10 Ways to Speak Your Truth


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10 Ways to Speak Your Truth



Learning to find your hidden voice and speak your truth can be trial and error. It takes strength, knowledge of the self, and the courage to shine, but once you master it – you will grow with every vowel and syllable. Here are the ways in which you can tap into your intuition and learn to start speaking your truth.


Connect With Your Intuition



To speak our truth, first, we have to connect to our truth and quite often this sits in our intuition. Intuition is inherent, it's like a muscle that the more you use, the stronger it becomes. Learning how to connect with your intuition is all about connecting the body with the mind. Your body will send you signals if a decision doesn’t feel comfortable or right, your body will always show you the truth – it's just whether you are prepared to connect and listen.


Practice Trusting Your Voice



As mentioned, learning to trust your voice is all about practice. It's difficult to go from zero to divine truth-teller in just a day. Start small and practise trusting your voice until it grows in confidence and power. Whether it’s as simple as saying no to a plan or yes to something or lending a decision on where you want to eat, learning to trust your voice is all about being brave and speaking up.


It Doesn’t Need to be Vocal



On the journey of learning how to speak your truth, it doesn’t always need to be verbalized. Our truth comes out in many ways and all we need to do is to acknowledge it. You can speak your truth through journaling or private writing sessions, through yoga and meditation, or through any form of artistic expression and spiritual prayer.


Get Support



We all need support on our journey’s through life and finding the inner strength to speak your truth is one of those sojourns. It’s important to surround yourself with a loving and trusted advocate who can help you find the strength to use your voice. It is better if this person isn’t a lover, but more a therapist, mentor or spiritual guide who hold you and push you towards your bigger self.


Check-in With Yourself


Try and make a practice of checking in with yourself on a daily basis. As soon as you wake and perhaps before you go to sleep, take a few moments to run your mind over your body and see how you are feeling. Is there any part of you that feels tight or any gnawing inside? Any pain, or anxiety, or a feeling of love and lightness? Checking in with ourselves reminds us to pay homage to the body and to work out what truth it could be trying to share.


Let Go Of Pretension


For whatever reason, there are a million daily ways in which we reject our own truth and pretend to be something different. With every step, this takes us further away from our deepest authentic self. The next time someone is talking about something you don’t understand, don’t be afraid to tell them that you don’t know or you don’t understand, even if it is something as trivial as having watched a show on Netflix. By weaving more honesty into your everyday speech, the leap to speaking your truth and being authentic doesn’t seem like so much of a chasm.


Let Go Of Labels


It's hard to find our own truth if it is buried under the layers of stories and labels that others (and ourselves) have imposed upon us. When we try and stick to our labels – the happy one, the anxious one, the calm one, we don’t allow space for our true emotions to shine through. Humans are multidimensional and complicated and glorious and messy and have a range of emotions. Give yourself permission to finally let the labels fall off and to truly acknowledge how you feel.


Take the Pressure Off


Just because you recognize something as your truth doesn’t mean that you always need to rush out and do something about it straight away. So many of us reject our deepest truths because we feel that it amps up the pressure to act on a decision or to change our life. Acknowledging your truth but also knowing that you don’t have to act on it the second you figure it out can work wonders in taking the pressure off, allowing a more natural relationship to flourish between you and your inner voice.

Do you struggle with speaking your truth? Which tricks and tools do you find useful when it comes to trying to elevate your voice? Share with us in the comments and remember the golden rule - your life, your voice.


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