The Moons to Watch For in 2020


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The Moons to Watch For in 2020



From the blushing hues of pink and blue to the endless challenges of Mercury Retrograde, the rising fire of full moons and the promise of something new, keeping one eye on the night sky can help us stay prepped for both the pleasures and the prickly times ahead. Long has the moon moved our tides and guided us through intricate phases of power.

Connecting to (or just being aware) of the lunar rhythms helps us to find our own power days and to align with the moods of the universe. It shows us when we should lie down and wait and when we should step up. When you work in harmony with the moon's energy – you can smoothen the pathways and say yes to those much-needed lunar boosts. Here are the moons to keep your eye on the sky for in 2020…


Full Moon in Scorpio – May 7th

Your dark side may be looking to step out as the full moon moves into Scorpio. Don’t fight it, embrace it. There is no light without the shadow remember. While the initial phase may feel intense and the themes of transformation ebb through, remember to let those luminous rays shine on you.


New Moon in Gemini - May 22nd

The social butterfly zodiac gets ready to take her turn across the midnight sky with the new moon in Gemini. This is the time to be stepping out into your social side; connecting with those you love and letting late night conversations fill your soul.



New Moon in Cancer – June 20th

As the summer solstice awakens us from our slumber and the solar eclipse closes in, this new moon is a sign not to overstretch yourself but simply to go gloriously with the flow.


Full Moon in Capricorn – July 5th

It’s time to learn to let go of those beliefs and behavior patterns that are no longer serving you. The eclipse continues to make things a bit of a wild ride, but you can be sure that this energy will finally give you the strength to lay down your burdens.


Full Moon in Aquarius – August 3rd

The last of the summer wine may leave you restless, but rather than toss and turn and lament the changing of the cyclical seasons, why not use this energy to crack open your mind a little further and push against your boundaries of knowledge. It’s a great time for letting science expand your horizons.


Full Moon in Pieces - September 1st

As Virgo and Pieces align in an unlikely marriage of moods, this rare event sees your creativity spark to life and all your dreams suddenly seem well within reach. Now is the time to blend analytical thinking with divine inspiration and to truly make concrete plans to follow your bliss.


Full Moon in Aries – October 1st

After the Fall Equinox, the Aries full moon blooms into being and all those plans you had put on hold while waiting for the right moment could just find their piece of perfect timing. However, its important to hold onto the glimmer that this moon can be more about intention than results so tread with care.


Full Moon in Taurus – October 31st

The Halloween moon makes it so our demons have nowhere to hide. Rather than take a fright, welcome all aspects of your soul and learn how to take off the mask and invite them out to play.



New Moon in Scorpio – November 14th

Burrow in deep to your inner world as its time to do some digging. Turn your gaze inwards and let go of the matters on the surface. Now is the time to take the path and seek the truth. The road can be treacherous but your heroes journey will take you to a place of profound meaning if you let it.


Full Moon in Cancer – December 29th

The final full moon of the year reminds us of what a year its been and how we can balance our own feelings and needs with our love and care for others. It’s the final balancing act before the turn of the calendar and we prepare to enter it with hearts full of love, grace and confidence.

Which moons are you most looking forward to? Share with us in the comments.


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