Conscious Connection: What is My Moon Sign?


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Conscious Connection: What is My Moon Sign?


Stars, moon, sun and the cosmos as a whole – part of conscious connection is understanding how the swirling universe leaves an imprint on your soul. Most of us know our star-signs, whether it be the double-sided face of Gemini or the beautiful bull spirit of Taurus. But there’s another angle that can swing the way you experience the world – the moon. That mighty orb illuminating the midnight sky, the turner of tides, the guardian of our feminine flow. Knowing your moon sign can help you to cruise a little deeper into your own soul and to garner a deeper understanding of your emotions. Here’s a soft and easy guide to help you answer the question; what is my moon sign and what does that mean?

The moon sign is a glimpse into your deeper most inner self. If your sun sign paints an external picture of who you are and represents daily encounters, the moon sign is all the layers that make up the small hours in-between. It is your deepest self. Ever shifting, moving in cycles, your moon sign makes way for you to understand your fears, anxieties, dreams and hopes. It is uniquely you, your own formula of existence.

Using a moon sign tool, you simply jot down your date, time and place of birth and let the planets spin into alignment as it calculates your moon sign.


Aries Moon


Courageous, spontaneous and always seeking a victory, the Aries moon is all action. This is the moon for those shot through with the need for constant stimuli and those who often feel on the edge of impatience. Life is never dull.


Taurus Moon

A sensual sign, the Taurus moon is made for those who adore cozying up, tactile times, and those small delights of luxury. This is the moon for those who need to nest and adore their creature comforts, but also for those who can connect very deeply and physically with those they love.


Gemini Moon


Flighty, creative but with a distinct need to be grounded, the Gemini moon is for those social butterflies who live life at a mile a minute. A thrill seeker, the last thing you want in life is to be shimmied into a routine and you need a partner who gets this. Sometimes, people think you are less than skin deep because of your aversion to ruminating on feelings, preferring instead to live externally.


Cancer Moon

Cancer is a hundred percent ruled by the moon, so if this is your sign then get ready to take a deep breath. High empathy runs rampant in the Cancer moon and with this huge dose of understanding and connection comes deep-set sensitivity. Life can sometimes be a struggle in this position but take heart in knowing how to support and care for yourself.


Leo Moon


Fired by a creative spirit, the Leo moon gives easily and always radiates warmth in whatever room they step into. There’s a high intense emotional energy to every step they take, and a constant urge to always play the protector, especially to the underdog.


Virgo Moon

The Virgo moon is all about being analytical and thinking things through. Those born under a Virgo moon adore organization and contributing to their community in practical ways. They can be borderline perfectionists and also tend to be harsh critics, especially when it comes to the self. Cut yourself some slack and shake off those insecurities.


Libra Moon


Intellectuals at heart; Libra moons may be hopeless romantics, but they also crave justice, for life to be fair, and for the facts to paint a picture. Natural mediators, Libra moons love peace, balance and harmony and do all they can to contribute to seamless living.


Scorpio Moon

Scorpio moons are forever seeking deep connections and transformational experiences. As long as they remember to keep those boundaries in place, they will be able to bloom. Scorpio moons have deep insights which can get them into trouble with people who prefer to turn away from hard truths.


Sagittarius Moon


A quick turnover of emotions, zero filters when it comes to the art of communication, and a true need to step out into your next adventure makes Sagittarius moons forever seeking freedom. Fueled by philosophy, fun and a curiosity to embrace the unknown, Sagittarius moons are always on the go.


Capricorn Moon

Loyal and steadfast when it comes to their worldly approach, the Capricorn moon is all about honoring their responsibilities. While they can be naturally reserved, their heart is forever in the right place although they can come across as emotionally unavailable at times.


Aquarius Moon


Those born under an Aquarius moon will find that they constantly strive to live life by their values rather than their emotions. They are deeply devoted to what they consider to be the ‘greater good’ and because of this, they can appear to be something of a personal enigma.


Pisces Moon

The Pisces moon is an open book and always wears their heart pinned to their sleeve. Because of this, they are great to connect with and can be kind and loving. They do tend to put other people’s needs first, so both sides should be sure to respect boundaries.

What is your moon sign and do these descriptions hit the nail on the head? Share in the comments.


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