The Beginner's Guide to the Throat Chakra


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The Beginner's Guide to the Throat Chakra


Seven energy points sit scattered like a spiritual map across the body. For those who crave beautiful balance, clarity of mind, and sweet abundance from your deeper self and the universe, the goal is to keep these chakras clear. The throat chakra is the 5th chakra and this is the epicenter of our communication and how we use our truth in the world. This guide breaks down exactly what to expect from your throat chakra, and how to heal a potential 5th chakra imbalance….


What the Throat Chakra Does


As you would expect, the throat chakra, also known as the Visuddha, governs our innate ability to express ourselves clearly. It sits in the center of our throat, it is associated with the color blue, and it has endless power over our life. Being the lifeforce of our communication, this means that the throat chakra has an impact on a multitude of things both big and small. It affects our emotional stability, our relationships, whether we are living an authentic life, how well we handle conflict, and whether we are aware of our own deep needs. It’s an incredibly important chakra.


Emotional Issues from a Throat Chakra Block


If you have a 5th chakra imbalance or block, you may find it challenging to speak your truth freely and with direct honesty. You may shy away from confrontations out of fear that you will be judged or unable to get your point across with eloquence. You may find yourself holding back when having to communicate your needs, or simply feeling lost and anxious. You may question whether you have anything of importance to say, you may put the needs of others before your own especially in close-knit relationships. In fact, you may struggle to let anyone get close to you because you feel lonely and isolated and suffer from low self-worth.


Physical Issues from a Throat Chakra Block


A throat chakra block doesn’t just cause challenges for the emotional self but also the physical self. Signs of a 5th chakra imbalance can include headaches, you may be prone to mouth ulcers or sore throats, you may suffer from dental issues more than normal, have neck pain, and struggle with thyroid issues too.


How to Unblock Your Throat Chakra


Unblocking your throat chakra can crack open your whole universe but takes time, practice, and a little patience.


Affirmations and Chanting

Throat chakra affirmations can help you to find the courage to use your voice and actively speak up. Chanting can also grow your voice and strengthen your vocal cords. It is also suggested that listening to the natural song of crickets and birds can also nurture your own throat chakra.


Practice on Paper

Writing down your truth when you feel challenged to speak it is another good practice that incites you to start communicating. This is especially beneficial if you don’t yet feel strong enough to say the words out loud.


Massages and Movement

Nurture your neck and care for your throat area. Kundalini Yoga movements centered around the neck can be a valuable morning routine when aiming to release a blockage in your throat chakra. Indulging in neck and shoulder massages can also encourage the blood to flow easier to this area, which again keeps it clear and wide open for the wealth of communication you have to offer.

Choose the Color Blue

Finally, immerse yourself in the color blue. This is the kin color of the throat chakra and will subconsciously help cleanse your own blockage. Swim in blue waters, meditate under blue skies and adopt blue crystals like lapis lazuli, kyanite, and Light Blue Jade to connect deeply with your throat chakra and encourage communication.

Do you struggle with your throat chakra? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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