Let Go: The 10 Most Soothing Playlists on Spotify


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Let Go: The 10 Most Soothing Playlists on Spotify


Sometimes it's easy to forget the healing power of music. Music has the power to uplift to bring you to your knees, to fill you full of joy, and to make you weep in despair. It makes sense then, that music can also soothe the spirit and calm the mind. Rather than ransack your album archives, the likes of Spotify can offer you ready-made amazing playlists to get you through those moments of high anxiety and excitement. Whether you are seeking something to drop you into a restful bliss or just want soft sounds to sip tea too, these top 10 calming Spotify playlists are pure magic…


Weightless Marconi Union

A scientifically engineered eight-minute song proven to reduce anxiety and send you off into the land of blissful slumber, Weightless by Marconi Union is all the medicine you need when nights are restless.


Meditation Relaxation

Meditative moods are strong with this one. This Spotify playlist is a gorgeous gift for those craving Zen-like ambient beats to help their whole body bliss out.


Deep Sleep


Soothing minimalist sounds come through at the golden ratio of 60-80 beats per minute. According to experts, this is the perfect tempo to send you gently drifting to the land of nod. No sudden movements and slumber ready – the Deep Sleep playlist works a charm.


Sleep Max Richter

Modern composers can help us hide from the frantic energy of the modern world and this is exactly what Max Richter has done. Working closely with neuroscientists he curated this eight-hour symphony to ensure that you rest well without worry.


Stress Relief

Ambient piano sounds, soothing tones, and five hours of softly elevating moods will ensure that every inch of stress is swept away. This is a great Spotify playlist for stress-busting and also ups your concentration when it comes to study sessions.


Rain Sounds


If you are a nature lover and cannot get enough of the gentle beating of Mother Nature on your window, then this rain sounds playlist will immediately make you feel soft, cozy and gentle inside. Hours of rain for focus and calm – sometimes it’s the simple things in life.


Kind of Blue Miles Davis

Sometimes in life, all you need is a good dose of timeless jazz and this is where Miles Davis and Kind of Blue comes into play. While not as generic as the other offerings, this is the perfect album on Spotify for when self-soothing means jazz, a roaring fire, and a glass of wine.


No Sleepless Nights

Contemporary and old school classics make the grade on this modern calming Spotify playlist that ensures it does what it says on the tin. Expect artful melodies from the likes of Beethoven, Erik Satie and Chopin to help you find your way back to deep breathing.


Totally Stress-Free


If you are after a feel-good playlist that is a little more upbeat and lends itself to some super positive melodies and lyrics then this poppy classic playlist on Spotify may just be the mood boost you need.


Soothing Jazz

A soulful Spotify playlist made up of various instrumental artists leading the space in soothing jazz classics. This will easily transport you to your favorite peaceful coffee shop and brings a gentle glow that will wash worries away.

Which is your favorite calming playlist on Spotify? Share in the comments and let’s build a list of lush moods and melodies together.


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