mates can come and go, but the twin flame strikes a different match. A twin flame is said to be your other half - the same soul forged and then split into two separate people. Sound intense? It sure is. Here, we do a deeper dive into the energy of twin flame love, separating its true identity from other loves, and we share signs that help you to spot it when you stumble into yours on this wild walk of life. 

What is a Twin Flame Love?

Twin flame love is a love that comes into your life and throws you onto a profound path. It doesn’t even have to be romantic love - it can be the meeting of two minds, a mentorship, a friendship, or something else entirely. It’s a deep connection that feels different to your usual connections - it is a divine meeting that is meant to serve a higher purpose. Your twin flame is your mirror soul - it’s another part of you that is in another person and that when you meet them, you are reunited with. It’s also worth noting that a twin flame meeting is not a one-way street. As this other person sends your destiny spinning, you will also send theirs spinning too. This deep soul connection can be a reunion of our masculine and feminine energies (nothing to do with gender). It can bring your soul and your purpose into alignment. It can also be hugely challenging but equally healing.  It is also an incredibly rare event.

Twin Flame Origins

The concept of the twin flame is first believed to have shown itself in works of Greek mythology and the idea that the gods took one soul and split it into two. It crops up in Symposium by Plato and the theory is presented that humans once had four arms and legs and a single head with two faces. There were also believed to be 72 thousand twin flames out there and these humans had an incredible depth of power. The gods were threatened by these humans so to dampen the threat, Zeus split them in two. But the separation was hard and the humans were sad and starved themselves in their misery. Apollo decided to sew them back together but the split was there and each party would forever be seeking their second half. 

Is A Twin Flame A Soulmate?

We’ve all heard the term soul mate - someone who you are destined to be with but this idea differs from a twin flame even though they share many similarities. A soul mate is someone you are deeply connected to and someone who is ideally suited to you whereas a twin flame is the other half of you. For example, a soul mate may be cut from the same cloth, but the twin flame is your cloth. That doesn’t mean that a twin flame has a higher hierarchy in your life compared to a soul mate. In fact, soulmate relationships may be a more stable and steady relationship compared to a twin flame. 

Are twin flames meant to be together?

While it may sound like a twin flame is the one you are destined to be with, it’s not quite that simple. It can be more challenging to be with your twin flame as they can be a mirror to your own imbalances and show you all the sides of your true self that you may have been avoiding. With a twin flame, you may get your intense lesson or big spiritual growth spurt and then find you go your separate ways. 

What happens when you meet your twin flame?

It can be a truly intense experience when you meet your twin flame. One of the most compelling signs that you have crossed paths with yours will be that overwhelming feeling that the two of you were destined to meet. Remember, when it’s your real twin flame, the universe wants to throw you together so you can expect to keep coming back or encountering them again and again until your destiny quest or lesson has been completed. 

What if your twin flame is in a relationship?

If your twin flame is already betrothed or caught up in another relationship - fear not. Remember that the twin flame relationship isn’t solely linked to romantic notions. The relationship can take many forms. Even if your twin flame is in a romantic relationship, then you have plenty of opportunities of coming back together - each of you may enter other relationships or have a different romantic partner along the way, but if it is your destiny to be together, you will be. 

The Purpose of Twin Flame Relationships

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Twin relationships exist to propel us forward and to help us leap to a higher spiritual level. That doesn’t mean it will be an easy ride - in fact, often twin flame relationships can be challenging as you have to face off with traits similar to your own. This connection will ignite a deep fire within you and push you to explore any untapped potential you have. They are all about achieving something greater - either for your own life or for the good of the wider world. 

Twin Flame Signs You’ve Found The One

When you meet your twin flame, your relationship may flow and chafe in stages. This probably won’t be an effortless process but will be a series of sweet highs and plunging lows. While no two twin flame stages are the same, here are some steps you can expect to go through when meeting your twin flame connection. 

Yearning - even before you meet your twin flame, you may feel that something or someone is out there. This will be deeper than the quest for love or connection and you may hold some inherent knowledge that your mirror is out there.

Meeting - the meeting will blow up into big energy. Expect overwhelm, excitement, and a constant magnetic urge to be near them or in their presence. Again, this goes beyond the usual fantasies of a crush. Even if it’s not romantic, you will still feel drawn to them like a moth to the flame

Connecting - sparks, conversations, the big attraction. These are all the fun elements of matching and meeting your twin flame. You can expect to be bowled over by the amount you have in common. 

Challenges - while the initial ride has all been high, it’s not all sunlight and stars with twin flames. Being so similar can mean that challenges arise as you are forced to confront things about yourself. This is all part of the reason you have been brought together - to do that deep shadow and soul work that will change the course of your destiny.

Testing - with these challenges come bumps in the road and your twin flame relationship will feel taut and tested as you navigate these waters. With big feelings come big doubts and insecurities and these tests are designed to push you and all your attachment issues. 

Push and pull - your twin flame relationship will be privy to plenty of push and pull. You may find yourself breaking away or they may choose to walk away and it will feel terrible. But you will always come back together until your work is done. The push and the pull is all a part of the process. 

