Crystals for Boosting Health and Wellbeing


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Crystals for Boosting Health and Wellbeing


Keeping the body, mind and soul in skilled balance can sometimes call on the healing powers of glowing crystals. Crystals can be attuned to our chakras, the earths flow, and spiritual vibrations that come from Mother Earth and higher spiritual plains. This guide introduces you to a few crystals to turn to for boosting your personal health and wellbeing…


For Physical Bliss



Bloodstone is all about the circulatory power. If you feel the need to get your blood going then this crystal will bring a rush of healing to your cells and tissues, ensuring that everything is pumping at the top of its game.



Boost your metabolism and get ready for a rush of love for your libido as you slip into the bright fire of glorious Garnet. This red-hued stone is a stunner when it comes to detoxing, purifying, and regenerating so you can be totally tantalizing from tip to toe.


For Mental Clarity



Always look on the bright side of life sings the sunny Citrine stone. A warm disposition and the ability to invite you to shake the shadows from your mind and welcome a touch of clarity marks this stone on the map.


Looking like a deep cut star that fell from the cosmos, Labradorite is beloved for its ability to crack open all your chakras, purify messy energy, and soothe a mind that has become bogged down with too many wild thoughts. Alongside being a tonic for mental clarity, Labradorite can also help heal respiratory problems.


For An Anxious Heart



Perhaps its all those ocean-fresh moods, but Aquamarine always manages to burst the dam on our anxiety and let those worries wash away with the tide. A stone ripe with compassion and raw with understanding, plunge right in for a softer perspective.


Lapis Lazuli

Lovely Lapis Lazuli may be beloved by the queens and gods of yesteryear, but even in our modern world it holds its own. Known as a deeply meditative stone, one glance at Lapis will shake you free from the storms of anxiety. It is also known to alleviate insomnia and cleanse the mind of migraines.


For Higher Immunity



A natural antibiotic and popular to use to soothe the pain of babies when teething, Amber has long-held restorative qualities for lowering fever and healing pain. This lush burnt orange elixir is an easy stone to get hold of and has great strength when absorbing pain. The bright luminous energy isn’t overwhelming making it popular for those who crave the gentle kiss of good health.


Working like a shot of Vitamin C, Carnelian’s golden glow is reminiscent of all your favorite citrus fruits making her a fighter when it comes to helping fend off cold and flu. A purifier of organs, a flusher of viral toxins, and a revitalizer of your immune system - say yes to the vibrant stabilizing and stimulating stone.


The All-Around Alchemist

Clear Quartz

Named as one of the very best stones for deep healing, the purifying light and cool touch of the Clear Quartz is famed for her ability for chasing out toxins, cleansing organs, and ensuring that your immune system is working on a high. Clear Quartz also amplifies positive energy and intention, protects against negativity and keeps you attuned and connected to your higher self.

Which stones will you be turning to for a bright health boost? Share your favorites in the comments.


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