The Best Crystals To Give Your Loved Ones


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The Best Crystals To Give Your Loved Ones


Picking a crystal for someone else can be a challenge at first. When you choose your own crystal you know which points you need to nurture and which stones will speak to your soul. But how do you choose a stone to meet the needs of someone else? Giving crystals as gifts is an amazing way to help someone you love clear any blockages and step out to live their very best life. Knowing a little bit about crystals can help you select the right stone and these choices below will always make for a beautiful timeless gift…


Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz gifts are glorious as this stone helps us tap into a deep well of self-love. If someone you know could benefit from a dose of love, whether it be internally or externally, Rose Crystal is the ultimate gift. Bringing love, compassion, and a swelling of tenderness, Rose Quartz connects with the heart chakra and uplifts someone’s attitudes to love and life.




If you know someone who has had a stressful year or who suffers from waves of anxiety, Amethyst can make a great best friend crystal. This is one of the most soothing stones in the whole pack, Amethyst is a great crystal for those who need a swift hand of confidence and clarity and helps people to utilize the power of their crown chakra and leap to higher living.




If you have a friend who is an artist then Amazonite can make a beautiful choice for birthday crystals. Sparkling with creative spirit, Amazonite clears away those creative blocks making way for energy, inspiration, and inspired thoughts to be turned into concrete dazzling ideas. It also helps to ay farewell to paralyzing overwhelm, leaving the mind soothed and the soul soft.


Red Jasper


One of those finely tuned crystals for lovers, Red Jasper puts you back in touch with your passion and sense of sexuality, helping lovers to find balance, ease and a flow of positivity in their relationship together. If you or your partner has been struggling with intimacy or feeling low energy levels, then Red Jasper could be the stone you need to set your relationship back on sparkling track.


Lapis Lazuli


A beautiful choice for selecting crystals for family love, Lapis Lazuli helps communication flow with ease. This is a stone that has been for thousands of years and was often used in homage to the Goddess Venus thanks to its strong loving pull. Having this stone situated in your family home will help nurture active listening and open communication, which all flow to building a harmonious home.




This is a stone that comes wrapped in a sense of magic and can be amazing for helping to lower the veil and shine a light on illusions. For those who crave a helping hand in banishing insecurities and saying yes to the power of their own being, Labradorite is a glorious companion. If you know someone who seems a little lost in this world or someone who struggles to stay in touch with their inner strength, this glimmering stone brings a grounding force and helps cut out anxiety.




Pure sunshine, Citrine is a wonderful stone to give and receive as a gift. Bright, bountiful, and always ready to lend her sunny light and bring a sense of optimism, this stone is a magician of manifestation and carries a warm and comforting energy that picks you up every single time.

Which stones will you be giving as a gift? Share your favorites in the comments.


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