Sweet surrender - the challenges, the pushing and pulling, and the tests can all go on for years. You may find yourself in a constant state of flux until the moment comes for the sweet surrender. This is when you overcome the humps and have done the deep work and can enjoy the fruits of surrender. 

Coming home - after all the chaos and confusion and the work that has been done, you may finally feel like your life is starting to bring itself into balance again. You can come home to the body and the soul. This is where your twin flame relationship can change and you can support and hold space for each other and truly commit to nurturing the other’s spiritual growth.

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Get ready for your world to be rocked when it comes to actually meeting your twin flame face to face. Of course, sometimes love, crushes, and the spark of obsession feed into new meetings so we can sometimes get bowled away with the idea that this new person is our twin flame. Knowing the signs that are generally associated with finding your twin flame can help you to stack your energy. Remember, that a twin flame isn’t all about hearts and it may not always feel good at first. Your twin flame can drop out of the blue when you are least expecting it and you may actually clash before you connect. Stay open, stay mindful, and place your trust in the universe. 

Instant Recognition

The first time you clap your eyes on your twin flame you will instantly recognize something is different about this one. In fact, you will feel as though you have ‘come home’. The sense of attraction will be larger than life and there will be a longing there that is hard to quash, you may feel like you have met before in past lives. Remember, the twin flame is believed to be the other half of your soul, so it will feel as though you are reunited with a missing part of yourself. 


A twin soul is a mirror and the similarities will seem and feel uncanny. Not only will you be able to see a lot of yourself in this person (not always an easy feat), but even your experiences and the way you see the world will be mirrored too. It will make communication spark and these shared yet separate experiences will cement your bond and bring you closer together. Remember, similarities aren’t always easy as it also illuminates our own shadow side which can be a difficult pill to swallow. 

Uncanny Synchronicities

While we often share things in common with those we have a connection with, it will feel stronger and more uncanny when it comes to your twin flame. Not only will you realize that your moral compass is probably completely symmetrical, but you will also find synchronicity in the things that have happened to you, right down to experiences and even personality traits and small actions too. 

Magnetic Attraction

Beyond lust or intrigue, when you meet your twin flame you will feel this major magnetic connection. It can feel larger than life and you will feel drawn to them time and time again. This is why a twin flame can’t be kept down, the universe wants to pull you together because you have work to do. Even when you are apart, their energy will ripple through you and they will stay on your mind and in your bones. 

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Shared Values

A twin flame connection will share values rather than butting heads on the big stuff. From your morals and ethics to your interests and what's important to you - you can expect to see this shining back at you from your own twin flame. You also never need to feel inauthentic around them, but can be wholly yourself with all the shades of light and dark flashing through. 

Intense Emotions

One of the major signs that you have found your twin flame is the height of emotions you are sure to experience. Everything will be heightened and the energy can sometimes feel overwhelming. It’s not only the good that can feel intense but also any bad energy too. Remember, a twin flame relationship plays off yin and yang, it can highlight shadows and light and this can feel intense. This may feel even more intense as our twin flame can enter our lives when we least expect it, meaning that emotionally we haven’t prepped for such a grand encounter. 

Amplified Doubts

While there is plenty of electric and big exciting energy around meeting your twin flame, it can also be a challenge and you may find all your doubts are amplified. This is because you will be dealing with big emotions and as the twin flame is your mirror, you will also see all those doubts, fears, and insecurities glaring back at you. Don’t be disheartened, remember that your twin flame is here to teach you something and that this is a divine opportunity for major spiritual growth. We have to face that shadow side, do the inner work, and process all the icky stuff to come out bigger, stronger, and more aligned with who we really are. 

Turbulent Relationship

Make no mistake, twin flame relationships can be rocky as hell. Hardly surprising when there are all these big emotions, mirrors, and shadow work going on. As you are both being forced to confront every angle of yourself with nowhere to hide, this can be something you kick against mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Even when it feels like you want to break away, you will be intrinsically drawn back together. Expect chaos, but also expect beauty and truth in turbulence. But be wary, a toxic relationship won’t happen with your true twin flame, yes there will be tough times but you will remain kindred spirits without the requirement of hurting each other or making each other feel small. A healthy relationship can still have its turbulence.


Remember not everyone has a twin flame out there as not every soul has been cleaved in two. Also, there are twin flames out there who never meet or there are those that meet but don’t recognize each other at that moment. The idea of a twin flame makes life beautiful and exciting, you never know when and how you are going to collide. But when you do, there will be a deep yearning, a rocking of your world, plenty of meaningful connection, challenges, tests, and sweet sweet surrender as you step closer to that spiritual awakening. Life is a journey and a ride, and you can bet that matching your twin flame is going to play a major role in the direction you end up taking.

It’s also important to remember that a twin flame isn’t a substitute for self-love and won’t complete you or make you whole. That energy of unconditional love should be reserved for yourself and to yourself. There are many types of relationships out there and many can be incredibly fulfilling without the intense connection of a twin flame.


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