How CBD Affects Your Body And Mind


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How CBD Affects Your Body And Mind


The body is our vessel for how we explore and experience the world around us. Learning to tap into that innate wisdom and to hear what the body needs takes patience and practice, and usually is something that blooms more with connection, spiritual awakening and age. Those who are feeling tightness in their bones or the tug of anxiety are now turning to pure CBD oil to aid their healing journey.

CBD oil holds powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties and can work wonders when it comes to providing relief from certain ailments. Before we delve into how CBD works and the CBD benefits, it’s important to unravel what exactly CBD is.


What is CBD?


CBD is shorthand for cannabidiol, a chemical compound that comes from hemp and marijuana plants. Unlike the THC compound that is also found in marijuana plants, cannabidiol is mostly free from psychoactive effects, meaning that you wont get high from taking CBD.

This is because CBD works differently on the brain than the likes of THC. Most cannabidiol’s interact with the different receptors of the nervous system, most notably the receptor responsible for the parts of the brain that store your emotional responses, your sensory perception, and your everyday cognition. Because CBD doesn’t tap into these in the same way, it doesn’t leave any imprint on your mental state.


How Can CBD Oil Help?


But then how does CBD reduce anxiety? While it doesn’t amp up your ‘high’ feeling, CBD oil can work with your serotonin receptors and regulate your GABA (which is usually involved in anxiety), meaning that your neurotransmitters are less likely to go into overload and spiral into stress and anxiety.

Where CBD oil truly blooms into its benefits is when it comes to reducing physical ailments within the body. CBD treatments have proven to have startling results when it comes to things like epilepsy and reducing all kinds of inflammation in the body. There is some heavy solid evidence behind CBD’s positive effects on curbing inflammation, seizures, and pain which make it a leading choice for those seeking relief from conditions like cancer, arthritis, Crohn’s and even IBS.


How Should I Take CBD?


There are many different ways to take CBD meaning that even for those who don’t want to turn to CBD smoking, there are tons of alternatives. Pure CBD oil can also be referred to as a CBD tincture and should be taken orally. Tinctures are a great choice for taking CBD as they help you to tailor your dosage to suit your own needs, either by adding or retracting a couple of drops. There are also CBD edibles you can turn to; from cupcakes to candy and even coffee, CBD edibles are everywhere.

You can take CBD topically especially if you have an area of your body suffering from physical pain. By rubbing a little CBD topical gel or oil onto your skin, directly where the pain is, this can bring a soft sense of relief.


What Should I Watch For?


Not all CBD products are born equally so it helps to know what to look for when it comes to finding the best CBD oil or tincture. You should make sure that you only purchase CBD oil from a medically recognized source as without strict FDA approval across the board, its easy for anyone to process and sell CBD Oil. Also if you are taking other medicines or do have medical conditions, you will want to chat with your doctor first to check it is safe and recommended for you to do so. Finally, CBD may not be legal yet in your home state or country, so always familiarize yourself with the law before investing.

Have you had any experience with CBD oil? We would love to share your stories.


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